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“Ok so where do you live?” AJ asks as he carefully backs down the driveway.

I tell him how to get there, and as I am telling him I can’t help but feel a little bit awkward. He obviously knows what Nick and I were up to last night since he showed up and I was in a robe, and when I came back downstairs I had on the same clothes from last night. Oh well, he knows that Nick and I are together.

“Sorry I walked in on you two. I’m used to just walking in so I didn’t even think to knock.” He says.

“Oh don’t even worry about it. You didn’t interrupt anything. He was just trying to get me to burp.” I say with a laugh.

“Well that was a mighty fine burp you did.”

“Ha thanks.”

“So you and Nick are getting pretty serious, huh?” He asks.

“Uh I’m not really sure. I guess I haven’t thought about it.”

And this is true, I haven’t thought about how serious we were. He has only been in town for a couple of days. I must say that it’s getting pretty intense though.

“Well it sure seems like it.”

“It does?”

“Well you guys are acting all lovey-dovey and you did spend the night last night….”

“AJ!” I say shoving his arm lightly and feeling embarrassed.

“Well you did!”

“Thanks for stating the obvious. So anyways….”

I try to get away from the subject as fast as I can. I feel weird talking about this with him, I don’t know why.

“How is the girl hunt coming?” I ask him.

Last night at the restaurant, he told me all about how he wanted to find someone. All of his past girlfriends weren’t right for him in some way or another, and now he wants to find the right one. He also told me he was ready to settle down and have a family, and he seemed genuine about it. I could tell by the look in his eyes.

“It’s coming.” He says with a smile.

“Oh it is, is it? So you found someone in the short amount of time since I talked to you last night?”

“Maybe. We’ll see what happens.”

“Well good for you.” I say to him.

Before I know it, we pull up to the front of my apartment building. I lean down to grab my purse and heels from the floor of the car.

“Thanks for bringing me home AJ. I’ll see you later.”

I open the car door to get out and before I shut it he says, “No problem sweetie. But hey, next time you stay the night at Nick’s, tell me first so I don’t walk in on anything I don’t want to see. I was lucky this time.”

“Oh get out of here!” I say jokingly while he laughs, and then I shut the door.

As he drives away I walk into the building and take the elevator up to my floor. Thank God the door is unlocked. I still need to get a new lock for this piece of shit.

I walk in to see my sister and Sarah leaning up against the window that looks out onto the parking lot.

“Question.” Sarah says as I walk further into the room.


“You left with one Backstreet Boy, and came home with another, and I know you fucked someone this time. You had to, so all you need to do is tell me which one.” She says.

Leave it to Sarah to get right to the point.

“AJ just drove me home. He stopped by Nick’s this morning and offered since I didn’t have my car.”

“So it was Nick! Well, I pretty much knew that anyways. But oh my God how was it! I want to know everything. Was he good?” She says jumping up and down.

“Calm down! Ugh I don’t want to go through every little detail, but I will tell you, he was good.” I say with a smile.

“Ah you are so lucky! You are with a Backstreet Boy. What girl doesn’t want that!?”

“I think you need to breathe.” I say to her still chuckling at her animated actions.

And then I remember my sister is standing there.

“So I suppose you are here because I didn’t tell you Nick was back in town, and that I have been seeing him. And I bet you found out because Sarah called you this morning to ask if you had seen the picture of Nick and I in the tabloid the other morning but of course you hadn’t seen it. Then she told you that I left with Nick last night, and didn’t come home, so you drove over here to wait for me so you can ask me why I didn’t tell you any of this.”

“Shit. How did you know that?” Tessa says to me with wide eyes.

“You have to remember, I know both of you like the back of my hand.”
“Good enough of an answer. But why didn’t you tell me you are with Nick again?” Tessa asks.

“Well partly because Mom and Dad aren’t too fond of him and I couldn’t get you alone at their house. And also, you can’t keep a secret for shit. I didn’t want everyone knowing about it.” I tell her.

“Another good answer.” She says.

“Ok well if you ladies will excuse me, I need to go get ready.”

“For what? You just got home!” Sarah exclaims.

“I’m going to the Jimmy Kimmel show with the guys tonight. They have a performance and Nick and AJ thought it would be cool if I went with them.”

“You lucky bitch.!” Tessa says.

“Yeah I guess I am pretty lucky.”