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*Chapter 13*

“Miss Anna?”

I look up from my desk to see one of my students standing there.

“What’s up Lily?” I say to the young girl.

“You didn’t tell us our homework.”

I look up at the clock.

Shit. There’s only two minutes until the bell rings.

I rush up to the board and write down their homework just as the bell shrieks through the school.

“Ok guys see you tomorrow!” I yell as they all scramble out the door.

I have been out of it all day. Last night just took me by surprise. I didn’t know he was actually going to tell me he loved me. I sorta just thought he would keep it to himself.

It also flabbergasted me that I said it back. I mean I do love him, but I don’t feel like I love him as much as I should. I feel like I should feel more strongly than I do, but I don’t.

I walk around the room picking up stray crayons and papers from the floor. I’m a neat freak so everything has to be in it’s place.

Once everything is cleaned up, I walk over to my desk to grab my purse and the set of directions Nick had given me.

The boys are starting to film a new video somewhere in LA today and I told Nick I would come by after work.

*15 minutes later*

I was up so late grading last night that I’m exhausted and realize that I can’t function unless I get some caffeine into my bloodstream, so I find myself walking into one of the local coffee shops.

“One grande latte please.” I say to the man behind the counter.

“Coming right up.”

After a couple minutes of waiting I hear, “Grande latte for Anna!”, So I walk up and grab it.

I make my way out of the store and start back to the car. On the way I walk past a kiosk selling magazines, so I slow down to glance at them.

Just as I get to the end I slowly turn my gaze from the magazines back to the road, but then I realize I see something out of the corner of my eye.

I stop and walk three steps backwards, only to be staring at my own picture on the cover of People magazine.

Well it wasn’t the main big photo, but one off to the side. The caption read: Nick’s New Girl, and then there was a picture of Nick and I from last night in the burger joint.

“Holy shit.” I say under my breath.

I pick the magazine up off the rack and go over to the cashier and buy it.

When I finally reach my car I sit down and open it up.

I look at the table of contents, and then turn to page 52.

There again are pictures of Nick and I from the past week spread over the two page layout. They have the picture of us on his porch, the one from the diner last night, and even one of us holding hands at the Kimmel show.

An article also accompanied these photos and it read:

Nick’s New Girl

This week Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has seemed to have
hooked himself a girl. The two have been spotted all around Los
Angeles holding hands, and kissing in restaurants. The Backstreet Boys
have two weeks of down time before heading off to Europe on their
World Tour, Never Gone. Apparently, this mystery girl is also a girl from
his past. We found out her name is Anna, and she and Nick dated
when they were younger but things didn’t work out. Will this
relationship last? Who knows. Nick hasn’t had a serious girlfriend
since Paris Hilton, and has been seen around the country with
many different women. We will just have to wait to see if this one will
stick around for good.

Oh lord.

If my parents see this they are going to flip a bitch. Not only because they don’t know I’m with Nick again, but if they see these pictures of us they are going to be so angry. I shouldn’t worry about that now though.

I start the engine and drive my way over to the video shoot.

When I arrive I realize that they are filming in the middle of the street that they had blocked off for the day. As I start to walk up to one of the barricades, I see Nick walking out of a trailer.

“Nick!” I yell.

He looks over, and upon noticing it was me, ran over.

“Hey babe.” He says as he plants a kiss onto my lips.

“So how’s is going so far?” I ask as we walk towards the trailer.

“Pretty good I guess. It’s just taking forever like all videos do, I’m starting to get bored!”

“Well, then I guess we’ll just have to fix that.” I say smiling.

I stop walking and pull him close. He brings his head down and out lips meet. He grazes his tongue over my lips and then parts them with it.

After a couple minutes of having a passionate make out session, we finally make out way into the trailer.

“Hey boys.” I say as I walk into the trailer.

“Hey!” They all respond.

The trailer is cramped since they are taking a break at the moment, so as Nick takes a seat in the last remaining chair, I walk over and sit on his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist and I lean back on him.

Everyone goes back to their separate conversations, so I turn my head to look at Nick.

“So did you see the cover of People magazine this morning?” I ask him.

“No, but I heard about it. We made the front cover.” He says smiling.

“Ha, well I’m it makes you feel special.” I say in a sort of sarcastic tone.
“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really. I don’t care that our picture is on the magazine as well as all inside it; it was bound to happen sometime. It’s just that I’m worried about what my parents are going to say.”

“Why would they say anything? And why do you care so much?”
“Uh, because they are my parents! And if you haven’t forgotten Nick, they don’t like you very much.”
“Oh yeah, huh. They should get over it.”

“Well I think it might be hard to forgive someone who was a total jerk to their daughter.”

“I was not a jerk.”

“Oh my God Nick!” I say laughing in disbelief. He knows he was, he just won’t admit it.

“Ok if you think I was a jerk, then tell me what I did.”
“No. if you don’t know why then I’m not going to tell you. Just forget about it.”

“See you don’t even know the answer.”

“Just drop it OK.”

“No, I want you to tell me why you think I was a jerk, and why your parents hate me.”

“Nick please stop. You’re being a jerk right now too.”

“Whatever.” He says.

Ugh, now I’m stressed and angry.

I look over to see everyone looking at us. Apparently our conversation had gone from whispers to shouts.

“Aw, look, love’s first fight.”

I shift my eyes to see that Howie was the one who said it.

“Shut up Howard!” Nick says angrily.

As he says this, I get up from his lap and walk out of the room. If I was around him for one more second, I think I would have exploded.

I sit down on the bottom step of the trailer, and breathe deeply to calm myself down.

The reason I’m so mad is because he knows exactly why he was an asshole. I can even count the reasons:
1) He was rude
2) He ignored me
3) He hung out with other girls
4) He even cussed at my Dad.

Who knows why I even liked him in the first place. We were young though, so I guess these things should be expected. And he wasn’t all bad. He had his sweet moments. He’s different now though, the only thing is that he’s still cocky.

As I sit here thinking, I take notice of the door of the trailer swinging open and someone walking out.

The person walks down the steps and plants them self right next to me.

“Hey kid.” I hear AJ say.


I feel embarrassed that Nick and I fought in front of all of them.

“You alright?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine. I just need to calm down.”

“I know how you feel. Whenever I get in a fight with someone I just need to go and cool off….So Nick cussed at your Dad?” he says with a small laugh.

“Ha yeah. He was over and we were watching TV in the living room. My dad came in and told us he wanted to watch the TV, and then they got into a yelling match. It was pretty funny at the time. I thought my dad was gonna kick him out of the house though.”

“What a little rebel.”

“Oh man he was.”

I hear the door open, then close again, and this time I knew it was Nick.

“Well I think I’ll go back inside.” He says, and lightly touches my arm as he gets up.

Nick walks down, and stands in front of me at the bottom of the steps. He grabs both of my hands and holds them in his. I keep my eyes on the ground.

“Anna look at me.” He says, so I raise my head to him.

“I shouldn’t have said what I did. I didn’t mean to be a total asshole. I was just confused and I’m really sorry.”

Oh please, confused my ass. But whatever I’m not going fight about this anymore.

“It’s ok I forgive you.”

“Good.” And then bends down to hug me.

“I love you babe.” He says.


“Love you too.”

“Hey Nick, it’s your turn.” Says a voice from behind him.

“Let’s go.” He says, and pulls me over to watch him shoot his part of the video.