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“Alright I’m done. You ready to go?”

“Well what about the other guys? Don’t you want to watch them?”

He makes a face that means no.

“Oh come on Nick I wanna watch them!” I say as I make a fake pout.

“Ok I guess we can stay a while.”

“Aw thanks.” I say and kiss him on the cheek.

Over the next hour, I watch Brian and Kevin do their scenes for the video. The whole experience is so exciting. I love seeing how they make the video and everything that goes into it.

When Kevin finishes up and leaves with Brian, Nick goes back to his question.

“Ok I’m really ready to go now.” He whines.

“Howie still has to go, and AJ has a little more to do that he didn’t finish from this morning.”

“I know, but I’m tired and hungry! It’s also freezing out here!”

Well, he was right about that. The sun had almost disappeared and the night air was colder than usual.

“Well then why don’t you go and I’ll stay?”

“I want you to come with me.” He says trying to make the same face I had earlier.

“That’s not going to work on me mister. I’m staying.” I say smiling.

“Ok fine. I’ll call you later tonight?”

“Sounds good.”

“Alright, bye babe.” He says as he gives me a light peck on the lips.


As Nick leaves, Howie makes his way out of the trailer. Upon approaching the chair where I am sitting he asks, “Hey where’s your boyfriend?”

“He just left, he was whining about being tired, hungry, and cold.”

“Well what’s new he’s always whining.”

“You got that right!” I say as we both start laughing.

*5 minutes later*

The cold is really getting to me now so I decide to go inside and see if I can find an extra jacket somewhere.

I open the door to find AJ sprawled out on the couch, looking at a stack of cards he held in his hands.

“Watcha doin?” I say as I scan the room for a spare jacket.

“Nothing really, just looking at these cards Howie and I found. I’m pretty sure it’s a game. I think you answer the questions that are on them.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Lemme ask you one.”

*15 minutes later*

“Is that really a question?” I say in between laughs.

“Yep. I’m reading it straight from here! Look, Do you like hairy backs on the opposite sex?”

“Ew, NOOOOO! Just thinking about that makes me sick. Ah. Ok give it to me time to ask you another one.”

He hands the stack of cards over and I randomly pull one out of the middle. I was going to go back outside to finish watching Howie, but after he asked me the first question I decided this might be a more fun.

“This one has a couple questions about your friends so you have to answer all of them. Ok so first one, who’s the nicest?”

“None of them.” He says with a grin on his face, I knew none of these answers were going to be real. We have been pretty sarcastic about most of them anyways.

“The cutest?”

“Howard of course.”

“The tallest?”


“The shortest?”


“So he’s the shortest, tallest, and the cutest?” I ask laughing.

“You got it.”

“Ok then. Last one. Do you have a crush on one of them?”

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m hot for Howie.”

I bury my face into the couch trying quiet laughter but it just doesn’t work.

After we stop laughing he pulls a card from the deck.

“Next one, If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

“Easy. Italy. I have always wanted to go there, not only because I’m Italian, but to me it just seems like such a romantic place. I would probably end up not wanting to leave.”

“It really is nice there. We should go one day.”

“Oh man we should.” I say as I draw another card.

Before I get a chance to read it, the director’s assistant walks in and says, “AJ we’ll be ready for you in 2 minutes.” And then walks back out.

“Ok so this is the last one.” He says to me.

“Ok the question is, if you could be a millionaire or have true love, which one would you choose?”

“Well I already really have one of those elements, but I would trade the one I have for the other. If I had true love, the money wouldn’t matter. It’s nice to have money, but I don’t think it’s nicer than having love.”

“Good answer.” I say smiling at him.

“It was wasn’t it. Now let’s go finish making this video.”

We both get up and make out way outside, but not before I grab a jacket that’s draped over the couch. I take a seat in the chair I had been in before, while AJ walks over to talk to the director.

When Howie wraps up his scene, he walks over to me. “It’s freezing out here, and I need to find a fricken chair!”

“Ha calm down. Here, we can share.” I say giggling. It’s funny when he’s pissed.

So I get up, he sits down, then I retake my seat on his lap. I’m sure it looks funny since I’m almost taller than him.

AJ walks up to his spot in front of the camera. Apparently he has to kick the top off of a fire hydrant and then all the water comes out soaking him.

As Howie and I bundle together to try to keep warm, AJ looks over at us.

“OOO look at Anna and Howie. Before we know it they are going to get married and have little Anards. Get it! Anna plus Howard equals Anard.”

He starts cracking up with a satisfied look on his face. He was proud of his joke.

“Kiss my ass AJ!” I say to him laughing.

Howie doesn’t even say anything. He’s used to this kind of harassment.

The next five minutes consist of AJ practicing kicking the top off the fire hydrant, and stubbing his toes more than one time. When he finally has it down, they deiced it’s time to shoot it with the water.

“Ok AJ you ready? We only have one shot at this.”

“Yeah let’s do it.” he replies.

The camera starts rolling and the music starts playing. At the right moment, he raises his leg, and kicks the top off, which shoots water straight up into the air. When the stream of water comes back down it totally soaks him.

“Cut! Awesome job AJ we got it!” The director yells.

An assistant rushes over and puts a few towels over is shoulders and hands him an extra one for his face.

After he dries off his face, he slowly walks over to Howie and I with a devilish look on his face.

“Ya know what, I just love you guys so much! I’m getting the urge to give you two both nice, big hugs!”

And with that he runs toward us, and we fly out of the chair, both running in different directions. There is no way I am going to get wet.

At first, he goes after Howie but then he turns towards me. I was never a fast runner, so almost as soon as he runs after me, I feel him grab my waist and turn me around. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me so that the water in his clothes seeps out and gets me wet.

“AJ!” I scream, as I try to get away from him.

All of a sudden Howie, jumps onto AJ’s back so he lets go of me, and the both of them fall to the ground. I stand there laughing at them, while they laugh at themselves.

“Ok guys I’ve gotta get home. School tomorrow.” I say as they get back onto their feet.

They both walk me to my car and before I get in I turn to Howie.

“Howard, thank you for saving me.” I say as I give him a hug.

When I turn to AJ he is standing there with his arms open.

“No you don’t get a hug, you got me wet.”

I realize this wasn’t the smartest thing to say because he rushes after me again, and with nowhere to run to this time, I just stand there defenseless as he hugs me, getting me wet again.

“Thanks for that.” I say with a fake smile when he releases me. “See you guys soon.”

And with that, I get into my car and drive home.