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*Chapter 20*

One month has gone by since Nick and the boys left. Life for me has gone back to the way it was before, boring and routine. Everyday I wake up, go to work, come home, and go to bed. Well, not exactly like that, but you know what I mean.

Nick and I talked on the phone everyday the first week, but then the number of calls gradually went down. AJ calls once a week just to talk and let me know how everyone is.

Occasionally, just out of curiosity, I go on the internet to see what people are saying about them, and to see what they are really doing in their free time. The majority of it is just pictures of them in concert and leaving their hotel, but recently I have been seeing some of Nick in clubs, and even one of him leaving with a group of girls.

Now, I know this could very well be innocent, but it’s hard for me to sit here, all the way across the country, and try to tell myself he is being faithful. I want to believe he is, but there really is no way to tell. For now though, I have to believe him. Like they all say innocent until proven guilty….

It’s Friday and there is only one minute left in class. Today seemed to go by so slow. All I want to do is go home and go to bed.

When the bell rings, I dismiss the students and clean up as fast as I can. On the way out to the car, I stop by the office to check my mailbox. Nothing is in it except for a single envelope that only has my first name printed on it.

“Hey Judy, do you know what this is?” I ask the main office clerk.

“Nope, someone just brought it in and asked for your box.”

“Oh alright, thanks anyways. Have a good weekend.”

I walk out of the office, and when I am seated in my car, I break the seal on the envelope.

Inside is a folded piece of paper, so I open it up, and as I do something falls onto my lap. I ignore it for the time being and read the note.

When you read this is will probably be around 3 o’clock. You need to fo home, pack your bags with whatever you would need for a weekend. There will be a car at your house to get you at 4…and don’t forget your plane ticket

-Your Lover boy

I re-direct my attention to my lap and realize that it was indeed plane ticket that had fallen out of the envelope. I look at it closely, but there is no destination on it.

What the hell is going on? Nick didn’t tell me anything about this.

I sit for a moment feeling totally confused, but I snap out of it and I realize it’s already 3:10 and according to the note, I have to be ready by 4.

I drive home and as fast as I can, throw all of my things into a suitcase. When I’m done, I leave a note for Sarah, telling her to call me when she gets it and to call my parents and tell them I was going to be gone for the weekend.

As I haul my bag down the stairs and exit the building, I see the car is waiting for me.

“I’ll take that miss.” The driver says as he appears from the inside of the car. He puts it into the trunk and opens the door as I climb into the back.

When he gets in himself, I lean forward.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“You can call me Ed.” He says with a warm smile.

“Ok, Ed. Where are we going?”

“Not allowed to say.”

“You can’t even give me a hint.”

“Nope. Sorry I’m sworn to secrecy, and you don’t want to ruin your surprise do you?”

“Well I’m not being kidnapped or something am I?”

“Ha, no. Just sit back and relax.” He says with a laugh.

*Half an Hour later*

We pull up to what seems to be a small, private airport that I have never been to before. I get out of the car as Ed hands my bag to an employee, who carts it off.

“Excuse me miss, are you Anna?”

I turn around to see a small, mousy looking woman staring at me.

“Yes that’s me.”

“Will you follow me please?”

She sets off at quite a fast pace through the airport, so I try my best to keep up. The place was pretty small and had very few people so it doesn’t take long for me to find out where I was headed.

We reach a door leading outside and when we walk out, there is a jet sitting on the runway, waiting for me. The woman leads me straight up the steps and into the plane.

“If you’ll just give me your ticket, you can go ahead to the back and take a seat.”

“Alright.” I say handing my ticket over.

I slowly make my way to the back and when I open the last curtain, the only thing I can get out is and excited “Oh my God!”

Leighanne, Baylee and Kristin sitting on the couched looking as confused as I am.

“Hii!” they both squeal and get up to give me a hug.

“Anna!” Baylee yells running over to hug me too.

As we walk back to the couches I ask, “So does anyone know where we’re going?”

“No clue.” Kristin answers.

“Yeah we just got letters telling us to come here. Did you get one?”

“Yep, I did.”

All of a sudden a voice comes over the intercom

“Welcome ladies, and little gent, to your top secret surprise. I’m sure you all know who is doing this for you, and they have wished to keep your destination a secret, so with that, if you need anything feel free to call an attendant, and happy flying everyone!”

We glance at each other, all having the same excited expression on our faces.

“I wonder what these boys have up their sleeves this time.” Leighanne says with a laugh.

A million things are going through my mind. I haven’t realized until just this moment that I am going to get to see Nick. I can barely keep a smile off my face as the plane leaves the ground and glides up into the air.