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After sitting on this plane for six hours, we have all concluded that we are going to Europe. I mean, we were pretty sure we were going there, but the length of this plane ride has confirmed it. Where in Europe though, we have no idea, but for me I could care less. I have always wanted to go somewhere outside of the United States, and now I finally get to, and the fact that I am going to see my boyfriend makes it even better.

Nick and I need to spend some time together, not just for the sake of being together, but also we need to talk about things. While he has been gone I have been thinking about what will happen with us. I realize that the one thing I want to do is get married and have kids. That’s what I’ve always wanted. By no means do I want to rush into marriage, I just want to know if he has even thought about it. If Nick is the one that I will be doing all this with, I want to know. I want to know if he even wants to get married, ever. I want to know how serious he is taking this relationship. I want to know if he can clean up his act and be there for me.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get these things answered, and if not, then maybe I will have to rethink things.

*A few hours later*

After what seems like an eternity, the plane finally touches ground.

The same voice from when he took off comes back over the system…
“We have now landed at our secret destination. We hope you all had a pleasant flight, and there is a surprise waiting for you outside.”

The three of us girls look at each other, hurriedly gather the few things we have with us (and for Leighanne that thing is Baylee), and rush to the exit.

I step out after the other two, and I immediately look around to try to see where we are. The bare grounds of the airport don’t help me figure out much, but then I look down under the wing of the jet.

There I see four of the five Backstreet Boys. When I take a closer look I realize the one that’s missing, is of course, my boyfriend. That’s nice. He flies me out to wherever the hell we are and isn’t even here to get me from the airport.

I try to put it at the back of my mind for the moment, and then realize that the four that are here are holding something in their hands……

One big sign with the words WELCOME TO ITALY LADIES!

Oh! My! God!

We all rush down the steps, nearly tripping over our own feet. When we reach the ground, they set the sign down and we run over to them. The girls head to their husbands, while I go towards AJ, who was already on his way to me with a huge smile on his face.

“I can’t believe you brought us to Italy! Oh my God!” I say as he pulls me into a long hug.

“I told you I would get you here, didn’t I?”

I think back to that night during their video shoot when AJ and I were playing with those cards. I didn’t think he was really paying attention when I told him the one place I wanted to go was Italy. I also didn’t think he actually meant it when he said we would come here one day.

“I can’t believe you remembered that. Was this your idea?” I ask as we pull apart.

“More or less. We wanted to have you girls out here, but we didn’t know where, so I suggested Italy, since I knew this was the one place you wanted to go.”

“That’s so sweet. Thank you so much!”

After a pause I say “So, uh where’s Nick.”

“Oh yeah sorry I forgot to say. He had an interview and he wanted me to tell you he was sorry he couldn’t be here.”

“That’s alright I’ve got you!” I say laughing.

“Hey, what about me?” Howie says from behind me.

“Hi Howard.” I say still laughing.

After getting warm welcomes from the rest of the guys, we all load into a bus that will take us to the hotel.

The whole ride I sit staring out the window in awe. I never actually thought I would be in Italy! As the sun goes down, we drive through the city (Rome to be exact) and it’s just beautiful. Between all of the enormous, ancient buildings, immense fountains, and the shops lining the streets, I feel like I might just die.

When we arrive at the hotel, I am still in a daze…..until I hear the screaming. I had failed to notice that there had been about fifty girls waiting outside for the boys as we had pulled up. The security guards had made a pathway for us to walk through, so when I had gathered my things, I was instructed to walk as quickly as possible into the hotel.

I step out after AJ, and the screaming increases greatly. He smiles and waves at all of them and so do the other boys. They let them all know they’ll be back later but have to do some things right now.

When we all finally enter the hotel, we are informed that our bags are already in the rooms. Since Brian and Kevin decided to show their wives (and Baylee) where their rooms are, AJ and Howie came with me to Nick’s.

“Here’s your key.” Howie says as he hands me a credit card looking piece of plastic, and they show me down a hall.

“Alrighty, this is it. All you have to do is stick the card in there and the door will unlock.” AJ tells me.

I slide the card and the door makes a sound indicating it’s unlocked, so I turn the handle and the door swings open.

“Holy shit!” I say as my mouth drops open.

This is probably the most beautiful hotel room I have ever seen. There is an entryway, with a full on living room and kitchen. Everything looks so nice I don’t even want to touch anything.

“You like it? We got the suites for the weekend.” AJ asks laughing at the look I have on my face.

“Are you kidding me!? I love it.”

“Good. We had to call in the cleaning service this morning though, you should have seen the way Nick left it.”

“Oh I’m sure it was disgusting.” I say turning back to them with a smile.

“Well, we should go and let you get settled in. Nick should be back soon so if you need us we are just down the hall.” Says Howie.

“Ok thanks so much you guys. Bye!”

With that, they depart from the room and leave me standing there by myself. Still in shock, I decide to go check out the rest of the room.

I walk to, and open a set of double doors and there is the master bedroom. The bed is ENORMOUS, and the sheets are big and puffy. All I want to do I jump on it, until I look over and see doors leading to a deck. I hurry over and go out, and my I literally stop breathing. The sunset casts shades of pink and purple over the hills in the distance, and there is a vast lake, with small waves that curve slowly up to the shore.

I stand here for a few moments just taking in the view. This is perfect. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to be staying for the weekend.

All of a sudden I hear the front door slam shut, so I run into the darkening suite and there he is, standing in the entryway taking his jacket off.


He looks up and the biggest smile appears on his face.

“Hey baby!!” He says and then unexpectedly runs at me. He lifts me up into his arms and spins me around as I laugh, and when he stops he presses his lips against mine.

In between kisses he manages to say, “God I missed you so much.”

“I know I missed you too.” I say back to him.

I wrap my legs around his body, and he carries me over to the bed. When we reach it, he lightly throws me down, slips off his shoes, and crawls on top of me.

He gives me a devilish look and says, “I think we should stay in tonight. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a good idea.” I say smiling as he brings his head down to kiss me and starts the task of undressing me.