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The next morning I wake up around ten thirty, feeling bloated from all the food I ate yesterday. I will never eat that much again. I feel like a hot air balloon. After showering, blow drying, and straightening my hair, and putting on my makeup, I walk to my closet. I realize I haven’t even seen what the weather is like today so I walk to the window and open the curtain.

“Aw shit.” I say to myself. The sky is a shade of dark gray and I can see tiny droplets falling from the sky. As I walk back to my closet, I decide on a long-sleeved tan sweater with my jeans and Ugg boots.

Just about fifteen minutes later, I am out the door and heading to my car with an umbrella in hand, just in case. I take a look at the directions that he had sent me last night to make sure I knew where I was going, and after studying them, I pull out of my parking spot.

When I realize I have just entered Malibu, I decide to stop at the Coffee Bean to grab us something. I need the caffeine and I know he would probably appreciate some too. After the five minute detour, I’m back on the road, and ten minutes later I pull up to his house.

I get anxious as I walk up the driveway, coffees in hand. I get nervous every time I see him, and I don’t know what will happen. Last time we were together, he kissed me, but does that mean he really likes me? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I ring the doorbell and almost suddenly it opens.

“I come with coffee.” I say smiling at him as I walk in the door.

“Awesome! Thanks so much. And Coffee Bean too, huh? I thought you were a Starbucks girl?”

“Oh I am, but I decided I could sacrifice my Starbucks for one day.” I say grinning at him.

“Well thanks again.” He says taking his cup from my hand and leaning over to kiss my cheek.

“So this is my house.” He adds turning back around.

I had been so caught up in him that I hadn’t noticed the house. From the outside it looks just like a normal house, but inside, it’s beautiful.

The living room is warm with candles, leather couches, and a vast fireplace in the center. He had stunning paintings hung on the walls in different places all over the house.

“Is this hand carved?” I ask looking at a cabinet with intricate designs and admiring all the pictures inside of it.

“Yeah I got it a couple years ago. So this is the living room, the kitchen is through that door, and the bedroom is downstairs.”

As we walk farther inside I see that he has a day bed set up next to a wall of ceiling to floor windows. Through the fog, I can just barely make out the waves crashing onto the beach.

“God, look at this view.” I say to him as he walks up next to me.

“Yeah I know. It’s awesome. Sometimes I just lay here and look out there, to relax.”

“So how long does it take you to get to the beach from here?”

“Only about fifteen minutes. We can walk down there if you want.”

“Really? I haven’t been to the beach in……well I don’t even remember.”

“Well then, that settles it. Lemme just find the dog so we can take him too.” He says and then turns around and shouts, “Bernie!” as loud as he can.

For a few seconds there is no sound, but then I hear a pounding noise coming up the stairs, followed by a huge white and black mass running towards me. It only takes a few moments for him to jump on me, his paws almost reaching my shoulders.

“Bernie get down!” AJ yells as he grabs the dog from behind and pulls him down.

“Oh calm down, my dogs are worse than that. And he’s cute.” I say laughing as I bend down to pet him, and in return he gives me a nice, slobbery kiss on the face.

AJ walks out of the room, and when he comes back he has a leash in his hand. The dog immediately runs to him, and then he attaches the leash to his collar.

“Alright let’s go.”

*15 minutes later*

“You ready boy?” he asks as he teasingly waves a tennis ball in front of the dog’s face.

“Just throw the ball! He looks like he’s gonna bite your hand off.” I say jokingly, so he chucks the ball into the ocean, and Bernie bounds off into the water to retrieve it.

“I wish I lived this closer to the ocean. I would come down here all the time.” I say as the two of us start to walk down the beach while the dog swims to the ball.

“I don’t come as much as I would like too. When I come home though it’s usually one of the first things I do.”

Bernie comes trotting proudly back up to us and drops the ball at AJ’s feet. After a few seconds of letting him rest, AJ picks the ball up and throws it back into the ocean.

“Ya know, I’m sorry about Nick the other night. It was really messed up that he went off with that blonde bimbo.”

“Don’t apologize for him. There really is no reason for it anyways, I mean we’re not together and he’s moving on. Yeah it was a little rude to make sure I saw him with another girl but hey, I’m the one who shows up to an award show on the arm of his best friend. We are both free of each other. He can date that her, or any other girl for all I care, and I can date, well, whoever I want.”

“Very true. You know I told him before hand that I was gonna take you.”

“You did? What did he say?”

I had no idea he had said anything to Nick about me going to the award show with him.

“Well, he really didn’t say much, which for Nick, we all know is weird. I told him we were just going as friends and all he said was, ‘Sure whatever.’”

“At least he didn’t freak out on you.”

“Yeah I know.”

After a few more minutes of walking, talking, and throwing the ball to Bernie, the loud sound of thunder rips through the calm silence of the beach.

“I think it’s gonna start to rain.” I tell him with a worried expression. I spent way to long on my hair this morning for it to get wet.

“Naw, I don’t think so. It’s probably just a false alarm….” And just then a drop falls down from the sky and land on his face.

“Still think it’s a false alarm huh?” I say as the sound of booming thunder once again surrounds us.

“Well I guess I was wrong. We should probably go before it starts pouring.”

He manages to grab a hold of the dog, who wasn’t quite ready to leave, while I fasten on the leash, and then we start walking back.

We are only about five minutes away from the house when the light drizzle turns into drops the size of golf balls, and not just a few of them..they were everywhere.

“I think that we chose a really bad day to take a walk.” I say almost shouting over the sound of the rain hitting the ground.

“I think you’re right.” He says turning back to me and smiles.

The rain starts to come down harder, and I have to squint my eyes to see where I’m going. All of a sudden I feel his hand grab mine. “Here follow me.” He pulls me off the road a few feet and under the cover of a tree with thick leaves and branches; only a few drops were getting through.

I take my sleeve to wipe my eyes, since I’m sure my makeup is running and there is water all over my face, but then I realize that it won’t do any good; it’s wet too, just like everything else on my body.

He must have seen me trying to clean my face because the next thing I know, he is wiping the makeup from under my eyes with his thumb and then brushes my cheek with the back of his hand. A chill runs down my spine, and I know it’s not only because I’m wet and cold.

His hand moves from my cheek to the back of my neck and he pulls me close. When he pushes his lips against mine, I gladly give into him. After a few seconds I feel his tongue parting my lips, and entering my mouth, desperately looking for mine. The first time we kissed it was sweet and soft, but this time it was passionate and hard in the most perfect way.

During the few moments we stand there, under the tree in the pouring rain kissing, I feel like this is not really happening. This is like a scene from a movie. A girl and a guy who like each other in the torrential rain, kissing what seems to be the most beautiful kiss in the world.

When it’s over he just smiles at me and I smile back. He turns his head to look out from under the tree.

“Well, it’s still pouring. I guess we’ll have to make a run for it.” he says still grinning.

“I guess so. Just try to keep up.” And with that, I run out from the safe coverage of the tree and back out into the rain. I realize he let Bernie go when I see him bound ahead of me. After only a few seconds I feel him grab me from behind. I scream with laughter as spins me around. When he sets me back down, he grabs my hand and we run as fast as we can back to his house.

*5 minutes later*

“So what should I do? I don’t have any other clothes.” I say to AJ as we stand in the foyer, dripping wet.

“I’m gonna run downstairs to get changed and I’m sure I’ll find you something you can put on.”

“K.” I say as he runs down the stairs as fast as he can. I look down to the floor to see Bernie sitting there looking at me. We had tried to dry him off as best we could, but he was still sopping wet.

“What’s wrong boy.” I say to the dog, but as I bring my hand down to pet him he brings his butt up off the floor and shakes his whole body, sending water flying everywhere, including all over me. When he’s done he gets up and vanishes around a corner.

Well, now I’m soaking and smell like a wet dog. I’m sure Alex will like that….not

“Here ya go, I think these will fit you.” He says reappearing in sweats and handing me over a pile of clothes with a towel.

“Alright I’ll be right back.”

When I enter the bathroom I look at myself in the mirror. My hair has curled from the rain and there was some leftover makeup smudged across my face. Ten minutes later I emerge from the bathroom with half dried hair and wearing a pair of AJ’s sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt.

I make my way back into the living room where I find AJ sitting on the couch in front of a roaring fire. As I walk around and sit down next to him, he asks, “So everything fits alright?”

“Yup. Thanks for the clothes.”

“Thanks for today. I really had a good time, and I don’t know any other girl who would run through the hammering rain without whining and complaining.”

“Well I guess I’m just special.” I say jokingly.

“You definitely are.” He says taking my head in his hands once again and kissing me. When I force myself to pull away, knowing where it would go if I didn’t, he says “So do you want to watch a movie?”

“Sounds good.” I answer. So for the rest of the day we lay on the couch, me in his sweats and him holding me in his arms, with the occasional kissing, watching movies while the rain pounds against the windows.