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As I pull on my jeans the clock reads 4:30. Shit. I am supposed to be at Nick’s in half an hour and I haven’t even put my makeup on yet. I need to learn to start getting ready earlier than I do.

I hurry into the bathroom and smack some cover-up and eyeliner onto my face trying to go as fast as I can, and then walk into the living room where Sarah is sitting on the couch watching something on T.V.

“Alright I’m leaving. I have my cell so you can call me if you need me…..Oh yeah and if you are gonna bring a guy home tonight can you please let me know before I walk out of my room in my underwear.”

“Haha sorry about that. I guess it just slipped my mind to tell you.”
“Slipped your mind my ass. You just like to see me embarrassed. I think it’s your main goal in life”

“Whatever you say. But hey, if you bring a Backstreet Boy home you don’t need to tell me. I don’t care if they see me in my undies.” She says laughing. “Now get out of here!”

“For God sake, I’m leaving!”

*Half an hour later*

Ok so I’m ten minutes late. Not too bad considering he’s late for everything. Ten minutes is nothing.

Before I get out of the car I just sit there gawking at his house. Man, what I wouldn’t give to live in something like this! Damn my tiny apartment.

I check myself one last time in the car mirror.

Good enough I guess.

I make my way up to the front door and all of a sudden I feel a rush of nervousness come over me. These guys have been Nick’s best friends pretty much forever and what if they don’t like me. Oh God, that would be bad. Damn can’t I just turn around?

Christ Anna, what are you thinking it’ll be fine….So I ring the doorbell.

Nothing happens for the first couple of seconds.

Should I ring again?

Just as I am about the press the button for the second time the knob turns slowly and when the door finally opens it reveals the cutest little boy I have ever seen. His wild, blonde curly hair is just too cute!

“Hey there little guy!” I say.
He responds with a quiet “Hi”

And then I see a woman coming up from behind him.

“Baylee honey I was wondering where you went! You need to stay outside with the rest of us.”

She looks out the door and sees me standing there. “Oh hi! You must be Anna! I’m Leighanne and this is Baylee.”

“Yeah, I’m Anna. It’s really nice to meet you. And he’s adorable by the way!” I say.

“Oh thank you! Well, why don’t you follow me to the back. Everyone is out there.”

So I follow Leighanne through the house and out to the backyard. As I step through the sliding door all my nervousness just goes away and excitement seems to rush through my veins.

Nick is playing basketball on his court (that looks like a pro-court by the way!) with Brian while Kevin is standing over the grill and with his wife and Howie. Nick looks over, sees me and yells out “Hey guys she’s here!” and then I feel all of their eyes on me.

Putting on a smile, I walk towards Nick who was running on his way over to me. As soon as we reached each other he once again pulled me into a hug. We already know how much I love those.

When we pull apart he starts the introductions……


“Ok so time to meet everyone. I see you already met Leighanne and Baylee, so this is Brian, Kevin, his wife Kristin, and Howie.”

They each give her a hug and kiss on the cheek while telling her how nice it is to meet her. She seems to be enjoying it a little too much.

“And AJ is coming a little later. He had some stuff to do. So now you have met the guys!”

“Haha yes I have.” Anna answers.

And then she turns to me.

“So Nick…did you do what I asked you to do?” She asks with a small giggle.

Damn she’s so cute.

“Of course I showerd!” I answer with pride. I so proved her wrong!

“And……” she adds.

“And what? You asked me to shower!”

“Yeah I did, but I also asked something else.”

“Oh um…..”

Come on Nick. Shower and……..shower and…….


“Deodorant!” I answer and run back into the house to put some on.


As Nick runs into the house, I turn around to face the guys.

“So I hear you told Nicky boy that u would spend all your free time with him. I seriously don’t know how you could do that.” Says Kevin.

“Well I guess it’s easier for me since I never get to be around him, but for you guys I’m sure it would be hell since you have to be around him pretty much 24/7. I don’t think I could handle that much Nick.” I reply and we all laugh.

“It really is nice to finally meet you. Nick talks about you all the time. Sometimes I have to tell him to shut up! Well I have to tell him to shut up anyways but you get what I mean.” Brian says.

Hmm...I think. That’s odd since I NEVER see him and only get to email him or talk on the phone with him about once a week. Sometimes only once every two weeks, so what in the world could he be telling them…

“Well I hope they are good things he’s saying, because If not then I may have to kick his big butt!”

“Never anything bad, but I think you should kick his butt anyways.” Howie says.

“I think that’s a good idea. I’m sure he deserves it for one reason or another.” I say and realize we are all still standing in this little circle so I add “Just because I got here doesn’t mean that you guys should stop what you were doing!”

So after a few more times of me telling them not to let me spoil their fun, the boys go back to what they were doing while Leighanne, Kristin and I decide to go sit at the table. In the background I can hear Brian yelling at Howie….

“Aw come on man just shoot some hoops with me till Nick comes back out!”

“I said no and I’m not gonna change my mind!” Howie yells back.

I know I am going to love these boys.

So as Leighanne and I sit down and Baylee runs over to the basketball court to play with his dad, Nick comes running back out of the house.

“Nice and fresh…..Smell!!!” he says and shoves his armpit into my face.

“Oh God Nick! That’s sick get away!” I say and playfully push him away.

He trots himself back over to the basketball court to finish his game, but not before he turns around and flashes me a smile.

“He still acts the same way he always has. Just like a little kid. I don’t think he’ll ever come out of it.” I say to the girls.

“Oh I’m sure he won’t. But when Baylee gets older I am going to be scared for my life because I know Nick will teach him all his dumb jokes and pranks.” Leighanne says, and we both laugh knowing how true this is.

*Half an Hour later*

“Come n’ get it guys!” Kevin yells from the barbeque.

Leighanne, Kristin and I get up from the table and walk over to the grill where the rest of the guys are gathering.

I grab my plate as Kevin asks, “Do you want a dog or a burger?”

“I think I’ll go with the burger. Thanks.” I say as he puts one on my plate.

I walk over to the table that’s set up with all the toppings, but all I need is ketchup. I’m a ketchup addicted.

When I am done putting the ketchup on (and adding a little onto the side of my plate just in case I need more) I walk back to the table where Nick is already shoving hotdogs down his throat.

“Come sit next to me.” Is what it sounded like he said, but I wasn’t sure due to the hotdog in his mouth.

So I walk over and take the seat next to him.

Leighanne and Baylee also come to sit down along with Brian, Kristin, and Kevin, and I see Howie walking out of the house. I hadn’t even notice him go in there.

“Howie what were you doing?” Nick asks in between bites.

“I heard the phone ringing. It was AJ and he said he can’t make it. He’s busy doing something…I couldn’t really hear him. But he’s really sorry and said he’ll see us soon.” Howie answers.

“Oh, alright.” Nick says.

So we all sit and enjoy a nice dinner. Well, not nice in the sense that it was fancy, because obviously it wasn’t when we were eating burgers and hotdogs, but nice in the sense that I was getting to spend time with Nick and his best friends.

Seeing him with them filled me with joy because just seeing him so happy made me happy. He had been through some rough times in his life and just seeing him like this, I just couldn’t help look at him and be happy.

*Two Hours Later*

I open the car door for Leighanne as she gently puts Baylee into his car seat. Once she is done she turns to me and gives me a hug.

“You have my number, so I am expecting a call from you this week.” She says

“Yes I have it and I promise to call.” I answer back.

As I finish my goodbye with her Brian says goodbye to Nick then comes around the car and gives me a hug.

Nick and I stand there as they drive away. It was just the two of us now. (Howie, Kevin, and Kristin had left a little earlier)

So now what? Do I go or stay…I have no idea.

“Hey, why don’t you come back inside for a while.” Nick asks.

Well I guess my question was just answered.