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“Ok so which one do you like better, the pink one or the black one?” I ask Sarah.

I can’t leave the house unless I have her approval of my outfit.

“Definitely the black one, your boobs looks really good in it.” She says.

“Hmm alright.”

I walk back into my room, pull my black dress on and examine myself in the mirror. God I don’t care if Sarah thinks my boobs look good, they are too big. Since I was younger, every guy I have had a conversation with had it with my boobs instead of my face.

I open my closet (that is 10 sizes to small for all my clothes) and dig through my pile of shoes until I find my black heels. Then I go into the bathroom, put some toothpaste on my toothbrush and put it in my mouth.

I don’t have that much time left so I decide to put my shoes on while I am brushing my teeth, and as soon as I have one of my heels on, the phone rings.

I hobble into the kitchen with my one show to grab the phone. I spit the toothpaste into the sink then finally answer the phone.


“ Hey it’s Nick.”

“Hey what’s up?”

“Well, I kinda have some bad new.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“We are still going to dinner and everything but we aren’t going alone.”

“Oh who are we going with then?”

“The boys. I forgot that I told them we would all go out to dinner tonight, but they said it’s fine that you come with.” He tells me.

“Oh no, it’s fine I don’t want to intrude on your guys’ dinner.”

“Don’t worry. The way I see it, they are intruding on ours, so your coming and that’s it. Plus, they love you, they want you to come.

“Well alright then.” I say with a laugh.

“Ok I’ll pick you up in 15 minutes.”

“Alright bye.” I say and hang up the phone.

I walk back into the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth and then I start to think about what Nick just said. Dinner with all the guys. That means that AJ is going to be there.

Great now I’m nervous. Something about him makes me feel…I don’t even know. And I get even more nervous remembering what AJ had told me earlier that day while we were having coffee….that Nick told them I was the love of his life.

Oh God.

I try to put it out of my mind and finish getting ready, and before I know it, I hear a knock at the door.

I grab my purse and walk out into the living room to get the door, but when I get there I see that Sarah has already answered the door and was giving Nick a hug. They had met a couple of times when Nick and I were together.

When they finish he looks over at me and smiles.

“Hey baby. You look amazing.” He says.

“Aw thanks. You look good too.” I say to him.

And at this Sarah turns around so Nick couldn’t see her face and mouthed “hey baby” to me smiling.

I give her a look warning her to stop and then walk over to Nick.

“Well we should get going. Bye Sarah.” I say as I push Nick out the door then shut it.

You never know what Sarah will say so I thought it best to just get out of there as fast as I could.

*Half an hour Later*

When we pull into the restaurant parking lot, Nick gets out of the car first and comes around to my side and opens the door. Another very un-Nick-like thing to do, but hey, I like him like this.

I step out of the car and as we start to walk towards the front door Nick grabs my hand. I look over at him and smile. He smiles back.

When the two of us enter the restaurant, still holding hands, Nick leads me straight past the hostess and into the main room. Apparently he knows where he is going.

As we walk through the room I notice people staring at us, probably trying to figure out who I am. Just as I was starting to wonder if these people would ever stop looking at us, we walk into a hallway towards a big set of double doors.

Right before we are about to walk in, Nick stops so I do too.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t have dinner alone. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He says as he brings me close and kisses me.

All of a sudden one of the doors swings open and Howie is standing there looking at us.

Nick and I break away as soon as we see him.

“Oops sorry guys.” Howie says trying to hold in his laughter.
“Shut up!” Nick says.

“Hi Howie.” I say to him as I give him a hug.

When we follow Howie back inside the private room everyone gets up to say hello.

First is Kevin and Kristin, and after that comes Brian, Leighanne, and Baylee.

Then there is AJ.

He walks over to me first, gives me a hug and says with a smile, “Hey sweetie good to see you again.”

“Wait, wait, wait. You guys haven’t met…” Nick says with a confused look on his face.

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. When Leighanne and I were having coffee this morning he showed up.” I tell him.

“Oh uh ok then.” Nick says.

So after everyone has said hello, Nick and I take sit down at the table.

*2 hours Later*

After drinking, eating, talking, and laughing we decide that it’s time to leave. Especially since the boys had an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show tomorrow night, and not to mention the fact that poor little Baylee had somehow fallen asleep on the floor despite all the noise in the room.

On the way home sitting in Nick’s car looking out the window, I thought about the night.

AJ had been sitting on the other side of me during the night and we got to talk. Actually we got to talk quite a bit. I mean, I know tonight was supposed to be about Nick and I but he was busy talking to everyone else. We had our own little conversation and it was as if the rest of the room wasn’t even there. When we left I felt a lot closer to him, which didn’t help my little crush.

That’s what I have decided to call it, ‘my little crush’. I’m with Nick, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little crush does it? But somewhere in the pit of my stomach I feel a bit of guilt for feeling anything at all. Even if it is just a little crush.

I come out of my thoughts when Nick says, “Anna do u want to come back to my place for a while?”

I think about this for a minute before I answer. There really isn’t anything to keep me from going back especially since tomorrow (Monday) is a day off at the school so I don’t have to teach.

“Yeah sounds good.” I say to him.

When we get to his house, he once more comes around to open the car door for me.

Once we are inside he says, “Follow me, I wanna show you something.”

So I follow him up the stairs, and into the master bedroom. We walk across the room and when we reach the other side of it he tells me to close my eyes, so I do.

I can hear him moving the curtains aside and opening what sounded to be a sliding door. I felt his hand close around mine.

“Keep them closed.” He says, and leads me through the door.

A flow of cold air hits me, and not being prepared for this, I immediately start to shiver.

After taking just a few steps, he takes my hands and places them on a railing. He moves from in front of me to behind me and whispers in my ear, “Ok you can open.”

I open my eyes and in front of me is a view of the city. My apartment is down in it so I have never seen it like this before. The glow surrounding it was stunning.

Nick wraps his arms around me as I tell him ,” Wow Nick, it’s beautiful.”

After a few more moments of taking in the sight, I feel Nick’s lips on my neck. His hands tighten on my hips and I don’t try to stop him. I stopped it last time, but this time I didn’t want to.

I turn around so my back is to the city and Nick and I are facing each other. I look into his eyes, and at this moment I feel like I can see inside of him. Somehow I knew that he really did care about me as much as all of the guys said he does.

I draw him close to me and kiss him softly. He deepens the kiss and pushes his tongue into my mouth. I let out a moan at this and he knew that I wasn’t going to try to stop this time, so without our lips parting, we slowly manage to make our way back into the bedroom……