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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry everyone, fairly short chapter this time!

Chapter 103

She shut and locked the door, setting her bags down and slumping heavily against the door. It felt so good to be back home, back to some kind of normalcy. Letting out a sigh, she shuffled through the kitchen to her bedroom.

The flight home had been a rough one, one she hadn’t expected. She cried for most of the flight, off and on. Now she was emotionally and physically drained and wanted to sleep. She set her bags down and flopped down on the bed, letting out a breath. It felt so good to be home. Veronica sat up and headed out her room and over to the answering machine, pressing the button and listening to the various messages. There weren’t many, most people called her cell, most of the calls were from her job, one or two from her Mom who preferred to call her apartment than her cell. Turning to head into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and got a bottle of water out, opening it and taking a drink. Walking back over she grabbed the phone and called her Mom to let her know she’d arrived and then called her job, letting them know she’d be in the next day.

After deleting the messages, she made her way back into her bedroom, turning her computer on and waiting for it to boot up and then connecting to the internet. She checked her mail, deleted most of it and then stopped on several emails from Nick. A frown spread over her lips, he’d called several times, left several messages and she hadn’t responded to any of them. It hadn’t been just him though, Lynne had done the same, not quite as many as Nick, but she’d left a few and Veronica hadn’t responded to any of those either. She just couldn’t for some reason. She knew he was worried about her, she could hear it in his voice in all the messages, and see it in his writing now as she read over his emails.

She missed Nick and thought of him often, still part of her was actually embarrassed that she had cried in front of him, that she’d let him see her in such a vulnerable state. Shaking her head she sighed, she was being silly. She’d been thankful he’d been there, glad she didn’t have to go through it alone and a small part of her was also thankful that it’d been him, no matter how embarrassed she was now. Veronica shut down without responding to any of the emails and pulled her phone out of her pocket and tossing it on her bed as she grabbed her bag and also set it on her bed, opening it and starting to unpack.

After she finished, he made her way out of her room, cell phone in hand and headed into the kitchen to make a light lunch. She brought the plate with her sandwich to the table and sat, eating quietly. She wiped at the tears that had come on suddenly, swallowing hard, trying to stifle the sobs that needed to be released. It was nothing new to her and she knew she’d have to get used to it. Veronica finished her sandwich and stood, putting her plate in the sink before grabbing her phone again. Flipped it open, she pressed the button and waited. She listened when his voice filtered through the line and then the beep, she left a quick message then shut the phone and set it down.

Walking over, she slumped down on the couch, sniffling. She grabbed the throw pillow and laid down on her side, hugging the pillow close, inhaling deeply. It’d been several days, but she could still smell his cologne, that familiar comforting scent. Burying her face in the pillow she cried softly, wanting…needing for him to be there.