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Chapter 109

An Hour and a Half Later…

“Ok, I’m pulling in right now,” she called into the phone, holding up the badge to the man, handing him the money for parking and then pulling through.

“Everything ok?”

“Yup, I’m through.”


“Yup, I’m gonna let ya go so I can park and make my way in.”

“Ok, call me if you run into any problems.”

“I will.”

“See ya in a few minutes!”

Veronica couldn’t help but smile, he sounded so excited.

“See ya Nick,” she hung up and made her way around, her heart dropping when she saw the various tour buses and trucks around. She parked and got out, starting over towards the entrance to the venue.

A security guard came over, stopping her.

“Excuse me ma’am, the park isn’t open yet.”

“I know, I have a pass and I’m on the guest list as well,” she replied, holding up her badge to inspect, a small wave of fear passing through her.

The guard looked the badge over, “Ok you’re fine,” he looked down at the list, “Veronica Peterson, go on back,” he smiled. He made his way over to the gate, unlocking it and opening it and motioning for her to go through.

She gave him a smile and made her way through, stopping to watch the guard shut and lock the gate again. Letting out a breath, she forged on, looking around. She’d been to this venue several times as it was part of a popular amusement park. Her very first Backstreet concert had been at this very same venue, it seemed so long ago. Now here she was going backstage to meet the rest of the guys.

Veronica made her way through the refreshment and souvenir area, though nothing was set up as it was too early. She headed over to the entrance of the outdoor auditorium, flashing her badge to the guard and making her way in. She looked around, not quite sure of how exactly to get backstage. Veronica forced herself to take several deep breaths, to relax and try to calm down, but with very little success.

Looking around, she tried to find someone to talk to, making her way deeper into area, she watched as several people walked by, all with places to go and things to do. Turning, she made her way down the long aisle towards the front row to a man talking with someone else. As she approached, one of the guys left and the man behind what appeared to be the pit, continued looking through the papers on his clipboard. Veronica approached cautiously.

“Excuse me.”

The man looked up, blinking, “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, I’m here to see Nick Carter,” Veronica explained, holding up her badge. “I…”

The man looked back down at his clipboard, “Contest winners are to meet over at the pavilion tent in the…”

“Um, I have a pass, my name is Veronica Peterson, Nick’s expecting me.”

The guy looked back up at her and then down at her pass, “Ahh so you’re Veronica,” the guy chuckled. “Nick hasn’t talked about anything else since we arrived. Does he know you’re here?”

Veronica blushed, “Yeah, I called him to let him know that I’d arrived.”

“Cool, I’ll take ya back to him, I‘m Rich by the way” the guy announced, putting his pen through the clip part of the clipboard. “Come right around there, up those steps.”

Veronica turned making her way over to the far end of the stage, making her way up the steps and over to the guy.