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Chapter 112

She made her way onto the bus, looking around as walked in. It was roomier than she expected, on TV it looked so small and cramped, and while it wasn’t a full sized house, it wasn’t a rabbit hole either. Veronica made her way over to the table, not wanting to go in too far and seem presumptuous, and looked over the small area. It could fit four people comfortably; the table was about the size of one of the small booth tables you’d see in a McDonalds. Veronica looked over at the microwave and mini refrigerator and then down the narrow hallway where the bunks were and down further where she saw the small bathroom and down at the end what she assumed to be the lounge area.

“This is really nice, it’s spacer than I thought it’d…what?”

Veronica blinked; he was looking at her, watching her intently.

“You look great, it’s been so long and…I can’t believe you’re here,” Nick replied softly, walking towards her, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

She could feel herself blushing, “Thanks Nick. I’m glad to be here, it’s great to see you again.”

“I was so worried. After everything that happened and I had to go…I’m just glad you’re ok.”

“I’m fine, taking it a day at a time.”

“You went through all that and you’re still smiling, you’re a very strong woman Veronica.”

Veronica rubbed nervously at her cheeks, “Cut it out Nick, you’re gonna give me a swelled head,” she chuckled.

“I got something for you,” Nick whispered.

“Oh yeah?”


“You didn’t have to get me anything else Nick, all of this…it’s enough trust me.”

He smiled, pulling away for a moment, heading to the fridge opening it and pulling something out before turning back to her.

“For you,” he announced, holding out a single pink rose.

“Aww Nick, it’s beautiful,” she smiled, taking the rose from him.

“The florist guy says a pink rose stands for admiration, and after all you’ve been through, I really do admire you.”

Veronica could feel her eyes welling up as she stared at the rose then up at him, “Thank you Nick.”

“C’mere,” he said softly, opening his arms, “Give me a hug.”

Veronica chuckled, stepping forward, wrapping her arms around him, “You’re too good to me ya know Nick.”

“You deserve it; you’ve been such a great friend to me.”

She shrugged, “No better of a friend than anyone else would be.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

Veronica sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, wishing she could stay like this forever.

“Would you like a drink? Are you hungry?”

She smiled, slowly pulling away. “Nah, I’m fine thanks.”

“Alright, hey, let’s sit ok? C’mon,” Nick announced, taking her hand and leading her down the narrow hallway to the lounge, sitting on the couch. “Tell me what’s been going on with you?”

“Nick I’ve told you it all over the phone already.”

“I know, but it’s better in person. C’mon, tell me how your Mom’s doing, and how was the date last week?”

“It was alright, Dominick was really cool.”

“So is there gonna be another date?”

“Maybe, not sure, but honestly I don’t think so.”


“Yeah, he was nice, but eh. I’m not like, dying to see him again, I think it’s mutual.”

“Mmm,” Nick nodded, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“That’s fine though, I’m really starting to like this dating thing anyway, it’s cool getting to meet so many different guys.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah! I’m glad I’m getting out more.”

Nick stared at her, nibbling at his bottom lip. He was glad too, but also a little nervous. She had been out on several dates, but there never seemed to be a second, there was always something wrong with him, no connection or no personality. Amazingly, Nick was relieved each time she told him what was wrong with the current guy.

“I’m glad you are too, you look like you’re a lot happier.”

“I feel a lot happier, and I have you to thank. If it wasn’t for you in a lot of ways, I never would be doing it, meeting different people and all. Thanks Nick.”

Oh great.

“You’re welcome Veronica, I’m glad to help.”

Yeah right.

Veronica smiled at him and he felt his stomach drop, he had to change the subject.

“So how’s your Mom doing? How’s she handling everything?”

“She’s ok; it’s a bit different for her though you know? She was married to him and then they got divorced and everything that happened. It affected her more than I realized I learned later.”

“Yeah, I can imagine.”

“All in all, things are starting to go back to normal; we have our good and bad days as everyone does.”

“It’ll get easier with time.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Hey, wanna go on some rides?”

“The park isn’t open though.”

“It’s alright, we’re able to go on rides though, they kinda open it up for us.”

“Ohhh must be nice,” Veronica chuckled.

“It’s a nice little perk I must say.”

“Well I’m game.”

“Cool,” he replied, standing. He couldn’t be so close to her and control himself, it was becoming harder and harder.

She stood and they made their way off the bus.


A Hour Later…

“Whew, that was great. Only problem is that ride always hurts my ears, I never remember to take my damn earrings off,” Veronica laughed as she made her way back onto the bus.

“It does jerk ya around a lot.”

“I’ll say,” she moaned, rubbing at her neck, “Still it’s great.”

“Yeah, I love roller coasters.”

“I never used to, but eventually they grew on me,” Veronica explained, walking over and sitting on the couch, scooting over so Nick could join her.

“Whew, it’s kinda draining.”

“Yeah it is,” she replied, closing her eyes, resting her head back.

Nick turned his head to look at her, slowly licking his lips.


“I didn’t say anything.”

“I can feel you watching me.”

He grinned, “Sorry.”

“I bet you are,” she slowly opened her eyes, turning her head to look at him.

He didn’t think about it, just acted, leaning in and kissing her gently, forcing himself to take it slow, but it was hard.

She pulled away, blinking rapidly, “Nick…”

“I’m sorry Veronica, I’m sorry,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her again, cupping her cheek in his hand. He just couldn’t help himself; it’d been so long, too long.

Veronica felt his hand slide around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She was helpless to stop him, her hands sliding up to his shoulders, clutching at him desperately, trying to push him away and pull him closer at the same time.

Nick groaned, kissing her deeply, it was never enough. He needed to be closer, deeper inside. He tore his lips away, panting hard.


“I-I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it.”

She brought a hand to her head, clearing her throat, “It’s…it’s ok, don’t worry.” Veronica let out a breath, scooting closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.


“Mmm, a little, couldn’t sleep last night, too excited.”

He too had been excited and had had an equally hard time sleeping himself.

“It’s the anticipation,” he whispered, running his hand up and down her back soothingly. He looked down to see that she had already fallen asleep, her hand resting lightly on his chest over his heart. Smiling a bit, he leaned in, kissing her forehead, squeezing her gently. In a few hours she’d be gone and he’d be alone.

Letting out a sigh, he tried to pull her closer still, resting his head against hers closing his eyes, he drifted off a few minutes later.