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Chapter 115

A Few Hours Later…

Nick watched the two talking, frowning slightly. He should’ve known it was a bad idea to have AJ around Veronica for a long period of time, everyone knew AJ was a flirt. His eyes narrowed when the bus was suddenly filled with the sound of Veronica’s laughter.

“AJ stop it, it hurts to laugh!”

“It’s the truth though, I swear,” AJ grinned.

“I wish I could’ve seen it, it had to be hilarious!”

“It was, but Nick always did things like that when he was younger,” AJ smirked.

Nick rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Aww it’s ok Nick, I’m the queen of looking silly, just ask Lynne.”


“So V, can I call you V?”

She blushed, “Sure.”

“Great, V, you’re from New York. Lived there all your life?”

“Yup, I mean, I’ve been to other states and all, but yeah, was born and raised in New York.”

“I’ve always wanted to live there or at least get a house there or something, I’d been thinking about it, and now that I know someone else who lives there, maybe I will, “AJ winked.

Nick took a calming breath, the jerk. Sometimes AJ just didn’t know when to quit.

“Aww don’t go and do that because of me, I don’t even live in New York City, it wouldn’t be worth it.”

“So? I can always come up to visit and maybe bring ya down to NYC and we can go and shop or something.”

“Ohh that does sound like fun” Veronica smiled.

Nick looked over at Veronica, feeling slightly annoyed.

“Alright, so I’ll let ya know as soon as I get a house, I’ll have a housewarming party.”

“Call me crazy but for some reason I can’t picture you throwing a housewarming party AJ.”

“Oh sure, I’ll get some woman named Kim to sell Tupperware and shit, it’ll be great!”

Veronica giggled, shaking her head, “I’m gonna hold you to that. If you don’t have Tupperware at your party, I’m gonna be really disappointed ya know.”

“We can’t have that, don’t worry sweetie, I won’t let ya down.”

Nick glared at AJ, “Funny, I don’t remember you ever throwing a housewarming party for any of your other houses.”

AJ looked over at Nick, cocking his head to the side, “I never had Veronica to invite over Nick, get with it man.”

Veronica laughed, swatting playfully at AJ, “Stop that!”

AJ winked again.

Nick cleared his throat, looking over at Veronica and then over at AJ again.

AJ looked over at Nick, chuckling softly. “Well kids, I’m gonna get going, gonna rest up a bit before we have to go for soundcheck.”

“Aww,” Veronica frowned.

“Aww it’s cool, we’ll hang out again sometime ok?”

“Ok sure,” she smiled.

“J, you don’t gotta go man.”

“Yeah I do,” AJ announced, making his way towards the door to the bus. “I’ll see ya later V.”

“Bye AJ!”

Nick followed him over to the door, “Seriously, you don’t gotta go AJ. Soundcheck isn’t for another couple hours.”

“Nick, you ain’t shittin’ me man, I saw the looks you were givin’ me.”

“Huh? What you talkin’ bout?”

“Nick, seriously this is me you’re talking to. I’ve known you almost as long as your mom man, those you looks you were giving me were enough to kill. Relax though, I ain’t after your woman, it’s cool.”

Nick blinked, “Wh-what? She’s not my woman AJ! Besides, I wasn’t giving you any kind of look.”
AJ shook his head, laughing, “Whatever man.”

Nick watched as AJ made his way out the bus. Turning his gaze rested on Veronica who was watching him expectantly. Part of Nick had wanted AJ to leave, but part of him had wanted him to stay too. All his control had a tendency to fly out the window when he was around her.

He didn’t trust himself alone with her.