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Chapter 14

She sat down, tired and for no good reason. Today had not been productive at all, cleaning the apartment wasn’t that draining and besides, she’d done that earlier in the day. After that she went out shopping for groceries and came back and got online for a few hours and now here she was, eight at night settling down to watch TV. Veronica sighed, it hadn’t been anything over active or anything she actually worked a sweat up doing, but she couldn’t help but feel tired, she was already ready to go to bed. Grabbing one of the pillows, she set it on the arm of the couch and lay down so she was facing the TV, and started flipping through the stations, trying to find what to watch.

Most girls her age were out at clubs or at the movies hanging out, but not here, she was home on a Saturday night watching TV, which didn’t bother her really. Clubs really weren’t her scene; or rather they wouldn’t be if she went to more of them she figured, so why waste the time figuring out what she already knew? It was such a chore, getting dressed up and getting ready only to sit at a table and watch everyone else having fun and enjoying themselves. Girls dressed in clothes she only dreamed of wearing, and guys looking at those girls in ways she only dreamed of having them look at her. As tempting as that was, she just wasn’t up to being depressed and rejected tonight. Her eyes never left the screen as she reached down to pick up the now ringing phone.


“Hey girl.”

“Hi Lynne, what’s up?”

“Getting ready to head out, got a date tonight.”

“With who?”

“A guy I met at the club on Friday.”

“That guy who gave you his phone number on the napkin?”

“No, this was someone else I met earlier while you were in the bathroom for the umpteenth time,” Lynne groaned.

“Whatever, I told you I had to fix my make up.”

“V, you were barely wearing any in the first place, you knew it hadn’t worn off.”


“So you were in there trying to waste time, come on Veronica, this is me you’re talking to here.”

“I was not! I really did have to touch it up!”

“Anyway, so I’m getting ready to head out, you should come with me.”

“Why would I come with you on your date?”

“So you’re not sitting there watching TV like I know you are right now.”

Veronica frowned, “I don’t mind.”

“Well I do, come on, it’ll be fun.”

“No thanks, maybe next time.”

“Coooome on Veronica!”

“Nah, but call me up and let me know how it goes, or if he tries anything and you need someone to come and beat his ass.”

Lynne laughed, “Yeah right.”

“I’m serious, if you need help call me, I don’t care what time it is.”

“I will, I promise. I still wish you’d come with me though, I hate that you’re all alone on a Saturday night, that’s not…right.”

Veronica laughed, “Have fun Lynne.”

“Yeah, yeah bye.”


Veronica hung up and turned the volume back up on the TV. She’d watch a movie and whatever and it’d be productive, not like she needed to go out with friends or with guys to have fun, no she didn’t need that. Besides, it wasn’t as if guys were beating the door down to get to her either, no it was ok. She was content here on the couch with her trusty remote; at least that’s what she always told herself.