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Chapter 147

Nick shut the door behind them, locking it and activating the alarm.

“Whew, whatta an evening, my head is still reeling,” Veronica smiled as she bent over to unhook her shoes and pull them off.

“Well it’s not over yet.”

Veronica looked over at him, “There’s more?”

“There’s always more.”

“What’s left?”

“The movie.”

“Oh, are we going back out?” She asked, reaching out to grab her shoes again.

“No no, we’re in for the night. I figured we do the movie from the comfort of home. Of course popcorn and drinks and all that good stuff will still be provided, without the lines.”

“Ahhh I see.”

“Yup, so you go head into living room, pick out a movie and get settled and I’ll be in in just a minute.”

“Carter, why am I always picking the movies?”

“Because you’re so good at it, now hop to it.”

Rolling her eyes, Veronica made her way into the living room, heading over to his DVD collection, picking out a movie and putting it in, letting the previews run to give Nick time. Walking over, she sat on the couch, slumping back. Everything had been a surprise that evening, the dinner, everything. It was the first Valentines Day she could remember actually enjoying.

She looked over as Nick made his way into the room, a bowl of popcorn in one had and a bag in the other. Veronica watched as Nick set the bowl down and then started emptying the contents of the bag. Her eyes widened as he pulled bag after bag of candy out and set it on the coffee table.

“Uhh Nick…”

“Hang on a sec,” he replied, hurrying back into the kitchen only to return with two six packs of pop.

“Wow Nick, that’s a lot of…”

“Yeah I know, isn’t it great? I’ve got pretty much all of the candy you find at a typical movie theater. Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Rasinettes, Goobers, Twizzlers, Gummy Bears, my personal favorite Reese’s Pieces, then of course the pop and all. Top it all off with movie theater style popcorn minus the buttery tub!”

Shaking her head, she looked at him. “You’re nuts Nick.”

“Thank you!” He grinned. “Now, what did you pick?”

“Umm, The Grudge.”

Nick raised an eyebrow, “Oh yeah?”

“Mmmhmm, I hear it’s really good.”

He stared at her for a moment, he was sure she didn’t realize what kind of movie it was. “Have you seen the previews for it?”

“Yeah, it’s generally not the kind of movie I’m interested in, but I thought we’d give it a chance.”

“I thought you’d pick ya know, some kind of a romance.”

“Yeah well I want it to be something you’d enjoy.”

“Aww it’s ok, you can pick something else. If I didn’t like the movie, I wouldn’t have it.”

“Nah, it’s alright. C’mon, sit,” she announced, patting the spot next to her.

Nick made his way over and sat next to her, and Veronica pressed the play button. Nick reached out and grabbed the bowl, placing it between them and then reached out for the bag of skittles.

They munched on the popcorn, making various comments. Unfortunately for Veronica, she spent most of the movie with her face buried in Nick’s neck. Fortunately for Nick, Veronica spent most of the movie with her face buried in his neck. He’d had a feeling when she announced that she’d selected the movie, that that would be the case. He couldn’t say he minded.

A short time later, the movie ended and they stared at the remains of their movie night. Popcorn consumed, each bag of candy had been opened. Some remained, but for the most part, everything was gone.

“God, I can’t believe we ate all that candy,” Veronica frowned.

“You more than me,” Nick grinned.

“I couldn’t help it; I had to do something since I couldn’t watch the movie most of the time.”

“Uh huh.”

They cleaned up the mess and headed back into the living room.

“Well Nick I guess this is it. Thank you again for everything this evening.”

“Veronica…we’re not finished.”

“We’re not?”

“No, actually, I have something for you.”

“Nick, you didn’t have to get me anything. God I feel like such a loser, I didn’t get you anything.”

“You are my valentine, of course I had to get ya something, I wanted to. It’s no big deal, but here, sit.” Nick led her back over to the couch before heading upstairs. A few minutes later he returned, a wrapped package in his hand.

Walking over, he sat next to her.

“It’s not…I mean it’s not ya know, a big thing but I thought that maybe you’d like it so…here you go.” Nick handed her the package.

Veronica took the square shaped object, taking a deep breath; she tore at the paper to reveal a framed picture. Turning it right side up she looked at it intently. It was a drawing of a woman, a very beautiful woman. She blinked, looking harder at the picture. It looked a lot like…

“It’s hard to ya know do it when you don’t have the actual person there. I was going strictly from memory, which was surprisingly not that hard, well not as hard as it usually is. Memory isn’t the best thing to go by, but since I didn’t have a picture, I had no choice,” Nick explained softly.

“Is…is that me?”

Nick smiled, “It is.”

“Where did…“ Suddenly what he’d said hit her. “Did you draw this?”

Nick had wished desperately that he’d had a picture with him when he set out a week ago to draw her picture. Then when he’d started the drawing, he found that it flowed. He remembered every detail, the way her hand curved, the shape of her body and the contours of her face. He could close his eyes and see the way her hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. The way her expressive eyes, seemed to look right through him into his soul. It’d been easy then, he drew her from what he’d remembered, and he remembered everything.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, he replied, “Yeah, with the set you got me. I thought it’d be a nice idea to draw you. I don‘t think it‘s too bad considering you wouldn‘t give me your picture.”

“Not too bad? Nick are you kidding? This is beautiful, you…you made me look beautiful.”

“Why wouldn’t I? That’s how I see you, you are beautiful. When you gave me the set you wrote that you hoped it would inspire me. Well it wasn‘t the set that inspired me, it was you.”

Looking at him hurt, and she looked back down at the drawing so he wouldn’t see the tears had welled in her eyes. She shook her head, she wasn’t beautiful, but he made her feel that way.

“Still and all, it would’ve been ten times better if I’d had you here. Maybe I can draw another while you’re here this week.”

She took a calming breath before looking up at him.

“Thank you, I love it.”

And that was all he needed to know.

He smiled softly, “You’re welcome.”