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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is a cute chapter. I don't know why, but Nick reminds me of the character I talk about in this chapter, minus the haircolor, but yeah. I am in fact a huge fan of Cinderella, my fave fairy tale, therefore the whole castle thing would be a dream of mine, I would be all about taking pics! I'm particularly happy with how the end turned out, a bit cheesy, but I think it's sweet and so Nicklike.

Chapter 152

They made their way into the park, and decided to go on a few rides first. They stood in line for one of the rides, and Veronica couldn’t help noticing that Nick kept looking at her as if he wanted to say something. Every time she turned to look at him though, he’d look away. They boarded the ride and a short time later they made their way off, walking around and looking at the different stores.

“C’mon let’s go in here,” Nick announced suddenly, leading her into one of the stores.

Veronica looked around, it appeared to be a store that sold stuffed versions of some of the characters from the different movies. Chuckling, she walked around picking up various dolls, she looked up as Nick made his way over to her.

“See anything you like?”

“A few,” she smiled, holding up a Hercules doll. “I loved the movie and the character, for some odd reason, he kinda reminded me of you, yeah, except for the whole red hair and strength thing.”

Nick grinned goofily, “Yeah but he was a god, that’s pretty cool.”

Veronica smiled, “I forgot about that.”

“What, you sayin’ I’m not a god?”

She giggled, putting the doll down, “Anyway…”


Hurrying away, she made her way over to the section with jewelry, clearly intended for young girls. She chose a Cinderella necklace, which was surprisingly good quality. Deciding to embrace her inner child, she decided to purchase it, along with a cute little bracelet. No one had to know she was the one planning on wearing it. Blushing, she managed to stuff the bracelet and necklace in her fist so it couldn’t be seen as she continued to look.

A short time later, she made her way to the register and purchased the jewelry and looked around to find Nick standing by the entrance, looking at some trinkets. She quickly made her way over to him.

“All set?” He asked.


They made their way out and continued to walk when Nick suddenly shoved a bag at her.

“I got you something,” he announced.

“Aww Nick, you didn’t have to get me anything.”

He shrugged, “I know.”

Veronica opened the bag and looked inside, chuckling softly. “Aww Nick!”

She pulled out a stuffed Cinderella doll and the stuffed Hercules doll that she had shown him earlier.

“It’s kinda like…you and me ya know? Your Cinderella to my Hercules.”

“Thanks Nick!” Veronica smiled, leaning in and kissing his cheek.

He could feel himself blushing and he stuffed his hands in his pockets as they continued to walk.

“Nick, are you hungry?”

“Yeah a little, wanna get something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m starved actually.”

“Cool, there’s this really great restaurant here.”

“Let’s go there then.”

After lunch, they continued to go to different stores, and Nick continued to buy Veronica all kinds of little things of which Veronica insisted she didn’t need. As the day turned to night, they rode on a few more rides before starting to head over to the area to watch the light show and parade.

“Hey Veronica, do you wanna stop by Cinderella’s castle first?” Nick offered.

“Ohh yeah! I’ve always wondered what it looked like up close,” she announced, digging through her purse to pull out her camera again.

They made their way up close, Nick watched as Veronica snapped several pictures, a huge grin on her face. Slowly they went inside and looked around and Veronica continued to take pictures, and Nick tried hard to keep himself from laughing, knowing she’d used almost a whole roll of film on just the castle. A short time later, they made their way out.

“That is so cool! I hear they have it now where you can actually rent out rooms Nick, can you believe that? I wonder what it’d be like in there,” she sighed, looking up at the castle.

Nick studied her for a moment before reaching out, taking one of her hands, “Hey,” he whispered.

Veronica turned to look at him, “Oh sorry, we can get going. According to the brochure, the fireworks and all that start in about twenty minutes.”

“Wait a minute…c’mere,” he said softly, pulling her closer.

She frowned, putting her camera away, she let him lead her over towards the entrance of the castle where there weren’t so many people.

“Nick? What’s going on?”

He smiled softly, “Nothing, just…wanted to kinda be alone with you for a bit, that’s all.”

She blinked, “Oh, ok then.”

Reaching out, he took her other hand, looking into her eyes.

“Veronica…what would you say if…ya know, if I asked you to be my Cinderella?”


Nick shook his head, “That was pretty stupid I guess. Umm…what would you say if this were a fairytale and at this point, the guy that you were with asked you to be his, to be with him. What would you say?”

“Umm…I dunno. In fairytales the girl always says yes,” Veronica smiled.

“Yeah, but what would you say?”

She studied him intently, “Depends on the guy that was asking. If I cared about him and wanted to be with him, then I’d say yes of course. I‘d know in the moment though, I know if it felt right, I‘d know what to say.”

Nick stared at her, he wanted her so bad but he didn’t know how to say it. He’d hoped that he’d have the nerve to say it now, but it didn’t feel right. Pulling her into his arms, he held her tightly.

“I hope that when the time comes, you’ll say yes,” he whispered in her ear.

Veronica pulled away and frowned when she saw that Nick was looking at her with such sadness in his eyes, sadness and something else she couldn’t place.

“C’mon, let’s go,” he announced, taking her hand and leading her away from the castle and to the area where they would watch the fireworks.