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Author's Chapter Notes:
Alright, I realize that as a reader myself, I can't keep people waiting too long because then they lose intrest. And while I'm not quite where I need to be at this time, I'm gonna post another chapter of the story anyway. I'm currently underway of outlining for my new story and I'm anxious to share it with everyone. I'm hoping that once this story is complete, some or even better all of you, will stick with me and read my new story. If not, that's cool too! Anyway, about this chapter. This is a great chapter, I love the song. If anyone is a Napoleon Dynamite fan, you'll reconize the song as the one that plays at the very very end of the movie when Deb and Neo are playing tetherball. The song so fits their situation, more Nicks' pov than V's, although there are some of the words that fit V's pov too. Besides, it's just a great song!

Enjoy all!
Chapter 168

Veronica continued to stare at him, she didn’t know what to say, she hadn’t been expecting it. She couldn’t think, her mind had gone completely blank. She licked at her lips that were suddenly very dry, wiping her palms on her shorts.

Nick watched her nervously, his anxiety growing. She was hesitating, this wasn’t good.

“You told me before that when the moment came, you’d know what to say. I think you do, you know you do, and you just need to say it.

Veronica shook her head, “I don’t though.”

“Yes you do, whatever you say it’s ok baby, honestly. I just…I need to know ok? I want us to always be honest with each other.”

She looked away, remaining silent. It was too risky, too scary. She wasn’t ready to admit anything, wasn’t ready to tell him anything.

If you need a friend…don't look to a stranger. You know in the end…I'll always be there. And when you're in doubt, and when you're in danger…take a look all around, and I'll be there.

Sighing softly, Nick stood and held out his hand to her, “C’mon, stand up.”

She looked up at him in confusion.


Slowly she slipped her hand into his and let him pull her up and into his arms slowly and they started moving.

“Ya know, I’ve had a really hard time coming to grips with the fact that I’ve fallen in love with a fan and I’ve met with a bit of…resistance over this last year or so, but what I’ve come to realize is all of that doesn’t matter. All of the negativity and the fact that I met you first as a fan, it doesn’t mean shit. What does matter is how you make me feel and that’s like I’m capable of anything and that I can better than I used to be. And…the way I treat people is different because of you.”

I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say, I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me, I promise, I promise you I will.

Veronica sighed softly, resting her head on his shoulder, tightening her arms around him.

“I’m sure your friends have probably warned you against me for all kinds of reasons, and I know that they’re probably right. That said though, things aren’t like they used to be, I’m not how I used to be and it’s because of you.”

She clutched at him desperately, wanting so bad to believe what he was saying. He of course was right about being warned against him, but it’d never occurred to her that maybe he’d had the same problems with his friends, as the gravity of the thought hit her she understood that everything was against them. Everyone had been telling them no, and here they were, trying to let themselves say yes. If she hadn’t been a fan, it wouldn’t be so difficult; there wouldn’t be so many questions. If he were just an average guy, she wouldn’t have to worry so much about being good enough, about being judged and being labeled as untouchable.

“Can’t you see that I want to be the one you come to with your problems always? I want to be the one to hold you at night. I want you to be mine and me to be yours. I don’t want to just be your friend anymore Veronica, I don’t know that I can be,” he said softly, hugging her tighter. “Give us a chance, forget about what everyone else is saying and just listen to your heart.”

As she listened to him speak, it all became abundantly clear, and she couldn’t stop the thoughts that’d suddenly started rushing forward, one thought only.

She loved him; she was in love with him.

When your day is through, and so is your temper, you know what to do…I'm gonna always be there. Sometimes if I shout, it's not what's intended. These words just come out, with no gripe to bear.

God he wanted her to want him, he wanted her to love him as much as he loved her if that was even possible. He’d do whatever it took, say whatever, anything just to make her his. He felt her pull away a bit, looking into his eyes. He gave her a sad smile, cupping her face in his hands before leaning in to kiss her gently. He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers.

“I know it’s a risk, asking you to trust me in this way. I know you know my track record when it comes to women, I’ve…never really had that much respect for them or our relationships, but it wouldn’t be like that with us, I promise. I respect you more than I’ve ever respected any woman.”

Somehow, she believed him; somehow, she knew it’d be true. She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply, taking in his scent, his warmth. It’d be so easy to let herself, to surrender to what he was offering, it was what she’d always wanted, even when she wouldn’t let herself admit it, even when she wouldn’t let herself think it.

I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say, I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me, I promise, I promise you I will.

Now here he was, telling her that he wanted her, that he wanted to be with her, that he loved her. It was crazy, it was crazy but she wanted him too. Wanted to be his but she didn’t know how to say it. He’d slowly earned her trust, but could she give him the ultimate trust, trust that he’d never break her heart?



“I love you…I love you so much.”

She could feel her eyes well up and suddenly what she had to do had become perfectly clear.

And if I had to walk the world, I'd make you fall for me, I promise you, I promise you I will. I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. And if I have to walk the world, I'd make you fall for me, I promise you, I promise you I will ...I will.

The Promise - by When in Rome