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Chapter 27

He couldn’t believe he had to double back to get those stupid forms, he’d spent most of the morning filling them out only to walk right out the house without them. Turning, he made his way down the street, breaking a few speed limits, he’d be shit out of luck if there happened to be a cop around. Nick made his way over the hill, looking over at the post office, when a thought hit him. Cursing, he quickly switched lanes and pulled into the parking lot, he’d completely forgotten to check his box. He’d been so anxious about it last night; he was surprised it wasn’t the first thing he’d done this morning.

Slipping out, he shut the door and activated the alarm, making his way inside the building and over to the two aisles of boxes, turning down one of the aisles. Nick spotted his box and stood before it, slipping his key into the lock and hesitated. What if she hadn’t written? He was gonna feel pretty stupid, then again, what if she had? Nick forced back the butterflies that had suddenly taken up residence in his stomach and turned the key, whipping the door open.

A single envelope rested inside.

A slow smile spread over his lips, warmth curling inside his stomach to mix with the butterflies that seemed to have calmed once he’d seen the letter. Reaching in, he grabbed the envelope and looked at the name, Veronica Peterson was on the address label in the left-hand corner. Nick closed the box, turning the key and pulling it from the slot. Quickly he made his way out the post office and back to his truck, deactivating the alarm and slipping inside.

Tossing the letter on the dashboard, he started the truck. He could just read it now and get it over with, then again he didn’t want to look stupid sitting out in a parking lot reading a letter, people would think he simply couldn’t wait to get home. In all actuality, he couldn’t. Pulling out and onto the street, he’d make himself wait, besides the waiting would make it that much better when he actually could read it. A few minutes later he pulled into his driveway, opening the gate and pulling up closer.

Once inside his house, he tossed the letter down on the table and headed up to his bedroom, finding the papers and started back out, stopping to use the bathroom before pounding downstairs and starting for the door. Stopping suddenly, he remembered the letter, how could he have forgotten that fast? Walking over to the table, he picked up the letter, walking over to the couch, he tore the envelope open and pulled the paper out, noticing that this letter was a bit longer than the last.

Dear Nick,

Hi! How are you? I have to say I was surprised to have received your last letter, I honestly didn’t think you’d have the time to write back, but I’m glad you did.

I was looking at your site and saw that you were gonna be in London all this month for promo stuff for your next album, I hope that went well for you.

Not much has been going on here though, same ole, just a lot of work and all that; you know how that goes.

Don’t worry about your address, I won’t give it out to anyone, I promise.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I hope to hear from you again soon. Take care and thanks again for writing back.


He read it again and smiled, folding the paper up and shoving it back in the envelope. As stupid as it was, that letter made him feel pretty good, not that she’d written anything earth shattering, but still. As soon as he got the chance, he’d write her back.

Smiling he stood, grabbing the papers once again, he started for the door, heading out. Looking at his watch, he saw that it was still early, maybe he’d stop by his parents and see how everything was, it’d been a month since he’d been home after all.