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Chapter 51

The last place Nick wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon was in a meeting with potential producers to discuss the new album. He was still jet lagged and cranky. Casting a quick glance at his watch, he saw that it was after one and they still hadn’t had lunch yet. He was having trouble focusing as is, reaching out he grabbed his pen and started pulling the cap on and off over and over.

Looking around the room, Nick smirked as he realized the rest of the guys looked about as involved as he did. AJ was staring intently at his shirt as if he were trying to figure out how many stitches there were on the sleeve. Howie was staring up at the ceiling and Brian and Kevin were staring at the guy talking, but it didn’t look like they were actually listening.

Chuckling softly, Nick jerked at the abrupt loud rumble emanating from his stomach. Suddenly all eyes were on him, clearing his throat he let out a nervous laugh.


One of the businessmen gave a hearty laugh, shaking his head.

“It appears that Mr. Carter is trying to let us know that it’s way past due for lunch. How about we break and meet back here in an hour? There’s a buffet set up in the second conference room down the hall,” the man at the head of the table announced as he stood.

There were groans of relief from around the table as everyone else stood, making their way out the room. AJ came up behind Nick as they were leaving, slapping him on the back.

“Thanks man, I was dying in there. A few minutes longer and everyone would’ve been privy to my snoring, which at that point I think would’ve been a blessing,” AJ grinned, making his way out the room and down the hall. Nick shook his head, heading down behind AJ.

“Leave it to Nick to interrupt a meeting with his stomach,” Kevin chuckled, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as they walked into the conference room.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know how you guys were paying attention, we haven’t eaten since early this morning, I’m fuckin’ starved,” Nick sighed.

“Pay attention? Who? I know you’re not talking about me or Kev. Don’t tell me you didn’t recognize that glazed look in his eyes,” Brian laughed, loading a plate with assorted salads.

Nick smiled, “Nah, I saw it.”

“Whatever, I don’t know what you two are talking about, I was listening,” Kevin announced defensively.

Howie smirked, grabbing a can of pop, “Mmmhmm”

“I wouldn’t talk D, how many ceiling tiles are there?” Kevin questioned, starting over to one of the chairs in the room next to AJ who was already eating intently.

“How would I know that?” Howie asked, his expression reflecting pure innocence.

Nick rolled his eyes, finishing up his plate he started over towards the rest of the guys then stopped, he could use this time to check his mail and send Veronica a quick email and let her know he’d arrived safely. Turning he started out the room.

“Nick, where you goin’ man?” Brian asked.

“Got something to do, see ya in a while.”

Nick hurried out the room and over to the other conference room and grabbed his bag from the floor setting it down on the table, pulling out his laptop. The guys had been curious as to why he’d bring it with him to the conference, it’d been all he could do not to tell him, he’s managed to avoid giving them a direct answer.

He lifted the lid and turned it on and started to eat while it booted up. Rummaging into his bag, he grabbed the internet card and stuck it into the proper slot, and then connected. Quickly he finished eating and then slid his plate away and went to check his mail. He didn’t have a lot of time left, so he’d have to be quick. After going through his mail, he made a few quick replies before starting a new email, addressing it to Veronica. About ten minutes later, he finished up, hit send and closed down. He looked up as he slid his laptop back into his bag as everyone made their way back into the room.

The meeting was starting again.