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Hey people. I was thinking about how I should like maybe do a short story about Nick and Cole. Shorts! I don’t know. This idea just popped into my head and I thought it out in my mind and then it won’t get out. Like all my other unfinished stories. I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. Writing and such. So, this is a short story thing. That’s it, that’s all. Oh yea, if you’re reading Crazy or Some People (which are in no way related to one another, well in some ways, anyways) Just think of this story like, before those. Like a year. All right, I’m typing the story.

The Story.

‘Maybe if I ignore him then he’ll shut up.’

‘Is she ignoring me? No way! She’s not allowed to do that! I’ll keep talking.’

‘Someone please tell him to shut his annoying self up!’

‘It’s coming…’

‘God? Why did you give me a brother that’s the most annoying and stupid person on earth?’

‘Come on!’

“Nick, will you please be quiet?”

Nick stopped and smiled. He’d annoyed her enough to get her to talk, “I’m sorry Cole was I annoying you? I was just-“

“Shut up! Jeez Nick, can’t you shut up for just one minute? God!” Cole yelled in exasperation.

“Well, I can try but-“

They both looked up as they heard a yell, “Both of you stop! Go to your room! Go! Now!”

“But we didn’t do anything…”

“Whine again I’m going to smack those lips off your face boy. Go to your room.”

“Man this is crap.”

“Cole, thank your brother because he just got you both stuck in here for the night. The rest of the night.” They watched as the door closed.

“Thanks a lot Nick. First your talking then your whining!”

He didn’t answer. Startled at not hearing anything Cole looked up. He was just lying there with his eyes closed. Wouldn’t expect him to do that.

Cole let out a breath and bent down to get her diary. It was under her bed in a container filled with junk. Hidden. Cole reached to get it but found nothing. She bent down and looked and saw nothing. She slowly moved up to look at her brother. Was that a smile on his face?



“Where’d you put my diary?”

His eyes opened, “You still have a diary?”

“You’ve been reading it again haven’t you?”

His eyes closed, “Nope. I know nothing of a diary.”

Okay, apparently he wasn’t talking anymore. He probably did take it, the ass.

So, where could it be? Cole suddenly felt as if she would cry. She flopped down on the bed. She went to put her feet under her pillow and felt something hard. Her diary!

Okay so Nick didn’t take it, so what? She flipped it open reading her last entry, about the ocean? What was she on? Well, what to write about now? Cole’s eyes traveled over to her brother, him? She hadn’t written about him in awhile. Okay. Write about him.

‘Hey Di,

‘I’m going to write about Nick. He’s been acting like a real asshole lately and he knows it. I mean, he must know it because I tell him all the time. He got us grounded today. Well, just for the night but we’re grounded. I wanted to get together with my friends. They’re probably having a grand old time right now. All I’m doing is writing this and staring at my brother, my twin brother. He never ceases to amaze me. I mean he’s actually quiet. Nickolas Gene Carter is never quiet. Well, I can’t say never because he’s quiet now. I mean he’s just lying there with his eyes closed not saying a word. Who knows what he’s thinking about. We’re twins, he could be having an out of body experience or whatever it’s called. He could be looking over my shoulder reading what I’m writing right now. I’m not used to him being quiet. It was his talking that got us grounded for the night. I need to fume. I can’t believe that at school they put me in the same class as him. I have like 3 classes with him! It’s like come on! It’s bad enough I have to share a room with him but be in some of the same classes? That’s crazy! All those girls that want to marry him and all that can take him. He’s just annoying. Maybe it’s because he’s my brother but I don’t find him attractive. Sometimes it’s just like someone kill me now. My friends have learned not to talk about him around me or else I will…. ooo.’

Cole looked over at Nick and was surprised to find his eyes were open just staring straight up. She rolled her eyes reading over what she had written. She got done she looked over at him again and found him staring at her.

“Don’t look at me Nick.”

“Cole? Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.”

“Well you answered so I’ll go on.”

“The next question you ask I may not answer.”

“Cole, come on. I’m serious.”

She let out a fake gasp, “Could it be true? Nick Carter is serious?”


Recognizing the serious tone in her brother’s voice Cole looked up. He was serious.

“Don’t laugh or make fun of me k?”


“I’ve been thinking-,” he stopped and looked at her, she said nothing, “ Are you like, mad at me or anything? Did I do something to piss you off? I mean, I’ve heard from a person, who will remain anonymous, that you won’t talk about me. Talk about me like, nice things. You only say…mean things about me.”

“I’m not mad. It’s just, I don’t like calling my brother hot you know? Plus, you say mean things about me.”

“Yea but I only say mean things when you say mean things. I defend myself.”

“You’re always defending yourself Nick! What about me? What about me defending myself?”

“Yea you defend yourself with words! Words that I sometimes take to heart. Cole, you haven’t actually talked to me for awhile now. All that comes out of your mouth when you’re talking to me is ‘be quiet’ or ‘shut up’ or ‘you’re such an asshole!’.”

“Well you call me a bitch. You don’t think I take that to heart?” But when she thought about it she noticed that he was saying the truth. She hadn’t really ‘talked’ with him lately.

“Come on Cole. Okay, you take me calling you a female dog to heart? I only say that because I need something to say. I mean, most of the time you start it. You kick me or hit me and I say something and you call me an asshole and I call you a bitch and it goes on from there.”

“Most of the time I start it? How do you get off on telling me I start it? You start it too! I know I start it but at least I can admit it.”

“I start it too. I started this didn’t I? Cole, I just want to know if you hate me. If you do then that’s okay. If you don’t then well, everybody’s happy.”

Cole couldn’t help but smile a little. She looked over to Nick. He had turned over onto his side, something he did when he was annoyed or sad. She stood up, “Nick, you know I don’t hate you. Don’t act like that.” He didn’t move. She closed her eyes, what if she had hurt his feelings? “Nick? Come on. I don’t hate you. You may be dumb but you’re smart enough to know that I love you.”

At that he sat up. She saw his face and knew that’s just what he wanted to hear.

“Aawww, I love you too Cole!” Nick got up smiling. He grabbed her and hugged her tight.

“You are over dramatic. All of that just to get me to say I love you?”

“I heard it again! She loves me!”

Cole laughed pulling away from him. He looked at her and smiled. He turned and went and laid down on the bed. He looked at her and then closed his eyes, back to the way he was before.

Cole was smiling as she picked up her diary. She then wrote.

‘Okay so maybe he’s not so bad after all. But he still got me grounded, asshole.


Okay. I’m done. :o) I feel proud. I just came up with that tonight! Wow! It’s not a long short story. But it’s a short story! Any story I write, I’m proud, whether it sucks or not.