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When life has always let you down, how do you trust someone who offers happiness?
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Group, Other
Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 5
Completed: No
Word count: 12631
Read: 4103
Published: 05/16/06
Updated: 06/04/06

1. Prologue by abbeyjo [ - ] Liked (457 words)
This is a collaboration.

2. Chapter One ~ Second Chances by abbeyjo [ - ] Liked (2122 words)
Just wanted to thank y'all for the great reviews. :) When one of us has time, we'll start responding to the reviews. Thanks again! ~~ Abbey & Jo

3. Chapter Two ~ Turbulence by abbeyjo [ - ] Liked (3225 words)

Note: Leighanne doesn't exist in this universe. We couldn't bring ourselves to kill her, and we know that Brian would never get a divorce, so it was a mutual agreement to just? Not have her at all. Thanks :)

4. Chapter 3 ~ Afraid by abbeyjo [ - ] Liked (3408 words)
Henceforth, this story will be updated on Fridays. We want to thank you all for the reviews, they are greatly appreciated, and one day, one of us will get around to actually replying to them. :)

5. Chapter Four ~ Soon by abbeyjo [ - ] Liked (3419 words)
*clears throat* Yes, we're a day late... Sorry. And yes, we used the lyrics from Gone Without Goodbye. Lyrics at the end of the chapter are from Woman, as performed by Maroon 5 (a totally kick-tail band with many kick-tail songs, in our humble opinions). Enjoy, thanks for reading, and we'll be back next Friday with another update! (Honest... The days kind of slipped by without us realizing. Whoops!)