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Story Notes:

This story is never gonna be completed it because I just don't feel the need to finish it lol. It was my first fanfic tho.

Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my very first strory Changes hope ya'll like it but its not yet done!
~*Summer of 2003*~

Anna stood on her front porch looking at the boys playing across the street. It had been three weeks since she had moved to Key West in the Florida Keys and she still hadn't quite figured out why the boys across the street looked so familiar. Of course it would help if she went over and said hi, but she was too shy for that. It had been a hard move leaving all of her friends in Canada, but at least she could hang out with her friends Liz and Theresa for the next couple of weeks. She was so glad that the sisters were out on vacation or she thought she would have quickly sunk into depression. As it was she was still on the brink, but they had a knack for making her laugh so she was happy as long as they were around. She wondered oddly what they would think of the boys across the street. Maybe they would be able to figure it out. Though they'd probably just send her off to go talk to them. Feeling nervous at that suggestion, she walked across the lawn hoping they would just focus on their basketball game. She wondered to herself when the girls would be over while she bent down to get the newspaper, when suddenly she felt something really hard hit the side of her head, sending her sprawled out on the lawn. What was that? 'Are you okay", a male voice said.
She looked up about ready to tell whoever it was off, when she saw that it was the boy across the street. He stood tall above her, with long blonde hair hanging in his dark brown eyes. She took the hand that he was holding out gladly and tried to steady herself. That had HURT. She looked sideways at him while feeling the spot where the thing had hit her: a bump was already forming. She was about to ask him what the heck he thought he was doing when suddenly he spoke up.
'I'm really sorry about that. My brother has a strong arm and he wanted to make me run across the street like an idiot", he said loud enough for his brother to hear, "so he purposely threw the basketball hard against the backboard so i would. Contrary to how he is looking now, he is sorry. Trust me, he's just a bit of a moron." She looked over at his brother. He was holding his sides laughing his heart out. "I really am sorry about that", he continued. "Here let me walk you to the house. it's the least i can do. Are you sure you're okay?" he asked with another glance at me.
'Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for the help, that hurt alot. I think helmets should be worn around all sports balls," Anna said.
The guy laughed out loud. "At least in your case huh? My name's Aaron. What's yours?"
"Anna", she answered. Her head hurt like it was going to explode. She needed to sit down. Aaron sensed that and hurried her to the house. He helped her through the front door and then her mom saw the two of them. She freaked out but quickly calmed back down once she realized that Anna was okay.
"ANNA!" her brother Jared said as he came down the stairs.
"WHAT!" Anna yelled.
"No need to yell i'm right here", Jared said.
"Okay what do you want?" she asked weakly holding her head.
"Liz called and wants to know if you're doing anything today 'cause her and Theresa want to hang out", he said.
Aaron apologizes again and Anna tells him that it's okay.
'Is there anything i can do to make it up to you?", he asked.
"No thank you, Aaron it isn't necessary. I appreciate you helping me in and all. Now i think i just want to lie down." He apologized then went back to his house. She could hear him yelling at his brother from the living room. She couldn't help but smile. It would really suck to be his brother right now, she thought then took it back after she saw him continue to laugh while Aaron whacked him on the head. Brothers, she thought. I think i need a nap. And upon entering her bedroom she proceeded to do just that.