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Chapter 3

Later that day….
Anna was with Liz and Theresa out side they were playing mercy. It was a game with your hands and you only use your hands and try and get the other person on the ground. Anna was playing it with Liz and Theresa got to play the winner. The boys were across the street. Aaron couldn’t help but watch the way she moved. Everything about her he watched, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Nick waved his hand in front of his brother’s face. "C'mon, let’s play," Nick said. Aaron didn't respond. He kept watching.
"What are you looking at?" Nick looked to where Aaron was staring. "Her? Jeez little bro, get yourself a better girl. I mean she's cute and sweet and all that, but ya know she's not the girl for you right now," Nick said

Meanwhile with the girls……………
”so is this Aaron guy your boyfriend or what?” Liz asked as they sat down
”no…… why does everyone seem to think he’s my boyfriend I mean why can’t a girl and a guy just be friends and nothing more?!” she yelled the 2nd half
”clam down or we’ll get your step dad out here and we don’t want that now do we?” theresa said
Anna sighed “no…… its time to let princess off anyway so she can roll around and stuff”
when she let princess off of the chain she ran across the street to Aaron and Nick
’not again’ she thought and her theresa and liz walked across the street to the Carter house Nick & Aaron were playing with princess

Nick was wary as the girls approached. Aaron's outburst had kind of startled him. Sure Anna was nice, but...well, that was just it. She was nice, and Aaron wasn't exactly Mr. Happy Day all the time. He was a bit psycho at times. He could only hope that an interesting guy like his brother could fit in with a sweet girl like Anna. I guess I'll just have to wait and see, he thought.
Aaron looked up as Anna approached. "Oh, hey. Apparently she really likes me," Aaron grinned.
"Who does?" Anna said, angrily.
Aaron blinked. "Your dog."
"Ohhhh. Right. She--she is a nice dog, isn't she?" Anna replied, trying to relax.
Liz and Nick unconsciously looked at each other with raised eyebrows. As soon as they realized they were looking at each other, Liz narrowed her eyebrows, while Nick quickly turned away.
As Aaron and Anna talked, Nick attempted conversation, while trying to avoid Liz.
"So, uh, Theresa. What's your favorite soda?" Nick asked. He mentally kicked himself in the head. Good going, dude. You sound real brilliant.
"Cactus Cooler," Theresa replied without pause.
Nick was puzzled. "I've never heard of it. What is it?"
Liz laughed, obviously finding his ignorance hilarious.
"It's an orange-pineapple soda. It's really good," Theresa said, glancing at Liz.
"Sounds good. Maybe I should try it sometime," Nick replied, giving Liz the evil-eye.

”so uh… Anna what are ya doin later tonight?” Aaron asked nervously grabbing everyone else’s Attention
Liz was about to answer for her when Anna beat her to it
”nothing much probably just watching TV and eating junk food” she replied with a smile
she looks so cute when she smiles like that Aaron thought to himself
”why?..........you wanna come over?” she asked
Aaron grinned “sure”
”great so what time do you wanna come over?” Anna asked
”uhh 7:00 Okie?” he asked
”yep so I’ll see you then” she said
then princess laid on top of Aaron Anna sighed “not again” she said to no one
Aaron laughed smart dog he thought
”can’t she stay? I love her” Aaron asked
”well so do I but since she likes you and is too lazy to get up I guess she can come home when you come over” Anna suggested
”are you sure you wanna leave her with them? “Liz asked
”yeah Aaron’s my friend and nick is well he’s……… cool & I’d trust him with her”
Nick grinned “really?” he asked as he thought about this morning
”yep” Anna answered

That Night………
Anna was in a baby blue tang top with a pair of red PJ’s bottoms with polar bears on them when she heard the door bell ring she had forgotten about all Aaron after what her stepfather did to her earlier and he enjoyed every bit of what he would do stuff like beat her with well anything he could find she had some bruises on her arms & a black eye she thought it might be liz or theresa to check up on her to make sure she was okie but Anna was happy that her step dad Tom was away with her mom so it was just her by herself Jared went back to Canada since he was 18 & their mom & tom didn’t have a say in what he did anymore, they were on a business trip for 2 weeks when Anna opened the door she saw Aaron with princess by his side smiling but it soon faded when he saw her what she looked liked crap! How could I forget? She thought “uhh hey Aaron umm thanks for bringing princess back” Anna said forcing herself to smile she went to the garage and put princess on her chain “Anna…… how………did th- this happen? It looks like someone beat the crap out of you” he said as he check her bruises “look its nothing…… im fine—“Anna said “Anna you don’t look fine! What the hell happen to you?” Aaron asked wanting to find out who hurt the girl he adored “umm just got into a fight with……… Jared my brother he left to go back to Canada and I didn’t want him to go but they then he gave a black eye and the others are from... well I forget but please just drop it okie? I’ll be fine” Anna said as tried to keep the fear out of her voice but Aaron heard to he said walked over and put his sweater-coat on her “your in a tang top and it’s a cold out tonight and I don’t want you getting sick alright?” Aaron said Anna just nodded Aaron smiled “c’mon lets go watch a bunch of movies” and they went inside

Aaron stepped inside. Despite what Anna said, he honestly doubted her brother would give her a black eye. Jared seemed like an overprotective brother, not an annoyed abusive sibling. Whoever had done this would pay, that's for sure.
"Would you like something to drink?" Anna offered.
"Yes, please. Water sounds good," he said, trying not too talk too loud. She seemed so....fragile. What kind of bastard would hit such a sweet girl? He thought, watching her walk towards the kitchen. Whoever it was, Anna obviously didn't want to talk about it. Oh, he wouldn't talk about it, but that didn't mean he wouldn't find out. His hands curled up into fists at the thought. "Something wrong?" Anna was staring at him, holding a glass of water, in her eyes a mixture of curiousity, worry, and....was that fear? His hands instantly relaxed. "Nah. Thanks for the water." He forced a smile as he brought the glass to his lips. No, he'd never let her be afraid of him. He'd be there for her, no matter what. She'd never have to fear him. Never, he promised himself. An awkward silence followed. Anna seemed to be looking everywhere but him. Suddenly, an idea struck him. Stepping half a step towards Anna, he said, "Do you wanna watch a movie?" He tried not to notice the way she recoiled at the distance. "Like what?" Anna whispered. "I don't know, how about..." He suddenly smirked. "Pirates of the Ca--" Yes please!" Aaron was amazed at the sudden change. Anna was grinning at him, and was actually jumping a bit. "We have a TV in the attic. You want popcorn?" "Suuure," Aaron said, pleased that she was once again happy.

After they made the popcorn Anna led Aaron upstairs to her room and she opened the closet doors “I thought you said we were going to the attic” Aaron said “we are its here in my room in my closet” pulling on the string that hung from the small door on the ceiling and walked up Aaron followed her & Anna pulled the stairs up this place is really big for an attic” Aaron said looking around nice soft carpet on the ground too Anna smile grew bigger when Aaron looked at her she quickly turned away grabed the movie out of the DVD rack that was in the corner and she put it in the DVD player and turned it on went to lay on the couch and pulled a blanket on her Aaron went to sit beside her saw that she was laying down he looked at her she smirked “you can have the floor” “okie but I was hoping to sit with you” he said and sat on the floor in at the part where that guy Will was about to get his hand cut Anna quickly moved to the floor and hide her face in Aarons arms she hated the sight of blood Aaron tried to hide his grin but it didn’t won’t when she raised her head she saw it she grinned back and just cuddled with him when the movie was she look up at him “wanna watch another?” she asked “hey its late I should go home” Aaron said sadly he didn’t wanna but it was late he knew his mom & dad would worry about him but when he looked into her eyes he saw mostly fear this time “please stay I don’t wanna be alone I really don’t like being by myself at night its too scary” she begged Aaron sighed “okie I’ll stay with you as long you want me too” she smiled