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Chapter 6:

Liz, & Theresa where at the movies & Amber was busy shopping so that left Anna alone with her thoughts but she didn’t wanna think cause all she could think about last night so she decide to go & see her best guy friends that she’s known all her life they moved from Canada a couple years ago to The Keys here in Florida & it was a good thing that they lived near her place she couldn’t find her running shoes so she had to wear her fancy boats with a thin heel then she remembered that she had to go to Brad’s 1st who was 1 of the 4 guys that moved there as she walked there she realized it was right beside the carter’s ‘just my luck the guy I kiss ends up living beside my best friend ‘ then she saw Aaron come out with Nick then she starred at them then she brought back into reality by Brad’s dog braking then the got out of the rope that he was tied up to & started to run towards Aaron’s dog Anna went after him the best she could with wearing heels & all when she go there Aaron was holding on to his dog Nick was trying to get the dog to move Anna laughed lightly then looked down at the her friends dog
“Down boy” she said & the dog sat down
“Hey” A voice from behind her said Anna jumped like 5 inches she turned around & saw Brad “Jumpy today are we?” He asked with a smirk on face
“It’s not funny” Anna said.
“I’m not laughing” He said grinning
“Yes, but you were thinking that it was funny” Anna said
“Yea…Well how do you know?” He asked
“Cause I’m Physic!” Anna said
“Prove it… what am I thinking right now?” He asked
“Hmm…… you’re thinking Nick, here’s a little science lesson....the world revolves around the SUN not YOU!!!! “
“Creepy… how’d you do that?” he asked, Anna smiled.
“A girl has to have her secrets” Anna said
“Right…Anyway I should go & tie bob back up before my dad finds out. Oh & here’s your CD……its weird” he said giving her an Atmosphere CD
“Cool. It’s not my CD anyway” Anna said “Who’s is it?” Nick asked
“My brothers I took it from his room a few days ago” Anna said
“You took something from him? Tsk, tsk, tsk, bad girl” Brad said putting put an arm around her shoulders
“What do you want?” Anna asked
“How about you say those 3 words I’ve been waiting to hear” Anna smiled
“Sure! … Go. To. Hell.” Anna said then Brad pretended to look hurt Anna shook her head
“hey I gotta go set up since my mom got really bored & took everything out of the garage so now I have to put everything back together & of course the guys won’t help either” Brad said annoyed.
”awwww I’m sorry but if they don’t want to lose to a girl then they better help you” Anna said Brad laughed
“yea I know but they still! Don’t know you’re here” he said
“well then I guess it’s time they found out” Anna said with a smirk on her face
“You do know that they like to sleep late right?” he asked
“yep & they’ll hate me forever for what about to do……but I don’t care its so worth it” Anna said
”you have one evil mind” he said
”yea I know” & with that said he was gone
”hey Anna can I talk to you for a sec?” Aaron asked. Aaron had noticed her behaviour, and needed to find out what it was that she felt she needed to keep from him.
She nodded & they went inside only to find Aaron’s parents in a heated argument
it was then that she realized that she had to tell Aaron about her stepfather she didn’t like lying to him or anyone for that matter
then Aarons mother notice them standing there she looked at Anna. “Who are you?” Jane asked. “Anna” she answered.
Aaron took Anna upstairs to his room and they sat down in opposite chairs. "You can say anything in here. It's pretty sound proof. I record in here sometimes, so.... What is it, Anna?" he finished softly. Anna took a deep breath and waited a few moments. How to say this? What would he think? Would he do something like call the cops on her stepdad? The more she thought about it, the more anxious and nervous she became. "Anna," he said softly, "It's okay. If you don't want to tell me it's okay. You know I won't tell anyone." Anna's head went up.
"Would you promise that?" she said softly.
"Of course," Aaron said, unknowing of the full extent of his promise.
"Aaron...." she began tentatively. "My stepfather.... Well you know how I act kinda wierd around him, and he always wants to get me alone, and Liz is always so protective of me?"
"Yeah.... But I thought she was that aggressive naturally," he said seriously but with a hint of a smile "But seriously...Go on," Aaron continued at getting no responce out of Anna.
"Well.....It's because..." Get out with it, she told herself. "It's because he beats me. When he gets angry. I could show you the scars if you want..." Aaron sat dumbfounded. Opening his mouth and closing it several times, he stared as Anna lifted the back of her shirt to show her back. Long knife-deep scars ran up and down her back. Aaron fell to the floor and crawled over to her, rubbing his finder tips disbelievingly over them.
"No...." he said oddly. His voice hardened. "He shouldn't be able to... Anna..." he said as if suddenly coming to a realization. "Anna," he said, his voice hardening, "You--we have to tell someone."
"No! we can't! Do you know what that would do to my mother? My brother? We can't!" Anna said frantically
"Anna, your mom wouldn't want to be married to someone like that anyways. You can't just sit around and let this continue! Liz hasn't tried to do anything?!" he said incredulously. His approval rating on her had just gone down about three marks.
"You promised, Aaron! You promised me!" she said loudly. Aaron ground his teeth slightly.
"Anna, sometimes people have to break thier promises..." he explained gently.
"NO!" she almost screamed. "You can't! You promised me!" She was crying now. "Every man in my life has gone against his word. My dad left us when he said he would always be here, my stepdad hit me when he said he'd never hurt me..... Don't do this to me, Aaron," she pleaded helplessly. "Don't break your promise. Is your word so meaningless?" she said looking into his eyes. Aaron struggled inwardly. His face twisted from one emotion to another. After almost an eternity it seemed to the both of them Aaron crawled over to Anna and held her.
'I promised and I mean to keep my promise. I...." his voice broke, "I'll keep my promise." Anna sighed and couldn't keep the once sad tears that had been turned happy from rolling down her cheeks.
"Thank you!" she said gratefully and in a near whisper. "Thank you, oh, thank you...." Aaron patted Anna's head and ran his fingers through her hair, whispering gently.
"It's okay. I'm here..It's okay." Then Anna did something that she hadn't done since her Dad left. She relaxed herself in a man's arms.
"I wish I could help you in some way too. I know things are hard for you right now..." She raised her hand to wipe the tears off of her face and Aaron caught her hand mid-way, lowering it and wiping her tears away himself.
"It's nothing big really..... I'm fine," he lied. Anna turned around and looked him in the eyes.
"I know what it's like to go through something that forces you to become more mature then you're ready for... You don't have to lie to me Aaron," she said gently, pulling herself up next to him and looking him in the eyes. "Besides.... I'm too stubborn to back down now, so you better just learn to deal. I'm helping you through this, dammit so there." She gave him a stern look. Aaron smiled and wrapped his arms around her. Aaron smiled softly.
"Fine, fine. Maybe we can both be here for each other," he put his head on top of hers and took a deep breath. Anna smiled back at him.
"I think that would be great." He looked in her eyes and Aaron leaned in to her..... Both of their heads snapped around as they heard loud steps coming up the stairs. Nick barged in and sat down, seemingly unaffected by the fact that Anna and Aaron were both on the floor holding each other. Aaron quickly pulled down the back of Anna's shirt. Nick looked at the both of them.
"You two fight like you're married you know that?" he smiled. "We could hear you guys yelling from outside. Not exact words of course,' Aaron felt Anna relax again slightly, "But it was loud." Suddenly Nick smiled. "I made it here before Liz did though." Aaron barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes. Nick looked out the window from the chair. "That woman......." he growled under his breath. Then as if suddenly coming to realize that Anna and Aaron were sitting so close and he furrowed his eyebrows. "You two weren't doing anything inappropriate were you?" He looked at them sternly. "Because I'll have you know..." he began when Liz walked in. "Hey, Theresa's still downstairs, I just wanted to make sure that everything was o-" she cut off at seeing Anna and Aaron in mid-hug with Nick standing up seemingly directing them. Liz promptly rounded on him.
"Nick what is the meaning of this?" she demanded hands on hips. "Well...What? What do you mean? I was asking them the same thing. You don't think I had anything to do with this do you?" he asked incredulously. "Let me tell you something, Nick Carter. You keep your sick, strip-club ways away from my Anna or you'll be answering to me, understand? I've had enough of your good for nothing-" Nick cut in.
"YOU'VE had enough? What about me?" "I don't know, Mr. Carter. WHAT about you?" she said pursing her lips.
"Now I suggest you march your nasty self straight down those stairs or else your mother and I will be having a severe talk on your influence on younger people, particularly girls and I don't think you'd appreciate it." Nick's mouth hung open, his eyes wide and his face growing redder with rage by the minute. He stammered a little then regained his breath.
"You better watch out..... " he said while going towards the door, "Or else I'll end up kissing you and gain control over your very soul." He smiled and continued to walk towards the stairs. Nick stopped half-way down the stairs. It was true. Anna and Aaron burst out laughing. Nick continued to go down the stairs muttering about cursed women. Liz turned back to Anna and Aaron.
"He's gone now. I figured you guys might want some privacy." And with that she was out the door, closing it on her way out. Aaron turned to Anna.
"How did she know....?" Anna shook her head. Aaron said,
"You mean she had that planned?!" He shook his head. "My poor, poor brother." Anna laughed
"true I feel so sorry for him" Anna said
"hey how about all of us go out tonight just have some fun forget about all of our problems for tonight" Aaron said "how does that sound?" he added Anna smiled
"sounds good to me" then the door opened Theresa came in
"Anna you have to go home cause your mom & dad's friends are there and need you to baby sit for 2 hours"
"right I forgot about that" She looked up at Aaron
"c'mon I’ll walk you back" Aaron said he walked her back then the front door opened and there stood in front of them a very Angry Ray
"where have you been?" he ask his voice full of Anger
"umm....... i was hanging with Aaron" she half lied
"you were supposed to be here 5 minutes ago now get in here since your late we’re going to be late" then Joe and Jill came up who were friends Tom and Anna's mom Anna went inside
"hey Anna you can have a friend with you cause as you know these two can be a handful" Jill said
"okay" Anna said looking at Aaron as soon as Ally saw Anna she ran over to her Anna pick her up
"hey" she said "I missed you so much" Ally said
"Aww I’ve missed you too" Ann said then Aaron saw a little boy looking at him Aaron bet down to the boys level Anna put Ally down she ran over to Aaron and kissed his Cheek Aaron blushed a little Anna giggle
"Awwww she made you blush" Aaron look at her then stood up went over to her
"you wanna laugh about something then laugh about this" he said then started ticking her then both Ethan and Ally started ticking her
"okay, okay, okay stop I’ll do anything" she said laughing "anything?" Ethan asked "anything!" Anna said laughing Aaron Ally and Ethan stopped ticking her. The two kids looked at Aaron
"what’s your name and how do you know my Annabelle?" Ethan asked
"My names Aaron and I live across the street from her that’s how I know her" Aaron said "and my brother purposely threw the basketball hard against the backboard so I would run across the street like an idiot" Aaron added
"well are you an idiot?" Ethan asked Anna laughed Aaron shot her a look she stopped at lest tried her best to
"I’m not an idiot but I think my brother is he may be 24....”
"WOW! Your brother's 24? Man is he old!" Aaron and Anna burst out laughing
"cute kinds" Aaron said
"I know and they love me" Anna said as Aaron went to lay down on the couch "well who wants to play the tackle Aaron game?" she asked in a whisper so Aaron wouldn't hear her Ally and Ethan "me, me" Ally and Ethan said at the same time "then lets play!" Anna said then the 3 of them jumped on him
"Ahhhhhhh" Aaron said "get off of me I’ve had a long day alot has happened"
"like what?" Ally asked
"like my parents are spitting up!" Aaron said
"oh the sucks big time" Ally said
"yea it does" Aaron said.
It was round 3:30pm when Ray, Anna’s mom Tracy, Adam, and Britney when they came home Anna got paid then Joe, Jill, Ally and Ethan left Anna called the others and asked if they wanted to go out and hang out they said yes 1st came Liz & Theresa then Brad came they were sitting there talking then the doorbell rage and they stood Nick with Paris Anna smiled as she thought then burst out laughing
"oh lizzy its for you and trust me your gonna love what you see" Anna called
"coming" Liz called back the others fallowed her Liz opened the door and her jaw dropped open to see Nick and Paris. Nick was smiling.
"Just the person I wanted to see," he said happily. He got the last say in with this one He entered the room, bringing Paris in with him. He turned to Liz. "Thanks for getting the door, kid. Do you think that you could get us some drinks? Hey Anna how're you doing?" he smiled at her. Liz popped her jaw and neck and turned around smiling sweetly. "Of course, Nick," she said calmly. "Coming right up." She proceeded to go into the kitchen. Aaron furrowed his eyebrows.
"What is she doing?" he whispered to Theresa. Theresa nodded her head and shrugged.
"I don’t know." She looked at Nick and gave him a weird look then went into the kitchen to find out what the deal was Nick walked over to the couch, Paris in tow as Anna told him to go have a seat. She was in too much shock from Liz not saying anything to do anything but be nice. She was tempted to go into the kitchen too, but a pleading look from Brad and Aaron kept her from it.
"I'm doing okay... Who's your friend?" Nick stopped mid-way into his seat and laughed. Paris got a small shocked look on her face.
"Come on, Anna... You know who she is," he smiled and shook his head at her as if she were so silly. Brad grab his ball and started throwing it on the Ceiling Anna went over
"oh Brad" she said
"yes my sweet Annabelle" Brad said smiling
"do you want to find out or not" Anna asked
"yes but only if I stop bouncing this ball right" he said
"you read my mind"
"well I know what your think right now" Brad said sitting up ”okay then what I am thinking" Brad "are you sure about that?" he asked
"never been more sure in my life" Anna said "alright your thinking Aaron looks so hot!" Anna face went red just then Liz came out with some drinks "oh Lizzie could you beat the crap out of Brad?" Anna asked Liz smiled at them and frowned at Brad.
"Why? What is he up to?" Paris giggled slightly. "He just embarrassed her I think. I wouldn't be so embarrassed, Anna. Aaron hears it all the time."
"Is that so?" Liz mused to herself. Anna looked in shock at Paris and nodded to Liz. "Well in that case Brad.... You get your drink first. Good job bud," she gave him a high five. Anna sat absolutely flabbergasted. Liz gave them all their drinks and sat looking at Nick. Nick looked back calmly, but the crease about his eyes said that he was wondering why Liz wasn't blowing up. "So..." Liz began extending her hand out to Paris, "I don't believe we've met. I'm Liz," she smiled. Theresa stared wondering what was going on here. She and Anna exchanged bewildered looks.
"hey Theresa can I talk to you outside for minute” Anna asked
“Yea sure” Theresa said before they had the chance Brad spoke up "You want to know why Liz is being so nice to Nick and his girlfriend who everyone I know hate her just as much as you three do. I remember you telling me that you can't wait till they break up" Brad said grinning "Brad" Anna said
"yes?" Brad said
"shut the hell up please if you don't I’ll make you that's not a threat that’s a Promise" Anna said then left to go outside with Theresa Nick blinked and Paris looked at Nick oddly.
"I thought you said she was just a kid with an attitude problem who you kept around for amusement?" She looked at Liz oddly. "She looks kinda LARGE for a kid don't you think? I mean, look at her! Actually...she looks kinda large for an adult too...." It was then and only then that Liz snapped. She raised an eyebrow at Nick and looked Paris in the eyes, barely holding back the rage from her voice.
"Well, well, well.... It appears rich kids Do talk a lot of crap." Liz pursed her lips and looked down at herself. "Don't be mad at me Paris or be bitter... I might be 'larger' as you put it... But really...so is anyone with boobs," Liz smiled. "Lucky for you, Nick is into girls who have chests like men. He's very in tough with his feminine side that way," she took another sip from her cup. "I can't help it if I'm better endowed, after all...' She smiled sweetly. Nick's mouth opened wide and Paris ran out almost in tears. Liz raised her hand before Nick could speak. "You don't have any place to be speaking right now. That's right run away!” she laughed shortly. "If the girl wants to pick on people she should be ready for it when someone deals it back. I suggest you see to your little girlfriend Nick. She's probably going to have to join a support group for this, I'm sure." With that, Liz turned around and looked at Aaron. “Where did Theresa and Anna go?" Nick stormed out yelling that she'd be sorry. Liz opened and closed her hand as he said it. "Yeah, yeah, I'm sure." She shook her head and rolled her eyes.