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Chapter 1

Aaron siged as he walked through the living room. He was still mad at Nick for hitting that girl across the street with the basketball.
"Anna," he reminded himself, "not 'that girl'."
Now she was a nice girl. She didn't even yell at him. Of course that might have been due to the fact that she was almost unconcious, but still, he liked to think that she was just really sweet.
Grinning, he looked out the window at her house.
It was a pretty, two story house with a nice lawn, and some flowers -- he couldn't tell what type from here -- in front of the windows. The driveway wasn't as big as his....
"That's it!" he thought. "I could invite her over to play basketball!
He was halfway towards the door before he remembered the basketball incident.
"Stupid!" Aaron sighed. "She probably wouldn't want to play with you, anyway."
Taking one last look at the house, he resigned himself to an afternoon of video games.

Anna looked outside. Was it just her, or did the curtains move across the street?
she went outside and she heard her dog princess sometimes she that the dog was her only friend but she knew that wasn't true so she deiced that she'd take her for walk since she's been tied up all day she grabed the leash and put it on her as they walked princess went over to Aarons' house Anna tired to get her to move but she failed
Just as
Aaron was about to beat the last level of Mario Party 3, he heard a sudden barking noise. Ugh, it was probably Nick annoying some poor animal.
"Nick! What the heck is going on out there?!"
"How should I know?" Aaron spun around to see Nick eating a sandwich in the doorway.
"Well, could you check?" he asked exasperatedly.
"Ok. It's that Ava girl--"
"Whatever. Her dog's freaking out. Better go check on her, Aaron."
"Why me?" Aaron said, trying not to sound too excited.
"Because I'm eating."
The barking continued.
"Ok, ok. If I must." Aaron sighed dramatically, getting up.
"You must. Oh, and Aaron?"
"You lost the game."
Aaron looked at the screen.
Glaring at Nick, he opened the door.

Anna wanted to get away from the house.
Aaron was nice, yeah, but she didn't want to embarrass herself anymore. The sudden yelling of AAAARRRGGHH! didn't help either. Praying that the dog would move, she tried to nudge her along. The door opened.
When Aaron stepped outside he saw Anna with a dog trying to move it he laughed softly Anna heard him she blushed a little Aaron started to walk over to her princess saw him and ran over to him yanking the leash out of Anna’s hand and jumping on Aaron he fell back with the dog on top of him and she (the dog) started to lick him.
Anna stared in horror as Aaron laughed.
"Princess, get off!" She picked up the leash and pulled furiously at it. ‘Definitely not the way I wanted to make an impression,’ Anna thought.
Princess finally stopped, but was now proceeding to sit on Aaron's chest and pant. Aaron, still laughing, looked at Anna quizzically.
After one final tug, Princess climbed off of him and sat on the grass.
"So...you're dog likes me apparently," Aaron laughed.
"Yeah. Maybe a bit too much." She eyed her dog. Princess started sniffing Aaron's shoes.
"I am so sorry about that." Anna apologized.
"No it's ok, I was gonna wash my face anyway today." Aaron winked.
Anna laughed. ‘At least he wasn't mad’, she thought
She suddenly realized how close he was standing next to her. ‘Awkward’, she thought.
"Uhhh...I think I need to walk her a bit more."
"Can I come with you? I mean, if that's all right." Aaron stuttered.
"Um, sure." ‘Why did you say that?! What all you'll do is embarrass yourself more!’ Anna shooed away her thoughts.

Aaron grinned. "I'll be right back, just gotta tell my bro."
Once in the house, he sighed. ‘Why did I offer to walk with her?! She'll just think I'm a weirdo.’
"Hey Nick, I'm gonna take a walk with Anna!" he hollered up the stairs.
"Ok," came the shout from the music-filled room.
Aaron shook his head and reached for the doorknob.
Anna was fidgeting. She wished that Liz or Theresa was here. They'd know what to do, and back her up if anything went terribly wrong. Unfortunately, the sisters were at the movies. Anna sighed. If only they were there!
Aaron came out of the house. "Ok, I'm ready."
Anna smiled and started walking.
‘Ok Anna, calm down, you're fine, just think of something to say’.
"So?" Aaron asked.
Anna looked up. She realized she had asked her a question. Scanning her memory, she came up with an answer.
“ummm." Anna started to panic
Aaron notice this and said "I asked you if you were still mad at my brother!" he laughed.
”Oh…. um kinda yea I mean who wouldn’t be if they got hit with a basketball?” Anna answered Aaron smiled “yea im really sorry about that ya know what? I’ll make it up to you” “you don’t have to…” Anna started to say but Aaron cut her off “no really I want to I’ll make nick come too since it is his fault that you got hit in the 1st place” she smiled until princess saw another dog she ran towards it pulling Anna with her Aaron grab the leash and held the her back as the other dog ran away “she doesn’t like other dogs that much…..thanks for grabbing her” Anna said “no problem” Aaron said smiling

Later that evening....

Anna sighed as she stared out the square-paneled window across the street. The walk earlier today had been wonderful. She was beginning to really like spending time with Aaron. After the walk she had come back home, but still. It was night time now and she was in her light shorts and T-shirt for the hot summer night. She wasn't entirely used to being in Florida just yet. Canada never got this hot.

She reached out with her right hand to gently touch the windowsill with her fingertips, her blue eyes looking out at the night. She wondered what he was doing right then. Sighing gently, she turned from the windowsill and walked over to her bed, climbing in and closing her eyes. She wondered what the next day would bring as she slowly fell asleep.