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All Alyssa wants is a chance to prove she can take care of herself to find her own place in the world as a self-sufficient adult. That she doesn't need Nick to provide for her, that she can make it on her own, on her own terms. Can he give her what she needs and still find a way to mend the wounds that hurtful words had caused them both? What happens when a handsome and kind, man, Brandon Routh, walks into Alyssa's life and catches her attention. Will she stay loyal to the one who holds her heart, or will she turn to Brandon for comfort?
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Music > Aaron Carter, Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys, Fanfiction > Real Person: Actors/Actresses
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Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content
Series: Nothing's Impossible: A Series
Chapters: 30
Completed: Yes
Word count: 104520
Read: 49065
Published: 07/18/06
Updated: 03/20/07

1. Chapter 1: Tainted Love by Teri [ - ] Liked (1736 words)
Okay ladies Chapter One of the sequel. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think!! Anyways if you haven't read the prequel AIL I suggest you do so or you'll be totally lost lol.

2. Chapter 2: Life Will Go On by Teri [ - ] Liked (2323 words)
So I passed my music test, yay! And I'm almost done writing chapter four, double yay! So I decided to be nice and give you all another chapter. Hopefully if I make it to chapter 6 or 7 I'll update again. But anyways let me know what you think!!

3. Chapter 3: Girl, Interrupted by Teri [ - ] Liked (5513 words)
Okay here is chapter 3 FINALLY!!! LOL I couldn't log on for the past two days some silly computer glitch, but obviously got resolved. Anyways here is chapter 3 enjoy and let me know what you think and again thank you so much for all your feedback it's so awesome!

4. Chapter 4: House Warming by Teri [ - ] Liked (4404 words)
I decided to post chapter 4. I made a deal with myself that if I work up to chapter 12 then I'll update again, I'm on chapter 8 so it shouldn't be too hard considering how fast I got this far.

5. Chapter 5: National Take Your Boyfriend To Work Day by Teri [ - ] Liked (6513 words)
Thanks to everyone for their reviews. I'm currently working on chapter 9 yay!! The updates might be a bit slower as the week progresses since I'll have two exams to study for. But I'll keep ya'll posted! You can always im me on MSN or AIM.

6. Chapter 6: Inner Most Thoughts Of A Lovesick Pop Star by Teri [ - ] Liked (2194 words)
All right this chapter is kind of short but it does alot to explain what's going on. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you think!

7. Chapter 7: It's A Bird....It's A Plane....No It's... by Teri [ - ] Liked (2439 words)
Okay ladies here is Ch7 I'm currently working on chapter ten. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

8. Chapter 8: Man Of Steel by Teri [ - ] Liked (2485 words)
Since I got such an amazingly quick response from this last chapter I decided to post ch8! And yes it gets better I promise!!

9. Chapter 9: Reality Bites by Teri [ - ] Liked (3786 words)
Hey all as promised here is Chapter 9! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

10. Chapter 10: Fantasy Land Revisited by Teri [ - ] Liked (7043 words)
Well I decided to be awesome and give you guys chapter 10 a little early! Yeah how cool is that? LOL Anyways if you don't get it from the title go back to AIL and read ch24....it's Ali's turn...*evil snicker* lol. Enjoy! And as always thank you for all your reviews!

11. Chapter 11: Sugar We're Goin' Down by Teri [ - ] Liked (5764 words)
Well since I have a major research paper to write tomorrow I figured I'd post ch11 for you guys to tide you over until I have a moment to update again. I started a new story, definitely different than what I've written before, and if I like it I'll post it soon so look forward to that! Anyways here's ch11 enjoy and let me know what you think! *Muah* Much love!

12. Chapter 12: You've Got Mail by Teri [ - ] Liked (3009 words)
Alright here is ch12! I hope you all enjoy! Much love and let me know what you think! Have a great friday!

13. Chapter 13: A Family Affair by Teri [ - ] Liked (6459 words)
Alright ladies I decided to post ch13 for everyone! It might be a little while until the next update, just because I'm in a little bit of writing rut at the moment but it should be fine once I get some decent sleep lol. Anyways let me know what you think and enjoy!!!

14. Chapter 14: Babysitting by Teri [ - ] Liked (1580 words)
All right everyone here is chapter 14. It's a bit shorter than my other chapters but I figured that it was best that way. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you think!

15. Chapter 15: Date Night by Teri [ - ] Liked (1918 words)
All right since I got a really good response I decided what the hell and posted chapter 15. Also a huge thank you to Lynzer4 for the shout out on LD! That was totally awesome thanks hon!

16. Chapter 16: Don't Call It A Comeback by Teri [ - ] Liked (3749 words)
Well, well, well....lookie what we have here...*gasp* an update? SWEET!! LOL. Anyways all of you can thank Anita (frackgirl20) for this one because she cured my writer's block! I was so close to putting everything on hiatus but she helped me out and gave me some AWESOME ideas....

So enjoy the chapter, let me know and if you can't tell already there's going to be the return of a certain male actor *evil grin*. And something about a suit coming up in the next few chapters....hehe *evil grin*.

17. Chapter 17: Ain't No Other Man by Teri [ - ] Liked (2799 words)
OMG IT'S AN UPDATE AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Yes an actual chapter!!! Thanks to Presley for curing my writer's block. So say thank you to her and go read her stories and give her some feedback too ok? Luv yas! Here it is! And more on this and KDL to come!!!!!!!

18. Chapter 18: The Roaring Twenties by Teri [ - ] Liked (2437 words)
Another chapter? OMG It's a miracle!!! lol Anyways tell me what ya'll think. I'm working on chapter 19 right now

19. Chapter 19: Crime and Punishment... by Teri [ - ] Liked (2740 words)
lol If you didn't notice this is the chapter when Nick gets 'punished' there's no actual sex I kinda glossed over it since it's not all that important. The importance is the build-up so enjoy and I just looked around and saw there are 48 people who have this as a favorite story...wow....thank you! Also thanks to the genius of Mel (author of UMS) I have new life and renewed interest in the story again. So thank her with more reviews! And remember feed back makes me happy!!! And a happy author means more stories! lol

20. Chapter 20: Stag And Hen by Teri [ - ] Liked (3005 words)
So you're seriously going to hate Brandon now. lol HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to MellzBellz! She was my beta reader on this chap and it's by far the best I think! And as always R&R

Ps Stag and Hen is the british terms for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties (well sorta lol)

21. Chapter 21: Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Teri [ - ] Liked (3183 words)
Yay another update! Thanks to Presley and Mel! You two...I would be stuck in writer's block land without you guys beta reading for me. Anywhoo, see the chappie title PAY ATTENTION to it ok? Especially the meaning behind it and the lyrics LOL. As always R&R!!!

OHHH! And all you SWIB lovers, if ya hadn't noticed this is part of a series called Nothing's Impossible, and I am making a separate section a weekly featured character. This week it's Alyssa.

Anyways lol feedback makes me uber happy and based on the gi-normous amount of feedback I got from chapter 20 I figured I'd be nice and post this one as soon as I finished it.

22. Chapter 22: Attack Of The Bridezilla!! by Teri [ - ] Liked (2944 words)
Hey all Teri here with Chapter 22!! Anyways I finally launched my website, still working out the kinks but go check it out! Mel will be posting there as well as Tree2583 (Teresa) the Friends and More author. Also a huge thank you to Mel for including me in the Sexcapades project so look for an update on that in the near future as well! Oh! and Moppy thank you for the idea for the first part of this chapter hehe! As always R&R!!!

23. Chapter 23: All's Fair In Love And War by Teri [ - ] Liked (3319 words)
OK!! Here is chapter 23...the one you've all been waiting for...hehe as always R&R!!!

24. Chapter 24: Fifteen Minutes Of Fame by Teri [ - ] Liked (3128 words)
okay this chapter was getting TOO long so I decided to split it up into three parts here is part one, I'll be working on part two and three the rest of this week, anyways as always R&R it's so much apreciated!

25. Chapter 25: Media Firestorm by Teri [ - ] Liked (3078 words)
Well here is part two of the long ass chapter i had to split up. I'm going to start working on KDL again so hopefully another update on that soon. Anyways as always R&R thanks everyone!!!

26. Chapter 26: The Only Difference Between Matyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage by Teri [ - ] Liked (2412 words)
WOW Ok so I'm assuming ya'll want the sequel first. Hehe cool. Anyways yes this is a full chapter so YAYA. Thanks to Presley for some midnight inspiration! (Read we watched old BSB videos and LMAO Nick at 13?!? LMAO) Okay *breathes* this is chapter 26 lot going on this chapter, but as you can see it's beginning to wrap things up since now I have four chapters left to write. Hopefully I'll be working on KDL soon (kinda hit a mental road block). Anyways I was looking on the tens and noticed that I'm number 4 on the favorite authors, number 1 favorite series, numbers 5 and 9 of favorite stories so WOW! THANK YOU!! To all my readers and supporters of the Nothing's Impossible series you've all made this more that what I could have ever dreamed! And I owe all of it to you guys so thank you! And a very special thank you to the three women holding it down as my beta readers, Mel (Mellz_Bellz), Crystal (Presley), and Anita (frackgirl20) you three make me a better writer! And I love you guys for it! Anyways here it is without further adieu chapter 26 of SWIB! As always R&R!!!

27. Chapter 27: Happy Second Anniversary by Teri [ - ] Liked (5061 words)
OMG another update!? In the words of Nick...suh weet...LMAO anyways I'm working on chapter 29 (the second to last chapter) also I'm posting the plot summary for the sequel as well so go check that out too. As always R&R!!!!

28. Chapter 28: The Ties That Bind....And Gag by Teri [ - ] Liked (2671 words)
lol no this is not a bondage chapter I promise, it's all about family I believe lol. I'm currently working on chapter 30 right now....soooo hopefully I'll finish that? Yay! Story is almost complete! As always R&R and to my readers who haven't posted a review yet please do so I'd LOVE to hear what ya'll think ok?

*muah* enjoy!

29. Chapter 29: Winter Wonderland by Teri [ - ] Liked (1869 words)
Ok this chapter is rather short, because the final chapter is going to be rather long. I know, I know I'm working on it but you've got ONE chapter left and that's chapter 30 soooooo yeah and then hopefully the sequel will start soon. Anyways as always r&r!!!!

30. Chapter 30: Come What May by Teri [ - ] Liked (4959 words)
Holy freaking crap SWIB IS FINISHED!!!!!! Oh yeah it's the chapter you've all been waiting for!!! This story combined with AIL is 940 pages long (in Word) insane I know! Thank you to everyone for supporting this story, and much more drama to come in the sequel Always Something!! As always read and review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!