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Author's Chapter Notes:
OMG IT'S AN UPDATE! LOL Okay if ya'll are reading SWIB you know what's coming however I need to get caught up so you see the reasons why it happened....
Chapter Two: Happy New Year

Kellie Narrating:

I feel weird. Honestly I do, Aaron is great. He’s sweet and funny and not at all what I had pictured in my head. Of course I figured he’s a mini-Nick but really he’s got some of the same quirks and traits but he’s really a different person. He’s honest and he listens to me when I talk.

I know a guy who actually listens insane right?

It’s even more insane because I’m attracted to him. Like really attracted. Normally I go for dark hair, athletic, or skaterish. And he’s very So-Cal surfer boy.

Is it wrong for me as a 22-year-old to day someone who just turned 18 earlier this month? He acts like a teenager sometimes but I kind of revert back to that age when we’re together. A time when the biggest worries I had was whether I was Ms. Popular or what college I was going to.

In all honesty I wasn’t very popular. Yeah I was a jock with soccer but still I wasn’t prom queen didn’t have the entire school lusting after me. I had friends in every clique and I was fine with that it gave me a normal existence.

Especially when my parents are so different than the norms of a public high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Both my parents are in the business, the entertainment one in case you just had a blonde moment. They started getting big in they’re careers when I was younger about 5-years-old. So instead of hiring a nanny, I got shipped off to my grandmother in Scottsdale.

I love my grandmother.

She was my rock growing up. She’s one of those ultra cool grandmothers the ones that you can talk to about anything from boys to bras and even tampons. It was because of her that I met Ali and Lori.


She’s my best friend the greatest chick in the world I know, seriously now I’m not just being facetious here. She’s always trying to put everyone’s feelings before her own.


I swear she’s the funniest person in the world and a great confidant. Ali I can trust but she has to tell Nick no matter what it is. Lori when you tell her something it’s on lock down unless you tell her otherwise.

As for me I’m just a girl really. I’m not ultra smart like Ali, I blame her parents IQ’s for her intelligence. I’m not bitchy and funny like Lori. I’m just me and I like it that way.

Apparently so does Aaron. What? Come on he’s so into me. I can tell because he’s always doing something sweet and he and I have spent many sessions making out with him in the front seat of his Escalade…excuse me Nick’s escalade that is practically Aaron’s anyways. But wow he’s a great kisser. He’s just a really nice guy…boy whatever!!! It’s so hard to define what he is. He’s not a man yet but he’s not a boy either. So he’s like a man-boy. Oh god that sounds like Nick *shudders*.

I like Nick he’s a great guy. And yes I had sex with him one time with the whole threesome thing. But I don’t like him like that. He’s my friend who I care about period. So don’t go reading into anything I will NOT ever like Nick as more than a friend.

Besides I’m really crushed out on Aaron, odd as that sounds….

End Narration

Aaron sighed as he sat on the couch flipping through channels. He was bored. He knew going to Scottsdale for Christmas and New Years would not be the best. At least he and Kellie had managed to sneak off together and go make out in Mary’s guesthouse.

He wanted to tell Nick but he had already left with Alyssa to go to Australia for New Years. He envied his brother. He had the career, the woman, and friends. He wanted all of that. Yeah sure he had friends but he wanted love. He wanted a woman to look at him the way Alyssa would look at Nick.

And hopefully he thought Kellie would be that girl.

He walked out seeing her standing by the pool. Everyone else had gone to bed so he felt fine with showing her affection at the present moment. True he knew he didn’t have to hide anything but he wanted to protect their relationship for as long as possible. “Hey baby.” He said wrapping his arms around her.

She grinned and rubbed his forearms that lay across her waist. “Happy New Year.” She whispered.

He grinned back and rested his chin on the top of her head. He loved that she was short that he could feel like he could protect her. He’d never gotten that feeling before.

“So are you happy that you and Clark are the only men here?”

“Yeah, I miss Nick though.”

“He’s off playing Don Juan DeMarco with Ali.”

Aaron chuckled at her joke. Before then he would have never known what that meant but it was one of Kellie’s favorite movies so they had watched it at least twice. “You look so beautiful tonight.” He remarked nuzzling her neck.

She giggled a little and replied, “Flattery will get you no where I know what you’re getting at.” She shot back.

He gave her an impish grin and answered, “Yeah but it’s worth a try.”

She turned to him looking up at him. “When we do I want it to be amazing because you want me, and not just want to get off okay?”

“Yeah I understand.” He said nodding, in all honesty he didn’t mind waiting true it got frustrating but he’d rather have her than some one-night stand any day. But still it did annoy him to some extent that she made him wait.

Kellie gave him a skeptical look for a moment then relaxed; she knew he wouldn’t like being told to wait. He’d always seemed to be pretty impulsive. That’s the main reason why she wanted to wait, make him learn that sex with emotion was far better than sex alone. She’d learned that lesson the hard way seeing both her best friends with their soul mates made her want to find hers.

“What are you thinking about?” Aaron asked noting her pensive expression.

She sighed a little and looked at him. “Just about life. I got used to being the single one.”

“Why were you single?”

“I’d just gotten out of my engagement with Michael and I really loved him.” She replied getting a sad look on her face.

“What happened?” Aaron asked wrapping his arm around her.

Kellie sighed, she hadn’t really spoken to anyone about it. It had really stung her when she’d broken off the engagement. “Michael was still in love with Alyssa. She broke his heart when she broke up with him.”

Aaron got a concerned look, “And he felt fine dating her best friend?”

She rolled her eyes a little, “In hindsight yeah it looks like he was trying to make her jealous. But for a while I think he was starting to fall for me… Now don’t get me wrong I don’t blame Ali one bit for it destructing. She didn’t love him so she broke it off with him. I was the idiot for thinking that he could get over it.”

Aaron shook his head moving her to look at him, “He’s the idiot for not seeing how amazing you are.”

Kellie’s sad expression melted away in favor of a soft grin. “Why are you so good to me?”

He leaned over kissing her softly then pulled away, “Because you deserve someone who treats you right.”

Kellie grinned wider, “Don’t ever stop acting like that.” She added thinking for a moment exactly how much potential this relationship had.

A week later…

“Ali, what the fuck happened?” Olivia ranted.

“Oli shut the fuck up.” Kellie shouted hugging Alyssa as she sobbed. “Honey it’s going to be okay.” She said rocking back and forth a little.

Olivia left the room going into her kitchen looking through all the cabinets for something to occupy her thoughts. She couldn’t believe why her own sister would break up with her boyfriend.

A moment later Kellie walked into the kitchen giving Olivia a concerned look. “Oli, I’m sorry for yelling at you, just damn she’s in enough pain as it is.” She said as her cell phone began to ring. She answered smiling a little, “Hey you.”

Aaron grinned, “Hey babygirl. What’s up?”

“Dealing with a mopey best friend. Do me a favor smack the hell out of your brother for me?”

He chuckled a bit, “Will do I’ll see him in the beginning of February.”

“Soooo, where are you?”

“At Wes’s.” He replied. They’d been sitting working on songs all day. He needed a break. And he figured giving Kellie a call would be his best bet.

“How’s songwriting going?” Kellie asked sincerely. She loved that he could talk to her about his work and she could understand. She couldn’t play an instrument or sing to save her life, but she could understand his passion for it. It was like her passion to design. Both very creative.

“It’s going okay, could be better.”

Kellie sighed a little, “So can I tempt you into a dinner break?”


“On…?” She asked back forking an eyebrow.

“Whether or not I get dessert.” He said smirking to himself.

Kellie chuckled a bit, “Easy there cowboy. You’ll just have to stick to ice cream.”

Aaron snorted at her, “Damn…since that’s getting me nowhere yes I’d love to go to dinner. Actually how about we order in and watch movies at my place?” He suggested.

Kellie thought a moment, “Okay I’ll bring the food you get the movies.”

“Sure thing…see you soon…”

“Later…” She said before hanging up.

That night…

“So what did you do today?” Aaron asked as they relaxed on the couch.

She sighed and turned her head that was resting on his outstretched arm. “Consoled my best friend because your brother’s a dumbass.”

Aaron laughed, “I’m sorry baby…anything I can do?”

She turned and kissed him slowly. He grinned into the kiss and pulled her against him burying a hand into her short blonde tresses letting his other hand drift to her waist lightly rubbing over the soft skin peeking below her shirt. As they continued kissing he slowly moved his hand up her shirt testing how far he could actually go.

Kellie grinned a little and broke the steamy kiss and gave him a look. “Hey now…”

He got an impish grin on his face and replied, “I know….I know I’m stopping… I should probably get going, I have a early flight to Norway to meet up with the dumbass.” He said as he moved to get up. She grabbed his hand making him look down at her.

“Spend the night?” She asked with an innocent look on her face as his eyes lit up. “Just to sleep…” She added getting up and taking him down the hall into her bedroom. He looked around seeing the various shades of red, browns and whites throughout the room giving it a warm and cozy feel. She turned for a moment and grabbed a camisole and walked into the bathroom to change leaving him to get undressed as well. He shed his shirt, shoes and socks but stared at his jeans for a moment contemplating taking them off as well. Just as Kellie came out wearing just a camisole and matching little lace bikini underwear he stared for a moment as she went to her closet laying out her clothes for the next day. “What?” She asked.

“Nothing just I don’t know anyone who lays out their clothes for the next day.”

She laughed a little, “If you hadn’t noticed I’m slightly OCD…”

He raised his eyebrows for a second, “And that would be?”

She grinned and pulled back the covers on her bed as he shrugged out of his jeans and settled into the bed waiting for her explanation. “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder….it means that I have certain quirks and rituals and ways of doing things that if messed with completely throws me off. I can adapt to where it’s not a disturbance to my life but if you really look at how I do things then yeah you’ll see it.” She explained turning out the light and sinking into the marsh-mellowy bed next to him as he pulled her close as they began to drift off to sleep.