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Author's Chapter Notes:
OMG another update so soon? LMAO I'm working on chapter seven at the moment but yeah going good so far I'm happy with it. As Always R&R
Chapter Five: Patience Is A Virtue

Kellie Narrating:

Ugh…sexual frustration sucks. Honestly it’s getting more and more difficult to say no to him. He’s been so good lately, talking and going out. Hell we even double dated with Ali and Nick.

That is when those two will unlatch from each other.

I was wondering that when he and I finally do go through with it, if we’ll turn out like that. So completely consumed with lust that we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Lori laughs at me when I tell her we haven’t yet. And it is kind of funny. I could have him right now if wanted to. Oh yeah take him right in the middle of my design class? Ha!

Alyssa would be proud of me for those thoughts. Hell I’m surprised she and Nick haven’t done it already in her lecture hall. Actually knowing Ali, she probably wouldn’t dare risk her career for it.

Aaron and I have been doing well though. We had our six-month anniversary, which he actually remembered. Shocking I know, but he told me that he wanted to make me understand that he does really care about me. It was sweet and we went out to dinner at Spago (my personal favorite restaurant) and he gave me flowers.

I know, he knows I don’t like real flowers because they die. Well he gave me silk flowers. Completely cheesy but it was cute and romantic. I’m sure it’s a play he took out of his playbook to get me to finally jump in the sack with him. However he didn’t act like it. He was completely calm and okay with just sleeping next to me that night.

I don’t know but maybe he finally understand me that I want him to love me first and seduce me later. I know it’s a hopeless romantic idea but seeing my friends find love I think I deserve it too right?

All I know is that it’s getting really hard for me to resist.

End Narration.

Aaron smirked and relaxed on the couch watching the movie as Kellie furiously typed on her laptop. “Kel? What are you doing?”

“Term paper.” She said not looking up.

“For what class?”

She sighed and looked up and cut her eyes over to him. “My finance course.”

He made a disgusted face that made her chuckle, “Sounds boring.”

“It is sometimes, but basically we have to make a business model for a fictional business and how we intend on keeping it in the black.”

“In the black?”

“Economic term meaning that you’re making a profit. Being in the red means you’re in trouble.”

He grinned and leaned over giving her a light kiss on her cheek, “You’re adorable when you talk about school.”

She smiled weakly, “Yeah but I have to get this done tonight, you don’t mind about going to bed alone right?”

Aaron got a dismayed look on his face.

“Come on now, don’t be sad, it’s just this is worth half my grade and it’s due tomorrow.”

He sighed and wrung his hands for a moment, “I was kinda hoping though to be with you tonight.”

She stopped and sat back against the couch and raised an eyebrow at him. “Umm be with me how?”

“Well you know I’ve been thinking a lot lately and well maybe tonight we uhh…”

“Not tonight baby.” She said curtly with a sympathetic look. “I just have too much to do tonight and I’d want to give you my full attention.”

He shook his head and stood up, “But you have no problem having a one night stand with my brother.”

Kellie got a completely shocked look on her face as if she’d be slapped with a block of ice. “Aaron I cannot believe you just said that to me.”

“What upset that I called you on it?”

She closed her laptop and stood up, “No just upset because
I thought you were okay with it. It happened before I even liked you.”

“Okay yeah I’m okay with my brother fucking my girlfriend.”

“Before I even dated you, it was ONE DAMN TIME!”

“Why did you do it? Why did you decide hey a threesome what a novel idea, then when you’re with me you’re all like ‘lets wait I want it to be special’.”

“Alyssa asked me to, as a present for Nick. He’d seen a video of Ali and I drunk and in a lip lock okay. He told her of this fantasy of his and she asked me.”

“So why did she ask you, why not Lori or Jenna or hell even Angela?”

“Because hello Angela’s a lesbian, Lori was 4 months pregnant and engaged, and Jenna HELLO she’s a fucking porn star, talk about performance anxiety!”

“So Alyssa naturally thought of you? I’m sorry Kel but you seem like a complete contradiction. You preach to me about how you want to wait with us so you can make sure that I want you and not to just get off but then you…”

“It was in the past okay? I’m speaking from experience here, yes Nick was a decent lay but my God it’s not like I’m following him around like a sick puppy dog because he just happened to get me off.”

“Oh so you enjoyed it?”

“For one night yes I did, that’s all it was and ever was going to be, just one crazy but fun night. Why are you so jealous of that fact it’s not like Nick took my virginity or anything. So if you think you were going to get something that no one else has gotten then you’re sorely mistaken Carter.”

Aaron got a dark look on his face, “Then why are you making me wait?!”

Kellie sighed and shook her head, “You just don’t get it do you? I didn’t care about Nick, it was just a favor to Ali that’s it end of the discussion. But it seems no matter what I tell you, you’re not going to listen to me. I think you should go.”

“What? You’re making me leave because I called you out?”

“I’m making you leave because you’re too dense to see why I’m making you wait. Go away and don’t come back until you understand why.” She said going over to the door opening it for him.

He shook his head and clenched his teeth, it royally pissed him off that she wouldn’t just tell him but he figured to just let it go for now, maybe she’d tell him eventually.

Four days later…

Kellie rubbed Alyssa’s shoulder as she tried to maintain her sobs. “I cannot believe you!” Olivia shouted.

Kellie looked around seeing all her female friends there. Lori who had a murderous look on her face yet didn’t say a word. Olivia who was pacing and venting about how Alyssa royally fucked up yet again. Kellie leaned in and whispered, “At least he can forgive you.”

Alyssa shook her head, “I don’t know how he can you know?”

“Men can’t live with em, can’t shoot em either.” Kellie huffed.

Jenna gave her an odd look from the opposite side of holding onto Alyssa. “What’s eating you?”

“Aaron and I had a fight but that’s not the point right now it’s comforting this one.” She answered tightening her grip on Alyssa’s shoulders.

A few hours later once everything had died down Alyssa came over to Kellie in the kitchen. “What happened with you and Aaron?”

“He tried to get some and I shot him down because of my business model that I had due.”

“He got upset over that?”

“Yeah and he’s like well you have no problem fucking Nick.”

“Whoa burn. What happened?”

“And of course I’m like I don’t care about Nick, it wasn’t about wanting to do him anyways it was merely just a favor to you and that’s it. And the fact that he got me off is only because my body reacted naturally as anyone else would have.”

“Yeah but telling Aaron that Nick was able to make you orgasm…not a good idea Kel.”

“Why they’re completely different people.”

“Yeah but Aaron is probably afraid of not being able to rise to the challenge of being better than Nick.” Alyssa reasoned. “It doesn’t matter that you don’t feel anything for Nick, which you don’t right?”

“Of course not, it was just a wild night with two of my closest friends, a fond memory of how wild I could be.”

“Okay good, that’s what I was so afraid of when we went through with it that somehow things would get awkward.”

“Hell no, I’d walked in on you two having sex a few times and hello I am the one who proclaims that everyone is at least a little bi-curious even if they won’t admit it.”

“So I think Aaron was more mad that Nick got to have you first. He’s always kind of been that way. He was pissed when Nick got me, it’s this whole sibling rivalry thing.”

“Yeah maybe you’re right.”


“Nick you forgave Alyssa for fucking another guy!?” Aaron asked completely shocked by his brother’s behavior.

“What? Come on it was just a stupid mistake. Under any other circumstances she wouldn’t have done it.”

“But still another guy made her come, was able to go where you’ve been.”

“Why are you so, uptight about this?” Nick asked.

Aaron sighed and flopped down into a lounge chair. “Kel and I had a fight.”

Nick raised his eyebrows in surprise, “About what?”

“Why she has no problem fucking you but wants to wait to sleep with me.”

Nick rolled his eyes, “Dude what the hell? I thought you were fine with that crap.”

“I was until she’s like ‘I have to finish this paper’ and won’t pay any attention to me!”

“Oh my God, you realize you sound like you’re two right?”

“Shut up I knew you wouldn’t understand. You get everything before I do, fame, money, girls, hell you went out with Ali before I could even have a chance to. And then to fuck Kellie? That’s just not fair Nick!”

“I’ll admit I had fun that night with the two of them, hell anyone would. But I’m not going to apologize for it. It happened in November, you two started dating AFTER you turned 18 in December. It happened because I told Ali about a fantasy I’d had about the two girls. And the only single friend she had that wasn’t a legendary porn star is Kellie. She was okay with it, hell she even had fun too, but she doesn’t love me bro. She’s my friend period as soon as it was over there were no regrets, no awkwardness between the three of us because we’re good friends and we trust each other. Kellie yes was good but there was no emotion, no love no lust, nothing okay?”

“Then why is she waiting to be with me?”

“Because she loves you bro that’s why. Haven’t you ever heard the saying good things come to those who wait?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “Yeah.”

“She had no feeling with me, it was a one time wild night that none of us regret but we aren’t going to do again because the fantasy was fulfilled end of story. She’s waiting with you because she wants it to mean something with you, wants it to be special. The only special thing about Kellie, Ali and myself that night was that I got want I had wanted and so much more and it made me want to be with Ali even more because a woman who will sacrifice like that to satisfy her man is someone to keep around.”

“So what are you saying that I should ask Kellie for that?”

“Hell no, just realize that she’s making you wait because she wants you to care about her the way she’s beginning to feel about you. She doesn’t want you to just be another notch in her bedpost or vice versa. She wants to be with you okay?”

“Why can’t she say that though?”

“Dude she has been, you haven’t been listening, more like you’ve been picturing her naked.”

“Yeah and it sucks you know what she looks like already.”

Nick chuckled, “Believe me man you won’t be disappointed one bit. She’s a lot like Ali, a bit more submissive than her but she does have a wild streak in her.”

“Yeah well at least you didn't give her the syph or some shit like that.”

"Ha, ha very funny bone head. But no I'm clean thank you.

Aaron laughed, "Well that's a relief."

“It’s also not like she’s a virgin you know, I was like the third or fourth guy she’s been with. She and Lori lost their’s way before Alyssa ever did.”

“Good to know.”

“So are you going to stop being a punkass about this and apologize?”

“Yeah, I suppose I should.” He replied with a small grin.