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Author's Chapter Notes:
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Chapter Three: Hollywood Knights

Aaron looked over at his brother laughing a little as he moved around his hotel room. “So…are you going to stop moping?” He asked.

Nick gave him a dirty look for a second, “Fuck off…” He said flatly.

Aaron chuckled, “Nick, come on dude, you’ve still got her, she’s just pissed at you.”

“Let’s just go play the game…” Nick replied waving off Aarons comment.

“Yeah okay…” He said as they grabbed their duffels and walked out to the elevators. Getting inside he smirked to himself as he looked at his cell phone seeing a sweet text message from Kellie.

Good luck at the game, score a three-pointer for me

“What are you smirking at?” Nick asked gruffly.

Aaron sighed resting his head back against the elevator wall, “I met someone…”

Nick’s expression softened, “And?”

“And she’s just….wow….so perfect.”

“What she good in bed or something?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “I haven’t slept with her….yet…”

Nick gave him a look then felt his forehead, “Okay you don’t have a fever…..hmmm maybe it’s a nervous breakdown.”

Aaron swatted at Nick and punched his shoulder, “Asshole…no I really like her…”

“Obviously…” Nick retorted as the elevator reached the lobby and they walked out greeting their bodyguards and crowd of fans vying for their attention.

Later on…

Aaron huffed a little, as he sat next to Nick on the bench making Nick look at him and shake his head. “You should quit smoking…” He admonished.

Aaron sighed, “Yeah, yeah I know my girl doesn’t exactly like it either.”

Nick rubbed his face and hair with a towel and nodded in agreement, “I may just like her then if she agrees that you shouldn’t smoke.”

He laughed at his brother and put his arm around him. “Thanks bro.” He said with a sarcastic grin.

Aaron Narrating:

Man the game was AH-MAY-ZING! I love basketball, always have, and getting to play it for charity…hell even better. We won as well which oh yeah baby makes even sweeter. I know life is just crazy I’m standing here in the shower washing up to get ready to go to the after party with Nick.

Honestly I love hanging out with him. He’s my brother and I don’t get to see him as much as I would like to. Besides fucking Dad even forbade me from seeing him until I turned 18. Lot of good that did, I was always sneaking out to go see Nick.

I mean come on people he’s my only older brother he’s my biggest influence and I look up to him.

Just DO NOT tell him that…

God I do not need his ego even bigger…Ali does enough of that for him. Which by the way I feel terrible that they’re not together right now…it’s so sad he really loves her.

I’ve come to find out a lot of little tidbits about that relationship from Kellie talking about it occasionally. Alyssa’s her best friend, even more so than Lori, so Kellie I think would do anything for Ali. But then again Kellie is one of the most giving people I know. She’s just sweet and beautiful, and spunky.

Yes I said spunky, it’s true she’s got this light attitude that makes everything kind of brighter when she’s around.

And the fact that she’s a little OCD yeah…it’s really amusing. Sometimes I’ll fuck with her and put something out of place. That little frustrated face she makes is so worth it. Then of course she hits my arm when I give it back and swears she’ll kick my ass if I do it again. But I just kiss her and she forgets about it. By the way I love kissing her, she’s honestly amazing at it. And dear God her skin, is just perfect, she’s always slathering on lotion but it makes her skin so smooth and smell so good.

I know, I know I’m gushing over here being all sappy because honestly I’m beginning to fall for this girl…

End Narration

“So how was the game?” Kellie asked grinning into the phone.

He smiled a little hearing the happy tone in her voice, “It was great, we won, and made money for charity…”

“Feels good don’t it huh? To be able to give back.” She said laying back on her bed.

“Yeah we’re on the way to the after party…”

Kellie sighed, “Watch out for Nick, so he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Of course I will baby…”

A couple of hours later…

Aaron looked around the party mingling with the various athletes and other stars. However he’d yet to find Nick. They’d come in together, however Nick went off drowning his sorrows at the bar.

He averted his eyes for a moment to the bar spotting Nick in a heated lip-lock with a blonde girl that he’d been chatting up moments before. “Oh shit…” He said aloud to no one in particular as he excused himself and made his way over to the bar. “Nick what the hell are you doing?”

Nick broke the kiss and gave him a ‘what the hell’ look.

“Come on man we gotta go ok? Sorry…” He said taking his brother’s arm and pulling him out of the club.

Once outside Nick shrugged Aaron off, “Dude what the fuck man?” He semi-slurred.

Aaron rolled his eyes, “Believe me bro you will thank me in the morning, especially when you can honestly tell Ali that you didn’t go out and indulge in groupies while you two were apart.” He advised.

Nick sighed, “I just miss her…”

Aaron patted Nick’s shoulder and hailed a cab to take them back to the hotel, “I know man, I know…”

As they got into the cab Nick thought a moment and said “When in the fuck did you get so philosophical or whatever?”

Aaron laughed hard and shrugged in response. As soon as they got back to the hotel Aaron helped Nick up to their suite laughing as Nick collapsed onto the couch. “Dude seriously alcohol and you is a funny combination.” Aaron stated as Nick went for his phone. “NO!! Do NOT drunk dial…” Aaron exclaimed snatching the sidekick from him.

“Aaron why are you being so goddamned mature?”

“I’m just being more mature than you at the moment which makes me seem more mature than normal.”

Nick rolled his eyes at him, “I gotta meet this girl whose making you sound like an adult.”

Three days later…

“Hey you’re back!” Angel exclaimed throwing her arms around her twin.

He laughed and gave her a hug, Angel was honestly the closest person to him, his confidante, and everything a twin should be he had in his sister. “Hey how was your trip to New York?”

Angel broke away for a moment and sighed, “It was good, and the city was gorgeous as usual. How was Bergen?”

“So beautiful, we went to this frozen waterfall, and wow it looks so cool to see it.”

Angel grinned at him having missed talking to him for the few days they were apart. “So how’s everything with Kellie?”

“Going good so far, she’s coming over to hang out.”

“Oh cool…” She said as there was a knock at their apartment door. “Speak of the devil…” She added going over and opening the door. “Hey you!” She said as Kellie came in giving her a hug.

“Hey Angel…how have you been?” Kellie asked setting her purse down on the counter.

Angel smiled and they walked over in the kitchen and she grabbed a bottle of water handing one to Kellie. “I’m good, going out with the girls tonight you?”

“I’ve been alright, work has been hellish as usual, and thank god I only work Thursday through Sunday.”

“Bartending must be fun though and a great way to meet people.” Angel suggested with a light smile.

“Oh yeah it’s how I met up with Aaron. I saw him at the club and he came over and asked me out.”

Angel chuckled, “I know, he tells me EVERYTHING and believe me you want dirt on him, don’t go to Nick, come to me. I know things that Nick doesn’t even know.”

Aaron came walking back in and huffed as he stuck the pack of cigarettes in his pocket, “Angel Charisma are you giving her dirt on me?”

She wrinkled her nose shooting him a glance, “Still smoking? I thought Nick and I told you to quit.”

He rolled his eyes and went out on the patio taking a cigarette placing it between his lips lighting it then taking a long drag. He closed his eyes momentarily as he felt the nicotine rush through his system. Kellie walked over and stood in the doorway. He turned and gave her a glance, “You going to tell me to quit?”

Kellie shook her head, “I can’t stand that you do it, but it’s your life. Just as long as you brush your teeth before you try to kiss me, because ewwww I’m not kissing an ashtray.”

He laughed and gave her a look, “I’ll think about quitting how’s that for you?”

A few days later…

Kellie snickered as she drank her ice tea and sat next to Aaron as he animatedly told a story to Clark and a very pregnant Lori. “So…” Lori began once Aaron had finished.

Kellie rolled her eyes, “What?”

“Is it true what they say about 18-year-olds?” She asked with a snarky grin.

Kellie laughed making Aaron give her a perplexed. “That hasn’t happened yet so I wouldn’t know.”

Then the light bulb went off in Aaron’s head, “Hey that’s mean!”

“Actually baby, it’s not…she’s saying the men hit they’re sexual peak at 16-20-years-old and she was wondering if I found that to be true.”

Aaron got a smirk on his face, “She hasn’t yet…but she will.”

Kellie smacked Aaron’s leg giving him a look.

Lori laughed and went to stand feeling a little dizzy then sharp pain. She’d been feeling similar cramps all day but nothing this bad. She looked at Clark who looked worried as hell. “I think…it’s time…”

Aaron and Kellie immediately got up Aaron went over and took care of the check as Kellie grabbed Lori’s things and they headed out to Aaron’s Escalade. They all got in and Aaron peeled out of the parking lot heading to the nearest hospital.

Worried about her best friend she turned seeing Lori trying her best to do her Lamaze breathing. “I’m sorry I don’t know Lamaze Lori…”

“It’s…okay….” She said between breaths.

Clark picked up his phone and dialed Alyssa’s apartment leaving her a message. He went to dial Nick when Aaron looked through the rearview mirror and stopped him.

“Dude he’s back in town, he’s going to be with Ali, probably ‘making up’”

Lori snorted the contraction having passed, “More like the headboard is hitting the drywall.”

Aaron laughed as he parked outside the emergency room. They got out taking Lori into the hospital. After getting her admitted Aaron and Kellie sat in the waiting room as Clark traveled between the waiting room and Lori’s room. Kellie got up going to see Lori.

“Hey you…” Kellie said with a small grin.

Lori’s forehead was damp with sweat. “Hey, you and Aaron are really cute together you know that?”

Kellie grinned, “Thanks Lori…that means a lot to me…”

Lori smiled but it soon faded due to another contraction hit making her wince. “I just want you to be careful, he’s really young, and he may not be ready for a serious relationship that I know you’re looking for.”

Kellie nodded and held Lori’s hand as she rode out her contraction. “I know that’s why I’m taking it so slow, I want him to be completely sure that he wants me.”

“He wants you honey that’s for sure…” Lori said relaxing back into the hospital bed. “But be careful anyways…he doesn’t come from a family that knows how to be faithful…” She said referring to Nick’s past indiscretions before Alyssa, as well as the divorce in the family.

Kellie sighed, “I know and I am being careful I promise…”