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Ele walked back into her bedroom, knowing that if she wanted a little bit of privacy, that was the only place she could go and hide for a moment from the camera.
She noticed a magazine sitting at the bottom of her bed and immediately went for it, looking at the cover. Her eyes widened.
There was a very big picture of her and Aaron outside the studio the day he had rescued her from Josh, and then in the corner there was a smaller picture of both of them again, smiling at each other while they were talking at the Movie Awards.
The title was even more explicit: “Singer Ele Brown is Aaron Carter’s new girl!”
She immediately opened it and went straight on page 9, where the article about them had been printed on five different pages! It was mainly made up of pictures of them outside the studio and at the Awards. She couldn’t believe it! Just because he had kissed her cheek and talked with her she was now his girlfriend?
She read through the article but it didn’t give much info. It said that they were spotted “numerous times spending some time alone and acting in love”. The reporter even claimed that Aaron was protecting her “from a fan that had tried to attack her outside the studio”. But that was simply Josh, her ex-boyfriend.
She closed the magazine and put it aside, sighing deeply. What was she supposed to do now? How would Aaron react to that?
Ignoring her own questions, she joined her brother back in the living room, where the cameras where still filming.
“I am going to the club tonight… you coming?”
He asked once she entered the room.
“I think so… whatcha doing?”
Her brother handed her a piece of paper with a list on it. “This is what we need… we should probably go to the grocery… or else we don’t have anything to eat tonight…”
“Aight, I’ll go change… ready in a minute…”
She jogged up the stairs, and in the meantime Andrea and the crew from the show discussed about how many people were going to follow them in the car and at the shop. She was back downstairs five minutes later.
“Ready?” he asked.

“Do we really need mushrooms?” Ele asked examining the list once again. “You know I hate them!”
“So what? I like them!” her brother answered pulling a bag full of mushrooms in their cart.
“Ok…” she said rolling her eyes, but before she had a chance of adding something else, her cell started ringing.
She took it out of her jeans’ back pocket and looked at the little screen. Aaron.
“I need to take this… Be back in a minute…”
“’s ok!” he called after her.

When she was safely outside the store, and when she was sure that no camera or crewmember or what-so-ever had followed her, she opened her telephone and answered.
“Hey E… It’s me, Aaron…” he seemed kind of upset.
“Hey, you ok?”
“Yeah, I… my sister just told me there are like… some rumors…”
She sighed. “I know… I read something on a magazine… they saw us outside the studio and at the MA, and now everyone thinks we are together just cause we were talking and stuff…”
“Are you mad?” he asked disappointed.
“No…” she quickly answered. This was not how she had planned whatever was going on between her and Aaron to be. “Don’t get me wrong… I’m just disappointed what’s going on between you and me is none of their business! I just don’t want them to ruin anything between the two of us, that’s all…”
“I’m sorry…”
“You have nothing to be sorry about… I just…”
“E, I don’t care about them… and they won’t ruin anything, cause they can say whatever they want… It doesn’t matter… I wanted to ask you out on a date or something, and I’m sorry I have to ask you over the phone, but will you go out with me?”
Ele laughed because it looked like he wasn’t breathing: he had asked her out talking so fast that for a second she thought she was hearing things.
“I’d love to…”
“Cool!” he chuckled and she laughed again. “So, how does tonight sounds to ya?”
“It sounds good… Are you picking me up?”
“’Course I do! I’m a gentleman!” he laughed. “7 pm, at your brother’s house… I’ll make sure to avoid cameras…”
“Well, are you gonna tell me how I need to dress?”
“You know, I’m tempted to say “underwear only” or “bikini” but I guess you won’t like that answer so I’ll say casual will do good… especially cause we’re gonna go eat and then maybe hit some club… unless you want to do something different, cause I’m up for anything!”
She laughed. Aaron was so silly when he wanted to!
“Dinner and clubbing are fine… Ok, gentleman, I’ll see you tonight then…”
“Can’t wait… See you tonight baby…” he said.
That’s when she knew she was officially in Heaven: he had called her “baby”!