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“No… No… No… No… and NO!” Ele said getting more and more frustrated as she rummaged through her clothes. It was already 5 PM and she still had to find something to wear for her date with Aaron. She wanted to look good and impress him, being casual and classy at the same time.
She heard the door open, turning around she saw her brother’s head peering inside. “You ok? I heard screaming…”
She motioned for him to come inside and close the door.
“I’m going on a date…”
“Oh…” he said disappointed. “With?”
“… and?”
“And I don’t have anything to wear! He said “dress casual” but all my clothes are so…”
“… what’s wrong with your clothes? You have hundreds of them, I bet you can find something!”
“I know… but all of them seem so inappropriate… I don’t want Aaron to think I’m a slut or something…”
“E, you NEVER look like a slut, ok?”
“But what if he thinks so?”
“You really like him, huh?” he smiled.
She blushed looking at the floor. “He is the first guy that is really trying to figure me out, like… I don’t know, he actually waited before asking me out! While Josh has asked me out two hours after we met… Aaron is different… he talks WITH me not ABOUT me! He is funny… he tries to make me laugh all the time… and he is cute… he’s the opposite of everything that’s Josh…”
“Well, good for you! If he likes you then just go out with him and have a good time… I can see that he’s making you happy, so… even if I’m jealous cause he “do-stuff-I-don’t-wanna-know-about” with my little sister, I want you to be happy…”
Ele laughed. “We don’t do stuff, ok?” she laughed harder as her brother covered her ears and made a face. “At least not yet!” she added smiling coyly.
“Thanks for giving me free nightmares tonight!”
“Now go, cause it’s late and I really need to get ready!”
He smiled at her then left the room.

Aaron was getting ready for his date when his cell rang. Picking it up he could read “Andrea” on the screen.
“First of all, she’s my baby sister so you hurt her and I’ll hurt you…”
“Andrea… I have sisters, remember?”
“Yeah, but I’ve got only one while you have so many… I just want to know if you’re serious about this, cause from what I know she really likes you… so if you’re going out with her only because you want to “do stuff” (and I’m not saying what “stuff” cause you know what “stuff” I’m talking about!) then call her like now and never show up at my club ever again!”
“Whoa man, just chill… Andy, I really like your sister, I am interested in getting to know her more and I’d love to “do stuff” with her but only if she wants to do them too. So no, I’m not calling her and ditch her tonight, cool? I’m gonna come pick her up at seven, I’m gonna take her to dinner and then we’ll probably go to a club, most likely yours… so I’ll see you later, bye!”
“You better not screw up, ok?”
“I won’t…”
“Good… and get her some flowers…”
“Already got ‘em…” Aaron answered proudly.
“Cool… and get here on time…”
“Andrea, you’re gonna make me be late… So I’m hanging up NOW, k? Bye!”
“Yeah, bye…”

It was 5 to 7 when Ele heard the doorbell rang. She quickly looked around the room desperate to finish her make up. She had expected for Aaron to be on time, but not this early!
She heard footsteps outside her room and then Andrea call for her from outside the door.
“Hey, Aaron’s here… want me to tell him to come back in half an hour?”
“Very funny… Actually,” she opened the door. “… I am ready, so…”
“Wow, you look beautiful!” he told her kissing her cheek.
“Promise me you’ll behave…”
“I’ll try…” she answered while they were both descending the stairs.
Looking around the room she noticed Aaron standing next to the door. Surprisingly, there were no cameras.
“Where’s everyone?” she said, referring to the crew people.
“I sent ‘em on a little break, so you too can have some privacy…” her brother answered. “Have fun guys… I’ll see you at the club?”
“Yeah, we’ll be there once we’re done with dinner…” Aaron answered for both.
“Cool… bye…” Andrea said kissing his sister’s cheek one last time and giving Aaron a warning glare.
“Bye…” Ele and Aaron responded at the same time.
They quickly hopped into Aaron’s car and left before the cameras had a chance to catch them.
“You’re beautiful…” Aaron said trying to break the ice. They have been silent ever since they drove away from her house.
“Thanks… so are you…” she told him blushing.
He smiled looking briefly at her before returning his attention back to the road.
“So, we are we going?” she tried to change the subject.
“We are going to an Italian restaurant… It’s a cool place, I’ve been there a couple of times with my brother… and the food is delicious…”
“I take it you like Italian dishes…”
“Indeed I do! What about you?”
“Well, since I’m half Italian, yeah… I like it very much…”
“Then I guess I picked the right one…” he added parking the car in front of a nice Italian restaurant. He had told her to wait and quickly he ran towards her side and opened the door for her. He really was a gentleman.
“Ready?” he asked taking her hand in his.
She blushed again, hating the fact that everything he did was making her blush and look like a 13 years old.
They walked inside, hand in hand, and were greeted at the door by one of the waiter.
“Good evening sir, do you have a reservation?”
“Yes, a table for two… name’s Carter…”
The man looked at the list before he smiled.
“This way…” he motioned for them to follow him and so they did, still hand in hand.
He stopped at a very secluded table in the back of the restaurant and waited for them to sit before he handed both a menu.
“Here you go. I’ll be back in a minute to take your orders…” he said, then left.
They smiled at each other while inspecting the menus.
“I think I’ll have spaghetti… I haven’t had ‘em in ages!” he said.
“They have so many things… It’s hard to choose something…”
Aaron laughed at her expression. “You can take everything you want, you know?”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to eat THAT much!” she laughed. “I’ll have lasagne, that’s it…” she closed her menu.
“Ok… want anything else?”
“Nah… that’s fine…”
Just then the waiter came back, ready to take their orders.
“… what would you like to drink?”
Aaron was about to answer but she preceded him.
“Do you have any red wine?”
“Yes miss, we have a great Chianti from 1998, is that fine?”
“Yes, it’s great, we’ll have it, thanks…”
He smiled scribbling the last order on his little notebook, then took the menus and left.
“I didn’t know you knew something about wines…” Aaron told her.
“Well, my dad and my grandfather used to make wine back in Italy so they taught me something about it…”
“That sounds like fun…”
“It is… It was also very good…” she smiled.
“So… your parents are still in Italy?”
“They are now cause they’re visiting my relatives and everything, but they’ll be back in the US probably around the end of the year…”
“But that’s like… in four months…” he asked confused. He never spent that much time visiting boring old relatives… but then again, his family was something different…
“I know… my parents are like this… they said that now that me and Andrea are adults they want to spend some time alone, just the two of ‘em… I don’t mind, as long as they’ll come back here… What about you? How is it living with your siblings?”
“I think you know…” he laughed. “It’s great, cause we’ve been living apart for so long… It’s a good way of getting to know each other again… even though they always blame me for everything…”
“That’s what Andrea does too!” she exclaimed. “Like, the other day his stupid dog peed on a carpet and he kept saying it was my cat’s pee… but cats don’t do that thing! They have their own toilet and they go there, you know?”
“You have a cat?”
“Yeah… I don’t like dogs that much… I love cats much better cause they don’t need as many attentions as dogs do…”
“That’s what Leslie always says… she prefers cats over dogs and I think sometimes she can’t stand all of the dogs in our house… we have so many…” he laughed.
“Well, as long as you like them…”
“I like them, but the other day Nick’s dog made me go so mad… but you’ll see that on the show…”
He smiled as the waiter had brought them their drinks.
“Oh, please you have to tell me, I’m curious!” she whined, hoping to get him to tell her.
He laughed. “Well, a certain someone had told me she would provide exclusive footage of her show… but she never showed me anything, so… if she wants to know, she has to make me see something worth my story!”
She made the best puppy face she could master and he shook his head. “… don’t try that non me, missy… we had a deal!”
“You’re mean…” she whined again.
“Thanks, you’re gorgeous too!” he smiled taking a sip of his drink.