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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey y'all! Here's a new chapter - a lil' short, but still good! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Lenore & story idea, Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT & the other turtle girls own themselves. Lisa Brokop owns the song, Hey Do You Know Me. Thank-you!
There are angels all around
In the sky and on the ground
They walk beside us every day
Giving love away
There are saints on every street
you might be the one I meet today
Hey, do you know me

“Merry Christmas!” Everyone in the turtle household shrieked Christmas morning, as they all dove for the presents under the tree.

Master Splinter let loose a shrill whistle. “Kids! Leonardo shall pass them out in orderly fashion! Please find yourselves a seat.”

Everyone dove for a certain spot in the den – Lenore being lucky enough – as well as the only one - to nab a spot in Raphael’s lap.

“Hurry it up Leo!” Raphael ordered from his spot on the couch, where he had flopped – before having a young turtle hurl themselves into his lap. “We ain’t got ‘till next year here!”

“You’re lucky it’s Christmas, Raph,” Leonardo replied dryly, tossing his brother a gift. “Here Mr. Impatient.”

Lenore giggled and watched as Raphael opened his gift – everyone else was occupied with one of their own. “Whatcha get Raph?”

“I’ll let yah know after I’ve opened it, Rug-rat,” Raphael answered.

Lenore grinned when she saw that he did indeed like the gift she had gotten him – sais warmers. She figured, if they could have gloves for their hands, why not gloves for their weapons – mainly so their weapons wouldn’t freeze to their sides and have a painful removal. She had discovered that the hard way when smaller, after having had used Raphael’s sai as a popsicle.

“Thanks, Runt,” Raphael said, kissing her head. “I’m sure my sais will stay warm and not freeze to me now.”

Lenore beamed, then raised her eye ridges when she was handed a gift She looked at her brother in red oddly, when seeing that it was to her from him. “Whatcha get me?”

“Well, open it and find out,” Raphael retorted.

Lenore eyed him warily, and gave a small shrug. She then unwrapped her gift – her jaw hit the floor once all the wrapping had come off her present. “TIGGER!” She shrieked delightedly, hugging her newest stuffed friend. “I LOVE HIM! THANK-YOU!”

Raphael looked slightly awkward and embarrassed, as he was given a huge hug by his baby sister. “No problem, Kid.”

Lenore sat there for the rest of the morning, in Raphael’s lap, with her new stuffed Tigger in her lap – everyone knew she’d never let it out of her sight now.