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Summary: I think the title says it all but this is my take on why the Next Mutation was cancelled if the TMNT were real. Lots of Saban bashing.
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Published: 01/09/07
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1. Chapter 1 by Arista Niara [ - ] Liked (1310 words)
Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT! I wish I did but I don’t. I only have met Peter Laird and Jim Lawson. Also, I do not own Power Rangers nor would I want to! ICK! I also do not own the tasteless company, Saban (In case you don’t know, they produced NT:TNM, Power Rangers and VR Troopers). And who Venus now belongs to is your guess...but I, sadly, don't own her either.

A/N: Okay, I know, the ending sucks but I had to bash the guys for not putting their Japanese knowledge to use, not knowing that Shinobi is actually a ninja. I also had to bash Saban. I hope you all laughed as hard as I did as I thought of the ideas.