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Author's Chapter Notes:
its a bit confusing, but just read the half and let us know and we'll update soon
"Tracy .... there you are" BJ exclaimed as she found her friends standing at thier locker,
"Hey Beej" Tracy greeted with a grin,
"You going to the beach party tonight" Chris one of thier best friends asked,
"What do you think" Britney shot back, a playfull smile on her face,
"hey baby" Justin another friend said, as he wrapped his arms around Britney's waiste,
"Where were you ladies at last night," AJ asked, joining the group,
"uhhh studying, in case ya forgot, we still have a final to write today" Tracy said, slamming closed her locker and pulling Britney and BJ away from the group,
"Good luck" Nick shouted, as the three girls headed towards the class, ready to finish thier last final, and the guys headed in the opposite direction to thier last class,

"Hey Leslie" Britney called, they had just finished their last final and were heading towards their locker,
"Hey guys" Leslie said, with an arm full of books,
"How was your final" BJ asked her younger sister,
"it was okay and yours" she asked,
"it was a killer" Tracy admitted, as the other two girls nodded in agreement,

"OOOOHHHH HOOOOOOO" Exclaimed a group of guys on the other side of the hallway,
"School is out" one of the guys shouted, Tracy looked over to see who said it, and smiled, as Chad and his friends walked past them, he was one of the most popular guys in school, but he could also be a jerk.
"See ya at the party night ladies" Jarred said, as they all walked past Britney and the gang,
"So ... you all coming shopping with me this afternoon, gotta get something for tonight," Tracy told her friends as she took the last of her stuff out of the locker,
"yeah, that would be cool," Leslie and BJ agreed,
"I've got to head back to the studio to finish laying down tracks for the new cd, but i'll catch up with ya at the party tonight" Britney said, they all said goodbye to each other, and headed towards BJ's jeep.


"Hey Mish .....Wait up" Aaron called, as he jogged over to his twin sister and best friend after class,
"Hows my two favorite people" Aaron asked, as he pushed between the two girls and threw his arms around thier shoulders,
"Good, just glad that school is finally out" Angel admitted with a grin,
"I can't believe we leaving Junior high," Misha said sadly,
"Bayview high .... Here we come" Aaron shouted, Angel hit him playfully,
"Aren't you just a little sad we leaving" Misha asked him, he grinned at her,
"Whats there to be sad about, you two are going to be there, my brothers going to be a senior, how much cooler do you get" he asked with a grin,
"Its certainly going to be interesting" Angel admitted smiling at her twin,
"So you guys going to the party tonight" Aaron asked, changing the subject,
"of course" Misha replied, with a grin,
"I'm meeting up with Tracy and the gang to go shopping after school, you coming" Misha asked her friends,
"We are so there" Angel joked, as they headed out of the school, Summer was finally here.


"Hey guys" BJ greeted, the younger group
"So where we going first" Tracy asked, as they all entered the mall,
"The food cart" Aaron said with a grin, The girls just laughed, but followed him to the McDonalds, They ordered thier food then sat down,
"Nick" Aaron called his brother, as they were walking out, AJ turned around and spotted them, then grinned as they headed back over to the group,
"Don't you shop enough" Nick asked with a grin,
"How can you do enough shopping" Misha asked with a smile,
"So ... you three offically high school students" AJ said, Aaron, Angel and Misha smiled,
"I guess so" Angel said,
"Don't worry, with brothers like us, high school will be a brezze, if anyone messes with you, they'll have us to deal with" JC said to Angel, Aaron and Misha, from behind Nick.
"Thanks guys, but I don't think you have to worry about that" Misha said, feeling happy for the first time about going to high school,
"Well lets not think about High school, we have more important things to worry about ..... like what we going to wear to the beach party tonight' BJ cut in, as the gang stood up and headed towards the shops. They decided that the guys would go one way, and the girls to the other shops,

"Oh my gosh, you have to try that on" BJ squealed as Tracy held up a cute little black summer dress,
"Okay" she said with a grin as she headed into the dressing room,
"NOW, lets find you something" BJ said to Misha, she picked up these cute bellbottoms with a cute spaggetti strap top,
"Here try this on" BJ said, handing the outfit to Misha, just then Tracy walked out, with the dress on,
"how does this look" she asked, turning around in the mirror,
"NO WAY" Nick and AJ exclaimed as they entered the store and saw the dress,
"its perfect" BJ gushed,
"its so gonna get all the guys attention" Leslie said with a grin,
"Actually I am, its perfect" Tracy told the boys, who just stared at her in shock.
"No .... you not" JC said, walking towards the girls,
"Why not?" she asked them,
"Because ..... that is not your style dress, the guys will be starring at you all night, and when you hook up with them, there will only be one thing they want" Justin said, the girls just laughed,
"You guys are so cute when you're being all "big brother" but I'll be fine," Tracy said, walking back into the shop to change out of the dress, they paid for it, then headed into the next shop,
"Ohhh" AJ exclaimed, as he quickly headed inside one of the shops and straight towards the hats,
"How does this one look" he asked, trying on the different funky hats,
"it looks like where going to be late if we don't go soon" Leslie added, grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the shop,
"Late? its only 4pm, the party only starts at 8pm" Nick said rolling his eyes,
"Oh my gosh .... ya mean we only have 4 hours to get ready?" Angel squealed, as the girls quickly finished shopping then headed back to Tracy and Misha's house to get ready for the beach party of thier lives.


"Guys, you gotta help me to get Aarons attention tonight" Misha said, walking into the lounge,
"Hey, I have an idea" BJ interuppted, with a huge grin on her face,
"What" Tracy asked her
"Why don't we all do a make over on each other, we'll blow them away at the Party night" BJ said with a smile,
"That is an awsome idea" Britney said as they ran for the bathroom.


"Man .... where are the girls" Aaron complained, the party had started an hour ago, and the girls still hadn't pitched up,
"They'll be here, relax" AJ said with a grin, as he checked his watch once more, just then they saw a few cars drive into the parking lot,
"Oh my gosh" JC whispered, as he watched the 6 girls get out of the car and head towards the party.

"Are ya ready" BJ asked looking to each of the girls, they knew it was now or never, as they got closer the started noticing everyone stop and look thier way,
"What are they looking at" Misha whispered to Angel, who just shrugged her shoulders,
"Beats me" she whispered back, They then a familar song started playing through the speakers.

"Christina" Tracy called when she spotted thier other best friend,
"Hey girls" she said with a grin as she headed towards the group,
"hey" everyone greeted,
"Wow that dress is hot ... Trace" she admitted with an approving grin,
"I'm actually surprised the guys didnt complain when they saw it" Britney added,
"They gave me hell this afternoon, but I guess they knew I wasn't going to listen" Tracy added with a grin.
"Hey ladies" Chad said, walking past the group and grinning at the girls,
"OMG, I told you the guys would love you" Leslie squealed as she and her friends walked up to the BJ's group,
"Chad is just sooo cute' Christina added with a dreamly look,
"I can't believe you guys are still so "in love" with that jackass" JC shot back,
"The guy is mighty fine" BJ said, then turned to Tracy,
"Chad is so into you" she said grinning,
"Do you think so" Tracy asked excitedly, Everyone knew what Chad was like, They had known him basically thier whole lives,
"hell yeah" Christina said with a smile


"Wanna dance" Aaron asked Misha as a slow song started pouring through the speakers,
"Sure" she said with a grin, they gently swayed to the sound of the soft music flowing over the beach, and Aaron wrapped his arms around her waiste, pulling her closer to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and laid her head on his shoulder, then closed her eyes, and breathed in his scent, she had dreamed of this for so long now, Aaron pulled away slightly when the Music ended,
"Can I talk to ya privately?" he whispered, Misha nodded and followed him down the beach,
"Whats up" she asked, they had both been in thier own little worlds,
"Misha" Aaron said, pulling her out of her day dream,
"Yeah" she asked, looking into his eyes, he didnt say anything, just leaned down slowly, and before any of them knew it, thier lips met, it was amazing, he pulled away and they were both grinning,
"Will you go out with me?" he whispered, She just nodded her head, before kissing him again.

"Hey any of you seen Aaron or Misha" Angel asked as she walked up to the group,
"yeah I saw them dancing just now" Tracy said with a smile, Everyonel knew how much they liked each other, but Misha and Aaron didnt seem to notice it.
"Yeah I know, but when the song finished they just disappeared" Angel said, looking around the beach, but they weren't in sight.
"There they are" Justin said, pointing far down the beach, Everyone looked at each other with big grins, having a feeling they knew what had happened,

The rest of the night was spent dancing and having a good time, it was the perfect way to begin Summer, The guys were off picking up chicks and the girls were just sitting near the Ocean enjoying the beauitiful Summer Night.
"Trace ... Wanna dance" Chad asked, She grinned and nodded her head, as Chad helped her up, and led her to where everyone else was dancing, Chad had his arms wrapped around her and they slowly danced under the stars. Once the song was finished, She thanked Chad for the dance and went back to the group.

"Where were you" AJ asked, when she sat down,
"Just dancing" she told him, then turned to BJ,
"So whats the plan for tomorrow?" she asked,
"Well I was thinking we could have a sleepover" Christina replied,
"Yeah, thats a idea, Christina and I havent seen you guys that much lately, we could have it at my house" Britney replied with a grin,


"Its so exicted....I can't beileve we get to spend 8 days in London" Angel said happy.
"Plus no parents" I added just as exicted.
"But don't forget who we have instead" Aaron said scarstialy as he stood up from his chair and looked at Angel and I from our seats. Angle and I were in the seats in front of him and Chaz.
"Aaron keep it quict down there" Mr Hunter shouted from the front of the plane. Angel and I laughted.
"Whatevere I do he always comes down on me" Aaron moaned.
"While what happend with the whole go with the flow attatuide you have" Angel laughted as she miniced Aaron's vioce.
"AARON" Mr Hunter shouted again. Angel and I high fived each othere and laughted. Aaron was not happy.

"Wake up" I said as I poked Aaron on the arm. Angel and I had been trying to get Aaron to wake up, but as usually Aaron gave us a hard time. we had just arrived at Heathrow.
"This will wake him up for sure" I smiled at Angel. I bent down and kissed him on the lips, like I had said, he woke up and pulled me down with him. I pulled aways from Aaron, looked up at Angel.
"Told ya" I said smiling before Aaron pulled me down for another round.
"Awww....come on guys" Angel said as she pulled a face and walked away with Chaz, who was pulling the same face.


"Angel....Misha...room 32" Mr Hunter shouted. Angel and I high fived each other, we were hopping for the same room and we got it.
"Aaron...you are roomie with me" Mr Hunter smiled at him. I watched Aaron face drop.
"No way am I sharing a room with that man" Aaron moaned.
"It should be fun...image all the sleepovers you can share with him" Angel gigled.
"Don't forget to write" Chaz laughted.
"Shame you guys....my poor baby..." I said as I walked up to Arron and wrapped my arms around his waist.
"Thanks Sweetie" Aaron said as he kissed me.
"Mr Carter...I will be expecting you" Mr Hunter smiled as he walked past us. Angel and Chaz burst into laughted, I tryed not to but I couldn't hide it anymore.
"Don't forget to share your bed with him to" Chaz teased.
"I am out of here" Aaron moaned as he walked away.
"Say hello to Mr Hunter for me" Angel shouted as Aaron walked away. All three of us burst into laughted as we went to check into our rooms.

"I can't believe its already the first day of school" Tracy whined as she walked with BJ, Leslie, Misha, Aaron and Angel to school, The guys had got there early as they had to practice for the Basketball team, as we entered school, we all headed off in our own direction, Aaron, Misha and Angel headed towards the hall, where the freshman met every year, and BJ went to find out about Cheerleeding,


"I am so sceard" I said to Angel and Aaron as we walked into the hall.
"Tell me about it...B.J kept telling me last night about how cruel they are to you" Angel winned.
"You guys have to chill...go with the flow...besides nobody will mess with my girls" Aaron smiled as he walked past us.
"Arg I hate it when he does that" Angel moaned. "It's likes his my father..."
"Oh come on...I love it...it's like he is my knight is shining aarom" I joked with Angel as I has a dreamie look on my face.
"Awww...sister alart" Angel moaned again. I laughted as we both took our seat next to Aaron.

Tracy's POV

"Hiya Trace" Chad said with a grin, he was leaning against my locker,
"Hey Chad" I said, as I opened the locker and got the books I needed,
"Hey Chad" Vanessa squealed as she saw Chad, I rolled my eyes and headed towards class,
"Tracy wait" he shouted as he ran to catch up with me,
"What" I asked him annoyed,

"Tracy ....Whats wrong" Chad asked me concerned, I couldn't look at him,
"Come here" he said as I stood there crying,
"I'm sorry, I just didnt know where else to go" I told him softly,
"Hey, its okay .... don't worry about it" he told me with that killer smile,
"Please don't cry" he whispered, as he wipped the tears from my eyes, I looked into his eyes and my breath caught in my throte, our eyes locked, as he slowly lowered his head, and before any of us knew anything our lips softly touched,


I couldn't beileve what a day I had...first April phond just to brage about her new boyfriend...then my parants telling me I have to go back there for Christmas break. What if I run into them when I am back. I promised my self I would never see Aaron again. How could my parents do this to me? I got home and went stright for my room. I wasn't in the mood for anybody today.

I lay on my bed and my mind started to wonder again. Did I mean nothing to Aaron...was I such a bad best friend that Angel didn't ever care that I had lefted. It was so long ago but my heart still hurt all the time. Beep I sat up and looked at my computer, there was a new e-mail. I reached for the computer and opened the message.

Hey Misha

Sorry I wasn't at school today, I went out of town, anyway found a really cool party to go to tonight, only problmes is it's going be an over 21's, if you are up for it we can totally try...anyway let me know, I will be back home around 8 pm.

Some crazy loving

I finished reading it and sat there stiring at my computer, maybe I didn't need some time alone, maybe I need to do something totally different. So I decided to try out the party...what harm could I possible casue anyway? I thought to myself.

"So how did you get out?" Tash asked me as I meet her at the park. It was going on for 21:30 and we were only going to the party at 23:00.
"I just said goodnight and locked my door, they will think I am asleep...no worries" I said as I smiled at Tash.
"Okay...while I have a suprise for you anyway" Tash said smiling widly at me. I looked at her confused.
"Remember the other day we meet those guys...Justin and Brett?" Tash asked,
"Of casue...I was so into Brett" I said smiling dreamly as I thought ofhim.
"While that going to be at the party" Tash said as her smile brittened.
"Oh my gosh really?" I shreaked.
"Yeah...that who sent me the invite" Tash smiled.
"Thanks so much" I said as I pulled Tash in for a hug. "You are the best friend ever!" I shouted.

"So how do I look?" I asked Tash as we were walkling towards the party.
"Great...just like the last 100 times you asked me" Tash laughted.
"Sorry I just want to make sure I look good for Brett...he is so fine" I said as I faced Tash.
"Heya Tash....Misha" Brett said as we both turned around and Brett winked at me.
"Hey Brett...where's Justins?" Tash asked all carmly.
"Waiting for you ladies at the door....we figured they wouldn't let you in, so you can stick with us" Brett smiled.
"Thanks...enjoy" Tash said as she turned to me and walked to join Justin.
"So how ya?" Brett asked as he turned his full attention to me...just as I wanted it.

"So these are my friends...Daniel...Micheal and Sean" Brett said as I joined them around the back of the club.
"Evereybody this is Misha" Brett said as I smiled at them and said hello. Brett's cell phone rang, he anwesed it and walked away from the group.
"So are you the chick Brett meet last week at the park?" Daniel asked as he walked up to me and put his arm around my wasite. I felt a little uncomfortable but I played along with him.
"Who else would I be" I said as I moved his arm away from me.
"Oh so you are the one man type girl?" Daniel asked as he tryed to pull me into his arms.
I smirked at him "Of cause" I said and joined Brett on the other side of the room.

"Come Mish....I love this song" Tash shouted over the music. I joined Tash on the dance fall as we started to dance.

"Where did you go?" Brett asked me as I joined Brett and his friends again.
"Oh I was dancing with Tash" I smiled at him.
"Who's Tash?" Daniel asked me with a grin on his face.
"She is with Justin...."I said getting annoyed with him.
"So?" Daniel said as he walked for another girl to mess with. I couldn't beileve this guy...what a jerk...did he think that all girls where going to fall over for him? He just gave me the creeps.
"So Misha...you wanna dnace?" Brett asked.
"Or you could just dance with me?" Daniel said, he just had o but in. I smiled at Brett and nodded. He led the way to the dance fall.
"Just exusee Daniel...he is really ladies man" Brett smiled. I just shock my head...and a real jerk if you ask me.

Brett and I decided to get some water, so I made my way towards the bar.
"So I guess you must be Tash...how you doing?" I heard a very annoying voice as I got to the bar. I looked to the side of me to see Daniel with his arms around Tash.....what was with this guy?
"Yeah I am Tash...who are you?" Tash asked confused as she was trying to get away from Daniel's grip.
"What is with you?" I maoned as I pulled Tash away from him.
"I said she is with Justin" I said to Daniel as Tash and I walked away. I was so ready to punch this guy!


"Morning ladies and gentlemen, I am your Captain John, Thanks for flying with United Airlines, we will be landing shortly at Orlando International, the wheather outside is very warm around 25 degress, and local time is 3:35 PM," The pilot said as the plane started to land, I looked out the window and felt my heart beat quicken, I couldn't belive we were back here after all these years, It seemed like a life time ago that all the drama happened, the only thing that got me to walk off the plane was knowing that the chance of ever meeting up with the group again was slim to none, they were all big hollywood stars now, hell none of them were even talking,
"You okay" Misha asked me softly, I turned and smiled at her,
"Yeah, just nervous ... and you" I asked, she grinned at me,
"I can't wait, its so cool to be back" she added,