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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey y'all! Yes, back with another, though I've sitll so many others to finish & update on here - lol. But, this one is just - Awesome! Of course, it's partly because my co-writer, Daydream, is Awesome! I love writing with her! It's always such great fun! Well, enough of my rambling [haha] - Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, scientists, thugs, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything else. Thank-you!


It was nighttime in New York City, and two figures were perched on the rooftop of the red brick buildings in more historical sections of town. One was leaning over the edge, the yellow tips of her double-colored bandanna hanging over her shoulder as she fingered the leather-bound hilt of one sai.

"We could totally take them," she said as she looked over at the other figure.

Her sister shrugged as she kicked her legs back and forth from where she was sitting on the rooftop ledge. They were watching a small robbery happen in the alley below; a trio of thieves was breaking into a Mom-and-Pop convenience store. The people who owned the store were nice folks who didn't deserve to be robbed.

"C'mon, Rina, let's go…"

"Okay, but Leo said not to fight too much tonight," Catarina said as she scrambled up from the wall. "He doesn't want one of us coming back with a broken arm or a busted face."

"Screw what Leo says," said Marietta as she reached back and tightened her bandanna. She tossed a grin at her sister, "We're on our own tonight, we could at least help out some friends."

Rina smirked back, "You don't even like fighting…"

Marie pulled a sai from her belt and twirled it on her fingers, "Yeah, but this is different. I like the Jacobsons."

"Well, then, let's go," said Rina, jumping over the side of the rooftop and onto the fire escape, Marie following right after her.

The two girls quickly made their way down to where the thugs were busy robbing the place that they liked to visit. Though, they'd never let the Jacobsons see them fully, they had carried on a conversation or two with them, unknown to their older brother. They were silent, as they used the shadows to their advantage, sneaking up on the trio.

"Hey, punks!" Marie snarled, doing her best impression of her brother in red. "Yah best scat on outta here, if yah wanna see daylight!"

The three punks looked around, quickly drawing their own weapons - a knife, a crowbar, and a pistol. "C'mon out where we c'n see yah!"

"Why? You afraid of the dark?" Rina teased. "Or are you just afraid of talking shadows?"

Marietta laughed at that. "Good one, Rina!"

"Well, I try," Catarina replied, secretly pulling some shurikens out into the palm of her hand. They weren't poisonous, but they sure would hurt when lodging into a body part of any kind.

"You afraid of a fair fight, girlie?" asked one of the robbers, his voice a hard sneer.

"Oh, you wish," laughed Rina, "I live in the dark." Rina gave a nod and four shuriken, two from herself and two from Marie, pinged off the wall behind the crooks.

"I think you should drop the bags, buddy," said Marie, twisting her sai around so the point was in the front. "My sis here ain't too good with waiting. Neither am I, for that matter." She stepped out of the shadows even after her sister shook her head. She smirked, loving the reaction of shock and horror that she got.

"What IS that?" the one with the leather jacket asked. The smallest of the punks moved back against the wall, his eyes widening at the sight of them.

"Oh, c'mon, not again!" he whined, tossing his bundle of goods down on the ground, "I got jumped by giant turtles last week!"

"Well, you just ran outta luck, didn't you?" Marie said, crouching down into a defensive position. "I'll give you ‘til the count of three to drop those bags." When the crooks remained frozen, she took a step towards them, "One…two…"

"Three," Rina said, leaping out of the shadows and aiming a kick at the chest of the tallest crook.

After her foot landed on his ribcage, she twisted her body and slammed her fist into his face. He went down to the ground quickly, crumbling like a wet paper sack. She was efficient and didn't like to drag out taking someone down.

"Dramatic effect, niiiice," said Marie as she elbowed the second punk in the stomach. A few more steps and a well-aimed punch in the side had him gasping for breath. "Nighty-night," she said, waving her hand in front of his face before hauling back and giving him a full-force punch right between the eyes.

Rina flicked her blue and white bandanna tails behind her back and grinned, "That was easier than I thought it'd be."

Marie nodded then pointed down the alleyway. The smallest punk was running away from the scene of the crime, his arms pumping as he huffed and puffed.

"We've got a runner," Marie said, looking back at Rina.

Her sister was already busy gathering up the money and bags and tying up the crooks. "You take him down. I'm not going to shoot him with my bow, if that's what you want," Rina said, sticking her tongue out at the distasteful idea.

Marie rolled her eyes, "Keep your shell on, Kitty."

"Doooon't call me that," Rina snapped, her eyes flashing at the old baby name.

Marie snickered as she pulled a manikiri chain from her belt and started swinging it over her head. "Hey, punk, you better keep running!" she shouted, walking towards the end of the alley, "I'm about to go Ghost Rider on your ass!"

Rina rolled her eyes as she walked into the store to put the money back. Sometimes she wondered if Marie was going to end up as just another Raphael; heavens knew they didn't need another hot-head in the family.

Marietta followed the guy, still swinging the manikiri above her head, before finally letting it swing out and quickly wrap about the thief's legs. She gave a hard yank and cheerful laugh, as he came crashing down to the ground with a loud "Oomph!"

"What's wrong? Turtle got yah legs?" She smirked, pulling him closer to her. Once he was close enough, she grabbed him by the front of his collar. "Guess I'd best say nighty-night to you too, huh?"

"N-No! Please!" The thug pleaded.

Marietta just rolled her eyes, before pressing a pressure point on his neck, knocking him out the easy way. She tossed him over to her sister to tie up. "Did he seriously think I wanted to bust my hand on his ugly mug? I mean, c'mon!"

"Well, I'm sure Leo'd be happy to know you used a pressure point, instead of a fist point," Rina commented, tying up the third thug.

"Eh," Marie shrugged. "Who says he hasta know? You know him - he don't want us out here fighting none, but Sensei says it's okay - long as we're careful and don't wander too far. Ha! Yeah, right!"

Catarina rolled her eyes at her sister, as they began to quickly climb back up the fire escape they'd come down. "If Sensei knew how much like Raph you are, he'd never let us leave the lair! More or less go on patrol!"

"Nothin' wrong with bein' like Raph," Marie argued. "He c'n be a fun guy, when he wants to be."

“Which is never!" Rina grinned.

"Ah, shaddup," Marietta replied, waving her hand at her sister, as she put her sai back in its sheath and her manikiri back in her belt. "Y'all don't know him like I do."

Catarina just laughed, as she ran across the rooftop and jumped over to the next one. "C'mon Mae-Mae! We'd best finish our patrol and get back, before Leo sends a search party!"

"Don't call me Mae-Mae!" Marie growled, quickly hurrying after her sister to catch up. "And let him send out that party! I'd like to see him try and get me home before I'm ready!"

After they had finished up their patrol, the two girls headed home over the roof tops, laughing and teasing each other as they went. Like usual, they had gone far outside of the boundaries that they were supposed to keep in. Their brothers would be getting in at about the same time that they were supposed to; these days Splinter didn't like for any of them to stay out too late. It was quite the extra workout as they bounded over the rooftops, leaping across and landing with precision on the other side of the gaps. When they came to the corner of Laird and Eastman, they dropped down to the ground and slipped down through the manhole cover to the sewers.

"We've got to look into better real estate," said Rina as she pulled the manhole cover back into position.

"Yeah, a nice condo on the beach would be perfect," said Marie, sighing at the thought of it.

"Oooh, and then I could finally learn how to surf, how perfect!" exclaimed Rina, clapping her hands together at the thought. She then noticed the time on her watch, and her mouth dropped open. "Shit, we're thirty minutes late!" she moaned, tossing a frown at Marie. "This is the third time this week we've been late."

"Grrreat," said Marie, throwing her hands up in the air. "There goes freedom! Goodbye sweet night air, I'll miss you while I'm grounded to the lair for, like, a month."

"Maybe we can slip in and they'll never notice we were late," suggested Rina, shrugging her shoulders a bit.

Marie gave her a droll look, "Oh, yeah, that'll work."

"If Leo wasn't a Time Nazi, it might," said Rina defensively, her hands on her belt.

"Did someone manage to hit you in the head tonight?" asked Marie, one eyebrow raised, "The day Leo and Sensei don't notice we came in late is the day the Irish give up drinking."

Rina grinned and they both laughed as they walked into the lair.

No sooner were they in the door, than was Leonardo at their side. "Just where have you two been!?!" He demanded, eyeing them both warily. "You're late!"

"We were enjoying the peaceful night air," Marietta shrugged. "Problem?"

"Yes, there is!" Leo replied briskly. "You have a curfew that shouldn’t have been broken!"

"Leo, relax, we're okay," Catarina pointed out softly, trying to keep the peace. "Besides, who says we weren't just roaming the sewers for the past thirty minutes?"

"Well, according to the trackers Donnie snuck onto your belts, you were way over on the other side of town!" Leonardo declared.

"What!?! How dare you track us!" Marietta shouted. "We’re not a couple of babies, Leonardo!"

"Don't take that tone with me, Marie! I can still take you down a peg or two," Leonardo snapped.

Marietta glared at him coldly, as did Catarina, until a throat was cleared, causing them all to look to their right.

"Catarina, Marietta, I would like to see you both in my study, in five minutes - and do not be late!" Master Splinter told them sternly, eyeing the two young girls harshly. "We have some matters we need to discuss."

"Yes, Sensei," Catarina replied, as her sister rolled her eyes in response.

"Yeah, whatever," Marietta shrugged indifferently, though she usually wasn't so rude to their father - but Leo had put her in a bad mood, and a bad mood put her in Raph mode, and Raph mode always got her in trouble.

Master Splinter ignored Marie's rudeness and retreated back into his study.

Marie gave an exaggerated huff and started to take off her belt. If Donnie had bugged her belt, she was going to find the tracker and crush it. It wasn't fair for them to treat her and Rina as if they were young children; heck, no one had tracked them when they stared crime-fighting.

Leo frowned at her, "I wouldn't do that if I was you."

"Why not? What're you gonna do, Leo, put me in time out?" She demanded as she found the tracker and plucked it off. She reached over and stuck it on Leo's hand. "There. You need it more than me, anyways, Fearless Leader."

"Marie…" he said warningly but she had already walked off, her chin thrust into the air. They could hear her crashing along the hall as she went to go throw her stuff in the room that she and Rina shared.

Leo sighed and looked over at Rina who was standing patiently nearby. "Why does she have to act like that?" he asked, sounding irritated.

Rina smiled at him, "It's really not all Raph in her, y'know."

"Oh, really? Cause that's all I see," muttered Leo, crossing his arms over his plastron.

Rina shook her head, "Nope, it's really a mixture of yourself and Raph when she gets like that. She's too proud to admit that she needs help…" Rina glanced over at Leo out of the corner of her eye, "That's the you part." Leo frowned at her and she continued, "And the anger comes from the Raph in her and they both don't like to be told what to do. There's also Mikey in her because of her goofy side, and a bit of Donnie in there because she's as smart as anything. Also, she just doesn't like not being trusted."

"It's for your own protection," said Leo, sounding exactly like the protective big brother he was.

Rina rolled her hazel eyes and patted him on the shoulder, "Leo, I love you, but you're going to have to accept that we're growing up. Just a little bit."

Leo's eye ridges raised playfully, "And this is coming from the girl who still watches Power Rangers when she thinks everyone's asleep?"

Rina gasped and socked him in the shoulder, "Leo! Don't you dare tell anyone!"

"I won't, I won't," he said, raising his hands in innocence. He nodded towards Master Splinter's office, "You better go on in, he won't like it if you're late."

"Meh, I've still got…" she looked down at her wristwatch, "Three minutes! Woo, enough time to make popcorn!" Giggling, she dashed off towards the kitchen, leaving Leo there to shake his head back and forth. If Marie was a strong mix of Raphael and himself, then Donnie and Mikey had rubbed off on Rina. She had Donnie's calming effect and reasoning capabilities and then Mikey's light-heartedness and jokester personality. From Raph, she had received passion for the downtrodden and Leo had managed to force her to be a little responsible.