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Author's Chapter Notes:

Wow! Last one already! Can you believe it? Time sure does fly! Well, I hope y'all enjoyed this fic & I hope y'all check out all my others - whether they be TMNT or BSB or not - lol. Anyways, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

A few days later and the turtle clan was back to fighting order. Rina had regained her strength and now really swatted Donatello when he tried to check on her. The last time he had tried to check her temperature had ended up in a wrestling match. Marie was back to sparring with Rina and her brothers though no one was using weapons against her since she didn't have any. She was ready to get those back but she had yet to prove herself to Master Splinter. She had no idea what she'd have to do to get them back, but Raphael said that she would eventually so she believed him.


"Leo, catch!" yelled Michelangelo, launching a football at his older brother's head.


The leader of the ninja turtles reached out and grabbed the football before quickly backpedaling to escape Rembrandt. The turtle in grey had turned out to be a fierce and admirable football player after Raphael had sat him down and explained the game. The sun was going down and it was in Leo's eyes as he headed towards the goal. He launched forward but he could see someone coming up beside him out of the corner of his eye.


"HAHAH!" Raphael laughed as he rushed alongside Leonardo.


"No tackling, Raph, it's tag football!" Rina yelled but a second later Marie had crashed into her, sending them both to the ground.


"Take that, Rina!" Marie yelled as she scrambled up from the ground.


Rina rolled her eyes as she jumped up and took off after her. Rina had forgiven Marietta, chalking the incident up as yet another idiotic thing her sister had done. Hopefully the other girl would take it as a hint not to do anything quite that dangerous for a while. It obviously wasn't good for anyone.


Rina, Leo, Casey, and Mikey were a team while Marie, Don, Brandt, and Raphael made up the other one. It was evenly matched for the most part. Don and Marie launched themselves at Leo but he tossed the football to Casey.


"Goongala!" shouted the overactive human as he ran up the yard, charging past Raphael as the turtle in red tried to take him out.


"Rina! You're up!" he shouted, and the girl ran forward, took a massive jump, landed on Mikey's shoulders and launched herself from there. Casey threw her the football and she soared over Raphael's head as he crashed into Casey.


Rina landed in their in-zone and threw the football to the ground, "BOO-YOW! WOOT!" She did a victory dance while Mikey shot his fist into the air.


"Darn it…" Marie grumbled as the other team danced around and cheered each other on, "I thought we had it."


"I guess we need to work on our team work," Donatello said, watching Casey grab Rina and spin her around before beginning to taunt Raphael.


"Haha, take THAT, yah shell-head!" the big human said.


"Shell head? At least I don't have oil for brains, yah grease monkey!" yelled Raphael, shoving the man.


Casey shoved back and it soon turned into a mini-battle on the lawn.


"Guys, dinner!" April announced as she hung her head out the door.


As usual, Rembrandt was the first one heading inside; they all doubted that his appetite would ever be sated. Marie and Rina followed afterward, the football tucked under Rina's arm.


"Good game, Marie," Rina said, grinning at her sister.


"You too," replied Marie.


"I'm guessing you an' Raph planned that tag-team tackle?" Rina ribbed, nudging her sister with the football.


"Yah better believe it!" Marie grinned. She was glad to be able to mess around with her favourite brother again - heck, with all her brothers, and her sister of course. She draped her arm over Rina's shoulders as they entered the kitchen. "An' next time, y'all are goin' down!" She exclaimed with a wicked grin. "'Cause we'll have a secret weapon!"


"Donnie or Brandt?" Rina asked with a laugh, as the two sat down next to one another - Rembrandt having had already taken a seat and dug in.


Marie shrugged. "You'll never know," she smiled, reaching over to grab the tatter tots she so loved.


The older turtles came crashing in, along with Casey then, all clambering about and fighting over chairs.


"Move it!" Raph snarled, when Mikey had sat next to Marie. "Yer in my spot, Mikey!"


"Oh, this is your spot now?" Mikey teased. "I don't see your name on it?"


"Turn the chair around," Marie smirked, as she bit into a tatter tot.


Mikey stood up and turned the chair around, his jaw dropping upon finding Raphael's name carved into the back of the chair. "April! Raph defaced your chair!" He exclaimed.


April looked up, her eyes narrowing. "Raphael, what did you do to my furniture?" She demanded.


Raph shrugged and twirled the chair around. "May be my name, but I sure as Hell didn't do it."


Leo frowned. "Well, it sure looks like a sai was used," he commented. "And you're the only one with a pair right now."


"Don't mean they weren't 'borrowed' for a short while earlier," Raph commented, twirling his chair back around to take his seat next to Marie.


"Mae-Mae, you didn't!" Rina gasped somewhat, though she was trying her best to keep from laughing.


Marie gave an innocent shrug. "I say it was a ghost turtle, who managed to get her hands on a sai for a lil' bit, so they could stake claim on someone."


April shook her head. "Between the two of you, I don't think anything stands a chance around here," she said with a sigh. "Antique chairs too...."


"Marietta...." Master Splinter began, raising his brows.


"Ghost turtle! It was a ghost turtle!" Marie cried, holding her hands up in innocence. She didn't dare mention she'd been the one under the white sheet, holding Raph's one sai as his name was carved into the back of the chair.


"This is great food!" Rembrandt enthused then. "Man, I could eat this stuff forever!"


"And you shall, my child," Master Splinter nodded, his attention now off Marie - who flashed her youngest brother a grateful smile.


Rembrandt winked, and kept on inhaling his food as quick as he could, never seeming satisfied until he was completely stuffed.


"I say we play football again, after supper," Rina suggested. "Since movie nights are still out for a while, for some of us. Besides, I'm sure the losing team wants a re-match."


"Damn straight we do," Raph muttered, digging into his dinner. "Y'all planned that move - cheaters."


"We don't cheat!" Rina argued, taking the bait.


"Sure yah do! Yah got Leo on your team!" Raph stated. "Fearless knows how to plan things!"


"Gee, thanks Raph," Donnie said dryly, flicking a tatter tot as his brother in red.


Raph glared, then flicked one back.


"My sons...." Master Splinter began, only to have a full-fledged food fight suddenly break out.


Donnie flicked food back at Raph, who threw some in return, thus hitting Mikey, who was quick to join in. Only, he hit Rina, who whipped some food at his head, only to hit Leo who shrugged and joined in. Shortly afterwards, Casey couldn't resist - especially not after having been hit; and of course Marie started up once Raph informed her she was on his team.


April eyed Master Splinter, shaking her head. "They forget they'll be cleaning all this up," she smiled.


Master Splinter chuckled, as the two of them sat at their end of the table sipping their tea. And Rembrandt - he joined in after eating another plateful, as he was hungry from all the running around he had done playing football.


"Okay, I totally blame Donnie for this," said Mikey, waving his cleaning rag at his brother in purple.


Donnie grabbed the rag and tossed it back at Mikey, "Raphael retaliated!"


"Yeah, but you started it, brainiac," replied Raphael as he leaned against the counter, not being useful at all.


"How come if you retaliate, it's not your fault, but if anyone else strikes back, it is?" Donnie asked in a pondering tone as he swiped his mop across the floor, bumping it into Marie who was scrubbing the floor.


Marie tossed a glare up at him and jiggled the mop, "Watch where you're shoving this thing."


Donnie smirked and bopped her with the rag part again.


"Ugh, Donnie, it's wet!" she whined, brushing at her leg, "And dirty! Ew!"


"Don't whine, Marie," Raphael said, nudging her with his foot.


"Uck! Don't touch me with your foot, that's so gross!" yelled Marie, trying to punch his foot with her hand.


"Punch me and feel the pain, kid," Raphael growled good-naturedly as he stuck his foot in her face.


"Raph!" Marie shrieked, jumping up to attack him better.


"Watch it, small fry!” said Raphael as he avoided her attacks.


"Guys, don't fight!" Rembrandt said as they battled through where he was trying to scrape ketchup off the wall.


"Raphael, let go of Marie's bandanna!" Donnie said, following them into the living room as the battle escalated.


Leonardo tossed a smirk towards Mikey and Rina who were busy scrubbing the table. "And they wonder why we always win at football," he said, shaking his head.


Rina grinned as she twirled her rag about her head, "Team work! Woot!"


"Yeah, and special weapon Casey Jones!" Casey put in from where he was drying dishes.


Mikey nodded and struck a victorious pose, "We will not be defeated! BOO YOW!"


Rembrandt rolled his eyes, "Yeah, mhmm."


Rina grinned as she spun her towel around and then popped him with it.


"Ow! What was that for?" He demanded, rubbing his arm where the towel had hit him.


"For doubting the awesome power of Team Totally Terrific," she replied before going back to scrubbing.


Rembrandt spun his own towel around and tried to pop her but she used her own towel to deflect his. "Darn ninja reflexes," he exclaimed, trying to get around her attacks.


"Keep practicing and you'll be able to beat her," Leonardo said. As if to emphasis his point, he turned around with his own towel, soaking wet from washing dishes, and popped Rina with it.


"Ow! Leo!" She yelped, frowning at him.


"Ah-ah-ah, Rina, the members of Team Totally Terrific don't fight with each other," Mikey said before she retaliated.


Rina rolled her eyes and tossed her rag in the sink, "Are we done yet?"


"YESS!!" Marie shouted as she ran past her and out the door, Raphael following right behind her, arms outstretched.


"I'm gonna pound ya, Marie! Just you wait!" Raphael yelled, waving a fist in the air.


"Game time!" Mikey exclaimed, jumping up and snatching the football from the counter.


"Hell yeah!" Casey said, following after the others and pumping the air.


Before Leo knew it, Rina, Rembrandt, and Donnie had also run out the door. "Hey, wait for me!" Leo said, pulling the plug out of the drain to let the water go down.


Upon running outside, Leo laughed as he discovered Raphael and Marietta wrestling on the ground. Marie's legs were still a bit tender, but for the most part she ignored the pain and the annoying bandages on them.


"Raph!" Marie shrieked, trying to get him off her - her legs kicking and her fists flying wildly. "Get offa me!"


"Are yah gonna stop hittin' me?" Raph challenged, as he pinned her wrists together in one hand.


"Leo!" Marie yelled. "He's crushin' me!"


"Oh, so now you need Fearless' help, huh?" Raph smirked. "So you've accepted that you just ain't strong 'nough yet?"


Marie growled, as Leo replied, "Sorry. You brought it on yourself, Kiddo."


"Oh! I hate you!" Marie screeched, though she didn't see Leo pause.


Was this why his sister in purple and yellow never wanted to be near him, unless she was sick? Did she truly hate him? He shrugged it off, as he heard Rina's yell.


"C'mon! Let's play all ready!"


"Yeah!" Rembrandt yelled out in agreement. "We're gonna kick yer shells this time!"


"Ha! Fat chance!" Mikey laughed, grabbing the ball from the younger boy - who had stolen it from Rina. "What, with those two so busy wrestling, y'all will never come up with a good plan."


"Shaddup!" Raph and Marie both roared, pausing their wrestling match long enough to glare at their brother in orange.


"Oooh! Testy!" Mikey grinned. "C'mon hot-heads! Let's see whatcha got!"


Raph and Marie eyed one another briefly, before both jumping up and charging after Michaelangelo. Moments later, they'd tackled Mikey to the ground and both were sitting on him - Raph on his plastron and Marie on his legs, as she tickled his feet.


"Take that back!" They both ordered.


"Help!" Mikey shrieked, laughing as he kicked his legs a bit, as his feet were tickled. "Rina! Leo! Ahhh hahaha!"


Casey smirked. "Well, who knew - they can work together."


Rina laughed, then quickly ran over and tackled her sister to the ground - soon, the two of them were rolling about in the grass - laughing more than they were wrestling.


Donnie shook his head. "Those two - ever since they were little kids," he began. "They'd tackle each other and roll around, never really throwing any punches."


"Not unless one was mad," Leo chuckled, going over and rescuing Mikey from Raphael. "C'mon guys! We've a game to play, before it's time to head on in."


"I say we have a camp out!" Rina shrieked, as Marie flipped her over and onto her back before standing up. Rina tripped her sister, then got up laughing and ran over to where Donnie was. "It'd be fun! Besides, Brandt's never been camping!"


"Maybe we can convince Sensei to let us go out later this week," Donnie smiled, draping an arm over his sister's shoulders. "I'm sure we could manage to convince April to get us stuff for s'mores."


"Sweetness!" Rina exclaimed, grabbing up the ball from where Mikey had dropped it. "Now, C'MON! I wanna play already!"


Eventually, everyone was finished wrestling and they once more began to play some football. Raph's team deciding to use Donnie as their secret weapon, as if they used Brandt the other team would be expecting it.


At the end of the week, Marietta and Catarina were sitting in the swing on the front porch, watching the sun go down behind the treetops. They were kicking their legs back and forth to get the swing going, the gentle swoosh motion creating a passive atmosphere.


"I can't believe we're going back tonight," said Marie, flicking a piece of paint off the arm of the swing.


Rina let out a sigh and leaned back in the side. "I know, it seems like we just got here," she said, a small smile coming to her face, "And I don't even remember when we got here."


"That's ‘cause you were conked out in Donnie's lap," said Marie, smirking at her sister.


Rina tossed her head. "Hey, back off, I was unconscious with good reason," she said, running her fingers along the newly installed chains. She snorted as she tugged on the chains, "I can remember when Casey put these in. His fat butt broke them the first time we were here."


Marie made a face, "I wasn't here for that." She stared down at the floor, not really wanting to remember that time.


Rina looked out towards fields. The first time that they had come to the farm house, Marietta and Master Splinter had been captured by the Foot Ninjas that had broken into their lair after the guys had met April. Rina had narrowly escaped by hiding under the bunk beds, but Marie had been out in the sewers, playing with her skateboard. Rina shook her head and tossed a smile at her sister.


"But hey, when we get back, maybe you'll have a chance to get your sai back, right?" she said encouragingly.


Marie smiled brightly. "You bet I will. I'll show Sensei that I'm the most honorable ninja there is!"


Rina laughed and nudged her sister with her shoulder, "Hey, don't get overzealous there, Marie. Don't want you becoming a mini-Leo."


"Oh, hell no, no mini-Leo for me," Marie said, scrunching her beak up in distaste, "I think we'll leave that to Rembrandt."


"What about me?" Rembrandt asked, hanging out the door.


"Oh, we were just talking about how you're the most wonderful new brother we could have ever asked for," said Rina, laying on her sickly sweet talk.


Rembrandt rolled his eyes as he walked onto the porch. "Yeah. Sure," he said as he leaned against the wall and folded his arms over his plastron. He let out a contented sigh and shoved a random patch of black hair out of his eyes. "So, we go back home from here, right?" He asked, looking over at the two of them.


Marie rolled her eyes, "Yeah, back to the dirt and grime and nastiness of the sewers."


"It's not that…no, you're right, it's definitely that bad," said Rina, putting her chin on the tops of her knees.


"But when we get back, I really get to start my training!" Rembrandt exclaimed excitedly, "I might even get a weapon."


The girls looked at each other.


"Great, you really are a mini-Leo," said Rina, rolling her eyes.


"Just what we need, two of them running around," put in Marie with a labored sigh.


The three of them were still out in the porch when the older four walked up. They had been having a small training session by themselves.


"Heya, brat pack, whatcha up to?" Mikey asked as he bounded onto the porch.


"Nothing much," said Rembrandt, pressing his toes against the floorboards.


"What's with all the long faces?" asked Donnie, leaning against his bo.


"Do we have to go?" asked Rina, assuming the puppy dog face.


"Oh-ho, that's not going to work this time," Raphael said, shaking his head.


"Yeah, we know, responsibility and crap like that," Marie put in leaning forward and putting her elbows to her knees.


Leonardo smiled and said, "Yeah, something like that."


"Hey, Mikey!" Rina said, looking over at her brother in orange.


"Mmhmm?" he asked, turning to look at her.


"Did anyone feed Klunk when we left?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.


Mikey's eyes went wide and then he let out a yell, "GET IN THE CAR! KLLLUNK!!" He tore into the house while the others watched him.


"Mikey, the cat's fine!" Donnie said as he followed his panicked brother inside.


Rina rolled her eyes and got up as well, "He can probably hunt right? I mean, he's not totally pathetic!"




"We have a cat?" asked Rembrandt before walking inside.


"Hey, I wanna save Klunk too!" Marie yelled as she ran through the door.


Raphael shook his head and grumbled as he walked up the stairs, "Stupid cat."


Left alone on the porch, Leo smiled and put a hand against one of the columns. Sure, his family was loud and random and a little dysfunctional but it was his family. He wouldn't trade it for any other in the world.


"Leonardo! Mikey's tearing my house apart! Stop him right now!" April shouted as she flung the door open.


Leo rolled his eyes and walked inside. Well…maybe he'd trade some family members…