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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yay two updates within, like, two days! Lol. Of course, all I hafta do is open up the already finished story & post a chapter, but still - lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

About a week later, both girls were up and about and back to normal. Marie had recovered nicely from her bout with the flu. She was back to her rough-and-tumble, bickering self, running about the lair with BSB cranked up on the stereo system. Rina had had a cold that had knocked her down for a couple days but now she was back to normal, joking with Mikey and being her usual bouncy self. Tonight was the girls first night back out on patrol. As Master Splinter had said before, they had to stay in three man patrols with their brothers. Rina didn't mind it as much as Marie, who railed and roared against it. Ever since she had been sick, she had been unusually attached to her sister. She didn't like to be anywhere without the other teenage girl.

"Oh, c'mon, can't we be a two man?" she asked right before they were all about to leave.

"You heard Master Splinter, Marie," said Leonardo as he tightened the straps on his katana holder. "You're coming with me and Mikey while Marie goes with Donnie and Raphael."

Marie scowled at him and tossed her long brown hair. "It's not fair," she snapped, tying her hair back with a hair tie.

"Life's not fair," Raphael said as he brushed past her, heading for the door.

She socked him in the shoulder and he bopped her upside the head.

"Hey, save it for the baddies!" Mikey exclaimed as he popped up between the two of them.

Marie and Raphael glared at each other around their brother as they exited the lair.

"Sheesh, I think I like her better when she's sick," said Mikey, winking at Rina as she walked up beside him.

"There are some positives when she's sick," said Donnie, walking up behind Rina. "And there are some definite negatives to when you're sick," he said, looking at his sister in blue and white.

She tossed a smile to him over her shoulder, "I didn't say there weren't. I'm a terrible sick person."

"No kidding," mused Mikey, rubbing at a spot on his plastron, "Did you have to throw a senbon at me?"

"Maybe," said Rina, grinning cheekily.

The six turtles moved down the sewers at a fast clip. At the end of one of the corridors, Leo made hand motions, and the two groups split up, becoming quiet as they did so. Now they were officially on patrol, watching out for any baddies that happened to be lurking around. Leo, Mikey, and Marie got to the surface first. They headed down one of the streets then bounced up a fire escape to get to the roofs.

"Alright, it's short patrol tonight; we won't be going very far," Leo said, glancing around to make sure no one was watching. They didn't want to work the girls too hard, seeing how they had been ill for the past week.

Marie clutched her sai, hoping that they'd meet up with some Purple Dragons or the Foot. She wanted to beat something up really bad; all this pent up energy wasn't doing her any good.

"Let's do this," Marie said after a moment’s silence. "I'm ready to kick some shell."

"Are we sure she's not completely a female Raph clone?" Mikey asked Leo, as their sister sounded exactly like their brother in red.

Leo rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "C'mon you two. We've patrol to do."

Marie let out a whoop of joy, as she did a cartwheel across the roof of the building they were on.

"Marie!" Leo snapped, his eyes narrowing. "Control yourself! We're ninja, not a circus act"

Mikey snickered. "Coulda fooled me," he chuckled, earning himself a glare from their oldest brother.

Soon as Marie had managed to quiet down, Leonardo led them along the route they would be taking that night on their patrol.

Meanwhile, Raphael, Donatello, and Catarina were off in the other direction patrolling their part of the city. They were jumping rooftops with ease, all remembering the times the girls had been too scared to jump them, though they flew across with ease these days.

"Hold up," Raphael stated holding a hand up for his siblings to stop. "Looks like we got some heads to bust down there."

Donatello and Catarina glanced down, noticing the men in suits robbing a building that wasn't normally robbed.

"They look like those guys we beat up last week, Raph," Rina stated, forgetting Donatello didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

"Yeah, they do," Raph grunted. "Fact, I think they are. Them dumbasses just dunno when to quit, do they?"

"We gonna kick some shell?" Rina asked hopefully.

"Definitely," Raphael answered, eyeing Donatello. "Just watch out for the big guys - they're awful strong, Donnie." He then eyed his sister warily. "And Rina, you be careful, yah hear?"

"I will," Rina assured him with a brief nod.

The three of them snuck on down to go fight off the baddies dressed in Armani suits.

"I see yah didn't learn the first time 'round," Raphael snarled, as he hid in the shadows with his siblings. "Maybe this time y'all will learn not to mess with us."

"Not you punks again!" One exclaimed, dropping the box he'd been holding. "Petey! Clyde! Get over here!" Two big burly men in suits came lumbering over to stand next to their friend.

"What's wrong, Carl?"

"Those punks we fought last week are back again," Carl replied.

"'Nough of this chit-chat, let's rumble!" Raph growled, jumping out and kicking Carl in the chest. "HIYAH!"

Rina and Donnie quickly came out and attacked Petey and Clyde, Donatello taking on Clyde as he was the biggest.

Rina danced around the smaller baddie, her movement fluid like water. She was graceful in her attacks, taking the time to think before executing them. She could sense Donatello nearby, his calm, steady presence reassuring as they fought. Raphael's yells were clear over the battle, his taunts loud and obnoxious as they always were.

"Man, it's like fighting a mountain!" shouted Raphael as he hit Carl in the chest and literally bounced off of him.

"That's what genetic enhancement gets yah, turtle," snapped Carl, slamming a fist into Raphael. The turtle in red flew backwards and landed on Donatello.

Rina narrowed her eyes and threw a senbon at Clyde as he stepped towards the two of them. It pierced his hand and he cried out, waving the wounded appendage in the air. As Petey raced at her, Rina pulled her second senbon from the knot in her bandanna and hurled it at the henchman. It stuck in his shoulder but it didn't deter him. He rushed her, slamming her back into the wall. With one hand on her shoulder, he hauled back his fist to punch her in the face.

"No you don't!" cried Rina, dropping out of his grasp and kicking his legs out from under him.

"Back up would be nice!" Donnie yelled as he boxed Clyde's ears.

"You got a damn Shell Cell, use it!" yelled Raphael.

Leo, Mikey, and Marie were having a rather calm night when Leo's shell cell suddenly began to ring. He picked it up, "Hello?"

"Hey, Leo, we sort of have a situation down here," said Donnie, sounding as if he was out of breath, "Met up with some rather nasty guys."

"Where are you guys?" asked Leo, stopping on one of the rooftops.

Marie and Mikey walked over to him, trying to listen in on the conversation.

"Down at the pharmaceutical plant on 5th street," Donnie replied quickly. The three other turtles could hear the sounds of a fight on the other end of the line. "Hey, Rina, watch your back!" "Watch it for me!" "I can't do everything at once!" "Raph, watch OUT!" "Shit!" "Come back here, frog man." "I'm a turtle, damn it!"

"Hurry, if you don't mind," Donnie said before hanging up the phone.

Leonardo turned to his team.

Marie frowned and crossed her arms, "How come they got to fight?"

Leo rolled his eyes, "Don't complain, we'll be there in a few minutes. 5th street isn't that far."

"It's far enough," said Mikey, looking out over the rooftops. The three man team took to their heels and headed off towards their siblings.

When they got there, they found that their siblings weren't the only ones who had called in reinforcements. Three tired turtles were working together to try and fight off the extra five men who had shown up to help their buddies. Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Marietta leapt into the battle, their weapons drawn. Marie's manikiri whipped through the air and wrapped around the ankles of a man who was antagonizing Rina.

"Don't mess with my sister!" she shouted, yanking on the chain. He toppled over like a falling skyscraper.

"And there goes the Tower of Pizza!" said Mikey as his nunchucks whipped up against a man's head.

"You mean Pisa?" asked Donatello as his bo swung through the air and took out another one of the henchman.

"Whatever!" Mikey replied, leaping around the alleyway.

Marie was having fun now, being able to take out any frustration or built-up energy on these punks that had hurt her siblings. She was somewhat reckless in her attacks but Rina was nearby, helping her by yelling whenever she got too out of hand.

"C'mon, big guy, let's see what you got!" Marie exclaimed, rushing towards the biggest guy.

"Marie, don't!" shouted Rina, seeing where her sister was heading.

Marie ignored her and leapt at the man, executing a flying front kick. It knocked him in the chest, but he didn't seem phased.

"Hello, weakling child," he said and Marie let out a snarl. He grabbed her out of the air as she fell and tossed her with both hands at the wall.

"Marie!" screamed Rina as her sister bounced off the wall and fell to the ground. She jumped in front of her sister's prone body and brandished her kaiken as the man rushed towards them. Suddenly, a bo whipped out in front of her and smacked the man in the face. "Donnie," Rina said gratefully as her older brother stepped in front of her.

"Rina, get Marie away," he said as he advanced on the man, his bo held tightly in one hand. He went through a flurry of motions, his bo whirling and landing time and time again on the man. The others were making quick work of their enemies and most of the suited men were running away.

Meanwhile, Marie had sat up and was holding her head. "Ow, that wasn't fun," she complained, massaging her temples.

"That wasn't smart," said Rina as she pulled Marie to her feet and started leading her away from the battle.

"Don't sass me," growled Marie as Rina pushed her towards the fire escape. They bounded up the fire escape and Rina made Marie sit down on the roof. "I wanna go back down and help!" Marie shouted angrily, whirling on her sister.

Rina narrowed her eyes at Marie, "Look, the guys have it handled. Besides, you're acting like a crazy person tonight. Just calm down."

"Don't tell me what to do, Rina," Marie growled, poking her sister in the shoulder.

Rina sighed, "Don't go down there, Marie, Donnie said not to."

"I don't care!" Marie exclaimed, pushing her sister away as she reached out to her.

There was a quiet thwwwip and Rina gave a pained cry as she grabbed at her neck. Marie let out a gasp as she saw a fuzzy ended dart poking out from between her sister's fingers.

"RINA!!" Marie screamed as she leaped forward.

"Marie, shut up and run!" said Rina, stumbling towards her sister. She didn't know where her opponent was but she certainly wasn't going to let them get her sister. There was another thwwwip and Rina saw the dart come in between her and Marie. Desperate, she shoved her sister onto the fire escape, causing her to fall down a couple of levels and bang her head on the railing.

"Marie!" Leo shouted and he ran over to the fire escape to check on her.

As Rina’s vision started to swim in front of her, she felt a pair of huge hands grab her up and carry her away, moving over the rooftops. Her vision blacked out just as she was shoved into some kind of vehicle.

Back at the rooftop, Marie was coming to. She could see Leonardo hovering over her…She was missing something – no, someone… "Rina! No!"

"What the Shell happened?" Raphael demanded, as all four boys were now up on the rooftop with Marie, who had banged her head pretty good on her fall down the fire escape.

Marie abruptly sat up, ignoring the pain in her head and the flash wave of dizziness that overcame her. "Rina!?! Where's Rina!?!?!" Marie cried, looking around frantically.

"That's what we're hoping you can tell us," Leonardo stated, as Donatello gently checked over Marie's head briefly.

"Ow! Donnie!" Marie winced, swatting at him. It was then she realized just what her brother had said. "Shit! They got Rina! They got her!" Marie exclaimed, attempting to jump up, only her brothers wouldn't let her.

"Explain!" Leonardo ordered, now worried about their missing sibling.

"Rina! We hafta find Rina!" Marie babbled.

"We can't exactly do that until you tell us what happened, Runt," Raphael snapped.

"I sent them up here," Donatello answered, when Marie just kept babbling. "Someone," he began, nodding towards Marie to indicate he meant her. "Was reckless and pulled a stupid move, and ended up hurt so Rina jumped in to protect and would've been hit, had I not deflected the blow. I told her to get Marie out of there, and they came back up here. After that, I'm afraid I can't tell you what went on. All I know is what we all saw - Marie falling down the fire escape."

Michaelangelo bit his lip worriedly, not sure if he should ask questions or not - he knew he definitely couldn't joke.

"Marie!" Leonardo snapped, snapping his fingers in front of her face. "Snap out of it!" Marie startled, and glared at her brother in blue.

"Watch where you snap yer fingers, 'less you wanna lose 'em!" She growled.

"For the last time, where is Rina?!" Leonardo demanded, eyeing Marie warily.

Marie's eyes went huge, as she remembered what had happened. "They got her! She got me up here an' we were arguin', 'cause I wanted to go back down an' help, an' then Wham! She'd a dart in her neck an' I tried to help her, but 'nother one came an' she shoved me down the fire escape! Dammit! Just wait 'till I get my hands on her! I was just tryin' to help!"

"I think you've helped enough, Marietta," Leonardo stated dryly, helping her to stand. "It's your foolishness that got you girls into this mess in the first place!"

"Which way did they go?" Michaelangelo asked finally.

"How should I know?" Marie snapped, angrily shoving Leo away. "I was busy fallin' down a damned fire escape!"

Raphael growled and sent a sharp kick to his sister's rear, causing her to yelp as she reached back to rub where his foot had connected.

"We better get home so we can work out a plan," Donatello piped up, shaking his head, as he felt he was partly to blame as he had sent the girls up to the rooftops alone.

"I'm not goin' home!" Marie shouted. "I'm going to get Rina first! I'm not leavin' her out there alone!"

Raphael kicked her rear end again, causing her to yelp once more. "You'll do as yer told, and git yer butt home if yah know what's good fer yah!"

"Quit kicking me!" Marie yelled, rubbing her seat.

"I'll do more 'en that if yah don't get a damned move on!" Raphael growled, taking an angry stride towards her.

Marie's eyes went wide and she quickly took off, jumping to the next rooftop.

"I’ll follow her," Mikey informed his brothers, quickly hurrying off after the youngest hot-head.

Donatello shook his head, as him, Leo, and Raph all took off after their two siblings that had just left them behind. They had to get home and figure out how they were going to get Rina back, and they had to figure out just where she was - and fast!