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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey y'all! Back again with some more! Lol. Enjoy!

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Ashee - I know you wanted The Child or Through The Eyes of The Other, but I really don't feel like hunting them down & this one is handy. Maybe sometime within the next week you'll get the updates you want - provided I feel up to fighting with them - lol.
Marie was rubbing a cloth along the length of her sai, trying to clean the blades before Master Splinter came in. She had forgotten about her precious weaponry after the fight she had had with Sensei and now she was feeling the consequences. As Master Splinter came in, she shoved the sai into their holsters and stood up to give the customary bow. She still wasn't in a good mood, but she was thinking clearly enough to see that being disobedient now would only get her in more trouble. As he took his place at the front of the dojo, the six turtle teenagers bowed in respect. This was how all formal dojo practices started. Master Splinter nodded to them to show that he accepted their respect then set them to going through a couple sets of katas. Marie went through them grudgingly; these were the boring parts of ninjitsu. When they finished those, they went on to working on the different moves they had learned earlier that week. Well, that was what the girls were doing. The guys were experienced enough to make their own moves up so they were busy perfecting those.

Catarina was busy trying to perfect her flying roundhouse kick, as she was having problems with it - she kept falling over. But, she was determined to get it right - though wishing they'd learned this move when they were younger, as they'd had more fun jumping around then. She jumped up, kicked and attempted to spin all at once, only to fall down upon her mat once more.

"This is nuts!" She grumbled to herself. She paused a moment, to watch her sister attempt the kick and was surprised when she actually made it three quarters of the way there.

Marie felt someone watching her and glanced over at her sister, smirking. She'd actually practiced the move some while out on patrol the night before, though they weren't to use any new moves on patrol until they'd been perfected - but she was so busy being defiant, how else was she going to get any practice in? There was no way she'd hang out in the dojo any longer than she had too - so, she always made sure to practice elsewhere, occasionally.

Catarina rolled her eyes, and resumed practicing the kick for herself. She'd just finally gotten the hang of it, when Master Splinter decided it was time for weapons katas. She gladly pulled her kaiken out and bowed, before beginning her kata. While doing her kata, she couldn't help but notice that her sister seemed a bit hesitant to retrieve her sai - and when she finally did, she suddenly for the first time ever, moved with lightning speed. What in the world was going on? Her sister never moved that fast! Ever! Not unless she was trying to beat the crap out of someone. She paused her kata, though she knew she wasn't supposed too, to eye her sister suspiciously. She also noted that the others had stopped what they were doing as well.

Marietta felt all eyes on her, and hoped to God no one noticed the blood stains still on her sai. She did not want to end up doing ten flips, all because she'd foolishly forgotten to clean them. She moved just a little bit faster, slightly in a panic, quickly jarring her sai into their sheaths and bowing once her kata had been completed.

Rina put a hand to her mouth to smother a giggle as Marie came to a stop. Her sister looked a bit out of sorts after that exposť of speed; her bandanna was awry and her hair was all in her face.

"Woo, energizer bunny meets ninja girl!" Mikey shouted, twirling a nunchuck over his head.

Marie blushed and nodded at him, "Um, I just wanted to see what it was like to do it fast."

Master Splinter smiled, glad that his daughter had finally put forth a good effort. "That was very good, Marietta, better than your usual kata," he praised.

Marie grinned, happy to get away with her forgetfulness. She noticed Raphael smirking at her, and she knew that he had seen the dirty sai. Oh well, if anyone noticed it, it might as well be him.

As normal practice time wound down, the boys left since they were not having to do extra practice.

"Have fun, troublemakers!" Mikey yelled as he walked out the door.

"Stuff it, Mikey!" the two girls yelled in unison.

Marie gave Rina a tentative smile and she was pleased when Rina returned it. Well, at least Rina wasn't going to be angry with her for forever.

Sensei gave them orders to practice their small-weapons aim and left as well.

Marie pulled out a handful of shuriken and set up a throwing area of her own while Rina pulled the two senbon needles out of her bandanna. They both chose a dummy and started flinging small, pointed objects at it.

"You know, this is stereotypical ninja stuff," mused Rina as her senbon pierced the dummy's stomach.

A couple of shuriken buried themselves in the dummy's torso and Marie smirked, "Yeah, maybe just a bit."

"No, really, we couldn't get any more B-grade ninja movie than throwing shuriken and senbon," said Rina as she sat down on the floor and tossed the second senbon at the dummy. It struck it in the groin area.

"Hey, that's not proper technique," Marie teased, and Rina stuck her tongue out at her sister before flopping down on her stomach.

"I'm injured," she said, creating a scenario in her head. "Yep, I'm injured and this is the only defense I have. Stereotypical senbon and shuriken!"

Marie laughed and sent another trio of shuriken into a dummy.

The two girls continued to joke around and goof off a little bit, as they did their extra practice. So far, extra practice didn't seem to be so bad - it was more fun than it was punishment, and it gave them time to bond and just be by themselves. Eventually though, it ended and they both left the dojo, half sad it had ended, but also half glad it was, so that they could do other things.

Marietta immediately ran to her room, to polish her sai in private in hopes of not having anyone else notice her mistake.

Catarina on the other hand, decided she'd best attempt another bowl of popcorn and hopefully get to it before Raphael did. She set everything up and happily watched the popcorn pop once more.

"Trying again, are we?" Michaelangelo teased coming into the kitchen with an empty glass.

Catarina nodded. "I wouldn't have too, if someone had protected the other bowl better."

"Well, it's not my fault Raph didn't believe me," Mikey laughed. "You know how he is."

"Yeah, the same way Marie is," Rina smirked. "Hard-headed."

Mikey tweaked her bandanna tails, and smiled at her as he re-filled his glass with water. "So how was extra practice?"

Catarina smiled slyly. "Not bad.....Not bad at all."

Mikey raised an eye ridge. "And this coming from someone who was totally peeved about them last night?"

"Yeah, well, things change, you know," Catarina replied. "I'm not so mad at Marie anymore - for now."

"Oh yes, for now," Mikey nodded smiling. "I knew it wouldn't last long."

"Well, she's my sister - and partner in crime," Rina argued slightly. "Somebody hasta stay on her side for a while."

"Who says I ever left?" Mikey smirked, causing Catarina to laugh.

"You'll side with anybody, so long as it keep them happy."

"Maybe.....maybe not," Michaelangelo winked.

Meanwhile, Marie was polishing her sai until they shined like never before. She couldn't believe she had been so foolish - and had actually gotten away with it!

"You're lucky no one else noticed," a voice spoke then, startling her. "You would've been in deep shit then."

Marie gave a sigh of relief, realizing it was her brother in red. She went on polishing her prized weapons. "Yeah, well, if I hadn't been too peeved last night, maybe I would've remembered to clean them," she replied, finishing up the one and setting it aside, as she started in on the second.

Raphael picked up the discarded sai and maneuvered it around in his hand. He had given this to Marie when she was nine and had decided that the sai was the weapon for her. It had been his when he was younger; his sai nowadays were longer and heavier. It was a good size for her though, and whether he told her or not, he was proud that she had chosen the sai. He half-hoped that she wouldn't turn out exactly the way he was; he wanted her to question the conventional, but he didn't want her doing the stupid dangerous stuff he did. That was why he was hard on her sometimes when she was acting too much like himself.

"Yah know, you're actually getting pretty good with these, squirt," he said as he tossed the sai back onto the bed stand.

"Really?" Marie exclaimed, glad to receive praise from him. "I've been practicing hard; I wanna get really good with 'em."

"Not as good as me, though," Raphael said, leaning back against the wall and crossing his arms over his plastron.

"One day!" said Marie, grinning at him excitedly, "I am gonna be as good as you one day."

"You wish," he said, pushing away from the wall. "Don't treat your sai like crap," he advised, "Since they’re what's going to keep you alive in the end."

"I know," Marie said, rolling her eyes, "I just forgot last night."

Rina walked into the living room with her bowl of popcorn and sat down in the arm chair. She curled up protectively around the bowl, determined to deter her siblings from stealing it. As a precaution, she looked around and yelled, "Anyone that touches my popcorn besides me loses a finger! My kaiken makes no exceptions!"

"Going for the Code of Hammurabi?" asked Donatello with a grin. He was sitting on the couch, watching Mythbusters.

Rina smirked and nodded, "If that's what it takes. Want some?"

Donnie wrinkled her nose at her double-standard but nodded. She leapt off the arm chair and landed on the couch beside him. As he reached for the popcorn, she stared at him with wide hazel eyes. "What?" he asked, his hand hovering over the bowl.

"Dude, I just said you'd lose a finger. Didn't you hear me?"

"But you just said…" he exclaimed, one eye ridge raised. He then laughed and held out a hand. "Rina, could you hand me some popcorn?"

"Of course!" she said, pulling out a handful and giving it to him.

“Why, thank-you,” Donatello said, accepting the handful of popcorn, shaking his head at his sister. Catarina sure could be silly at times – especially when it came to her beloved popcorn.

“So what’s happening on Mythbusters?” Catarina asked curiously, stuffing some popcorn into her mouth.

“They’re trying to prove whether or not Big Foot is real,” Donatello answered.

“Isn’t that kinda like trying to prove whether or not teenage mutant ninja turtles exist?” Catarina queried, her eyes lighting up in a teasing tone.

Donatello tweaked her bandana tails in response. “In a way, yes, silly,” he replied. “But at the same time, no; they believe Big Foot to be just a legend. Mutant turtles, well, they’ve never even heard of.”

“Didn’t you guys meet Big Foot though?” Rina questioned him, her eyes now on her brother instead of the show.

“We met something that could’ve very well been Big Foot,” Donatello nodded. “But, she prefers to not be told she’s big feet.”

Catarina giggled. “Are you just making this up?”

“Maybe…..maybe not,” Donatello said, smiling as he turned back to his show.

Catarina shook her head. Who knew if Donnie was telling the truth or not – sometimes they did meet up with other weird creatures, that were mutants like themselves – but sometimes, her brothers did like to tell tall tales just to try and impress them or make them laugh.

Donatello smiled more, as his sister snuggled into him, making sure his arm draped over her shoulders. It didn’t matter how old the girls were, they still liked to snuggle – and they probably always would.

“You think they’ll ever try to prove if we’re real or not?” Rina asked on the next commercial break.

Donatello shrugged slightly. “I don’t know. I’d hope not, as then we’d have all sorts of intruders down here trying to find us – and people could end up seriously hurt, if they don’t know their way around the sewers. Besides, we’re trained ninja and know how to stay hidden well enough to hopefully avoid having that happen anytime soon.” He eyed Catarina warily. “At least, I hope we know well enough to stay hidden and avoid having that happen.”

“We’re careful, don’t worry,” Catarina assured him with a smile. “We know how to use stealth and shadows to our advantage.”

“Let’s just keep it that way, okay?” Donatello told her. “Marie finds out she has a chance to be on T.V. and who knows what she’ll do to get that kind of attention.”

“Well, she can be a very good actress,” Catarina reminded him. “She’s been able to fake sick quite a bit, without anybody – not even you – catching on.”

“She does that a little too well, if you ask me,” Donatello commented, as the show resumed.

Raphael still stood watching his sister clean her sai; she seemed to be taking her sweet old time with the second one for some reason unknown to him.

“Do you favour this one more than the other?” He asked finally. “You’ve been cleaning it quite a bit more than the first.”

Marietta shrugged. “This one just seems to need more cleaning, is all,” she replied. “And I don’t have favourites – the other would get jealous.”

Raphael snorted – she could sure have an odd sense of humor at times. “Did you at least clean your shuriken?”

Marietta looked a bit sheepish. “No. They’re next,” she answered, setting the sai she’d been cleaning down next to its twin. She pulled her shuriken out and began to clean them carefully. “I said I was too peeved to remember anything last night.”

“You better watch Sensei doesn’t catch on,” Raphael stated. “He does, and you just may end up losing them for a while.”

“I’d like to see him try,” Marietta muttered, as she polished a shuriken.

Raphael eyed her for a moment. “You ought to give Splinter a bit of a break,” he said finally. “He cares more than you think, and is only trying to do what’s best. He doesn’t want to see you hurt, over something foolish. Especially not something that could’ve been easily avoided.”

“Fine, Leo,” Marie remarked. “Maybe when he realizes I’m not five anymore and gives me a break, I’ll give him a break.”

Raphael was by her in an instant, grabbing her shurikens and tossing them aside onto her bed. He towered over her, as she looked up, and he leaned down right in her face, a stubby finger jabbed in front of her nose.

“Listen here, you ungrateful little runt,” he snarled. “Master Splinter gives breaks to those who’ve earned them! You keep being a disrespectful little imp, and you’re never gonna deserve one! Maybe you ought to count all the good things, and be grateful for what you already have!”

Marietta stared up at her brother wide-eyed and a little scared. This was twice in less than twenty-four hours that he’d gotten mad at her and jabbed his finger in her face – this had to be a new record for her. Usually, she’d get him mad one day and then again a couple days later – but never twice in less than twenty-four hours! Never! “Then maybe he should show me some respect,” Marietta stated, though she’d cowered some and her voice wasn’t as strong and hateful as usual.

Raphael gave a half snort, half growl. “Marie, I’m about two seconds for knocking some serious sense into your pretty little head!

Marie backed away from him some, still remaining on her bed. Her eyes filled with unwanted tears, as she tried to fully register what he’d just said.

“And then who will you go crying too, huh? Master Splinter?” Raphael went on. “Convenient you only go to him when you’ve been hurt and decide you need justice, you don’t deserve!”