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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, since this is the featured story for the month of May, I figured mayve I ought to update it again. Yay! Lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

Dr. Martin had a gag thrust into Marie's mouth, silencing the young turtle as she continued to scream. One of his genetically enhanced henchmen came and threw the young turtle over his shoulder.


"Take her to the viewing room above O.R. four. Tie her into the chair and don't let her go. Also, place the red-banned male in the O.R. along with the euthanasia drugs. I don't really need all four, now do I?" He asked with a quaint laugh.


As the henchman turned around, Dr. Martin patted Marie on the cheek, "Now, it's still your choice. Which one's next? I only need the two. Think about that on the way to the viewing room."


Marie screamed behind her muzzle and beat her hands on the man's back. However, he didn't even feel it. Her anger was useless. Her eyes burned with hot, angry tears as he carried her off down the hall. That man was going to murder and then dissect her brother! In front of her! HELL! She beat her fists down repeatedly on the henchman's back, wanting to hurt something, anything. Not Raphael! NOO!! When she was dropped into a chair and then tied to it, she was startled to see her brother lying on the table below. He was barely conscious, but she could see the anger in his dark eyes.


"Oh Raphael," she thought to herself, tears coming to her eyes. "Please, no…"


Raphael strained against the belts that were keeping him down. Damn…where was he? What was going on? He remembered briefly, something about Marie…Mikey was down, Rina screaming. Shit. He was in deep shit.


Marie watched with raging anger as the humans walked around her brother, attaching him to machines. What were they doing to him?!


The door opened to her side and Dr. Martin walked in, holding a clipboard. He smiled at her and nodded towards the henchman. He reached over and pulled the gag off the young turtle.


"Don't you dare touch him! I swear, you put one hand on him and I'll rip it off!" she screamed, her fury bubbling like a boiling pot of water.


Dr. Martin nodded and scribbled something down on his clipboard. "Actually, we've decided not to dissect him," he said nonchalantly, not even looking up to see Marie's reaction.


Marie stared at him, "What?"


"Yes, we've decided to perform a vivisection instead," he said, leaning back against the viewing window.


Marie narrowed her eyes, she had never heard of that term before. "What's that supposed to mean?" she demanded, noticing the smirk in his eyes.


Dr. Martin turned to look out the window at Raphael. "Instead of being dead, he'll be alive when we dissect him. It'll be much more interesting," he said, a happy lilt to his voice, "We've dissected many turtles but we've never vivisected such a mature subject. He'll be under deep anesthesia, so he won't feel it but he'll probably still die."


"You ASSHOLE! You can't do that to him, he's a real person! He has feelings, he's my brother!" Marie screamed, tearing at the shackles that kept her down.


Dr. Martin rolled his eyes, "You're partly animals. You don't have feelings like real humans."


"We have more feeling than you do, obviously!" yelled Marie. "Don't you dare hurt him…"

"Please," Rina repeated, looking over at Dr. Kelly with pleading eyes.


The female doctor almost felt sorry for the young turtle girl. "I'm certain that some of them will survive, don't worry," she said, trying to sound positive.


"Some?!" exclaimed Rina, her eyes widening. "No, no, they all have to make it! You can't kill them, they're my family! Please!" She thrashed around on the table, nearly ripping the IV and wires out of herself.


Dr. Kelly sighed as the girl began to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks.


"I'll do whatever you want me to," she pleaded, laying her head back as she began to beg.


"I'm sorry, I could only get supervision over you and T29," Dr. Kelly said, tapping the IV bag that was attached to Rina's arm.


There was silence then a quiet, "His name is Rembrandt."


"What?" asked Dr. Kelly, peering at the girl. Her eyelids were half-lowered and she was breathing slower.

"He's Rembrandt. I'm Catarina but they call me Rina. My sister, she's Marietta." Rina looked up at Dr. Kelly, her eyes glazing over a bit. "I have four brothers, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo…"


Dr. Kelly looked over at the other woman scientist. "You didn't give her another trank, did you?" Dr. Kelly demanded, her eyes flashing.


The younger woman nodded, holding up the hypodermic needle that she had administered it to the IV with. "I just wanted her to stop moving around, she was going to hurt herself," said the woman.


Dr. Kelly's eyes widened, "You idiot! She's already had one today! She had three yesterday, and from what her vitals were reading, she’s weak now! Moron!"


The younger woman was stunned, "I didn't think…"


"Obviously!" yelled the doctor as she looked at the monitors. T36…Catarina, was breathing much more laboriously and her heart beat was slowing down. "Damn it," Dr. Kelly hissed, rushing over to the phone.


She hit the quick dial, ringing up the doctor that was in charge of the facility, Dr. McCormick. He was currently in the room with the purple turtle and he was quickly learning just how smart he was.


"One second," he said as he reached over to pick up his phone from his pocket. "Hello?"


"McCormick, it's Kelly! We're having a crisis down in exam 5; one of my assistants overdosed the female in the blue and white. She's crashing."


"What?!" McCormick snapped, glancing over at the purple turtle. His arms and legs were bound and he was still suffering from the effects of the tranks, but besides that he seemed fine. McCormick would continue his evaluation later. "Look, give her five CCs of Doxylamine, and I'll be there in a few minutes," he said.


"Okay. Hurry!" Dr. Kelly said before snapping the phone shut.


McCormick nodded to the purple turtle, "We'll continue this conversation later."


"Was that about one of my siblings?" Donnie asked, glaring at the doctor.


"Perhaps," the doctor said before rushing out of the room.


Donatello groaned heavily, as the man hurried on out of the room he was locked up in. He was worried sick about his siblings, as it sounded as though something had gone terribly wrong with one of them. He gave a low growl, feeling infuriated by what was happening to them. They were good people - er, turtles - and yet, they were being treated like the animals they portrayed and as though they'd rabies or something of the sorts. He was supposed to be the smart one, and yet, look at where they had all ended up!


Leonardo meanwhile, had actually been placed in a cell next to the one Michaelangelo was in. He was slightly relieved to see his brother in orange there, though extremely worried about the others as they appeared to be no where nearby. He silently cursed Marie for getting them all in this absolutely ridiculous and un-necessary situation; if she hadn't been so foolhardy, none of them would've been re-captured and locked up as though they were criminals!


"L-Leo?" Mikey groaned, reaching up to grab his aching head - despite the shackles holding him down.


"Mikey? You alright?" Leo asked, giving a sigh, glad to know his brother was alright - for now at least.


"I think so...." Mikey replied. "My head hurts....."


Leo gave a grim half-laugh. "Well, that's to be expected - we got hit with quite a lot of darts."


Mikey shook his head. "Who knew it'd end like this?"


"Don't say that, Michaelangelo!" Leo snapped immediately. "We're going to get out of here!"


"And how're we gonna do that, Leo?" Mikey demanded, turning slightly to eye his brother warily.


"I'm not sure," Leo said honestly. "But we will."


Mikey rolled his eyes. "Yeah, 'cause we're the heroes in a half shell," he joked half-heartedly. "I hope they don't ever catch Master Splinter."


"Me too, Mikey," Leo agreed. "Me too."


April, Casey, and Master Splinter all ran for Casey's motorbike, pausing a moment as they realized there was three of them, only room enough for two. It was then they spotted the side car sitting off to the side - Donnie had made it years ago, so that the girls could ride around with Raph at the same time. April quickly attached the sidecar to the motorbike, and Master Splinter hopped in. The three of them very quickly sped off towards McCormick Labs, more than determined to take down those who dared to cause harm to the turtle family. They arrived not too long after heading off on their mission, though it still seemed too long of a ride to them. Upon arriving, they parked next to the Battle Shell and noticed the Shell Cycle inside, after April had opened the back door, so they could park Casey's bike inside for safe keeping. Somehow, they managed to get both bikes in there quickly and hurried on back out of the Battle Shell, locking it up once more. It was then they got the surprise of a lifetime - there before them stood Karai.


"Karai," April said, looking and sounding utterly surprised.


"What are you doing here?" Casey demanded, reaching for a hockey stick.


"I received a distress signal from the turtles," Karai spoke, bowing slightly to Master Splinter. "We are here to help."


"Why in the world would you do that?" Casey asked, as April raised her eyebrows and Master Splinter nodded to acknowledge the bow.


"The turtles and I have been secretly discussing some things, and I will not let these people who hated my father, harm them," Karai explained. "If you would like more proof, ask Donatello why he put their distress signal in my com-link."


"Your help is very much appreciated," Master Splinter told her. "I have a feeling we will be needing it."


"You will," Karai told him. "I know this building quite well. My father had me investigate it for many different reasons, and I have found ways of getting in and out un-noticed. But, we must hurry, as the longer we stand here, the greater the danger their lives are in."


"Well, let's do this!" Casey exclaimed, as Foot Soldiers suddenly began appearing out of no where. "Though, this better not be a trap, Karai!"


"You have my honor," Karai stated, as they quickly discussed a course of action.


Back inside the McCormick Lab, Dr. McCormick had rushed into the room where Dr. Kelly had the female turtle they had plans to impregnate. He immediately set to work on stabilizing her vitals, all the while harshly scolding the assistant who stupidly had made such a consequential mistake. He worked for quite a while, only to finally hear the sound he wanted to hear - the steady rhythm of her heart beat.


"No more tranks!" He yelled. "Whoever dares to do so, will be forced to take her place!"


He then stormed out of the room, after giving Dr. Kelly some brief instructions, and headed back to where he had left the brainy turtle - the purple one.


Marie growled angrily, as she heard Dr. Martin give the orders for his assistants to begin the vivisection. She watched in absolute horror, as they started up the machines and brought them closer to Raphael - her favourite brother - her hero.


"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, suddenly managing to jerk up into a standing position with the chair.


The idiot who'd tied her to it, hadn't done the best of jobs. She immediately swung the chair around, knocking Dr. Martin to the floor, then flung herself through the glass window that separated her from her beloved brother - glass shards flying everywhere, causing everyone in the operating room to scramble. Marie landed hard, but forced herself back up - it was as though she'd never been down. Her anger pulsed through her veins, as she struggled to focus and use her ninjitsu training and the chair as her weapon. She knocked down anyone who dared to come near her, with the chair she was still currently attached too. She spotted Dr. Martin standing up above looking down from near where the window used to be, holding a tranquilizer gun. She quickly spun the chair around, and was briefly relieved when the darts stuck in the chair and not her.


"Someone, stop her!" shouted Dr. Martin, shooting off another dart. This one stuck in an unsuspecting lab assistant.


Marie turned around and rammed the legs of the chair through one of the machines. It sparked and spluttered and the whirr of machines slowly stopped. She took a deep breath; well at least that was taken care of. However, she still had problems to deal with. Humans were running around the room insanely, waving their arms and screaming about insane mutants.


"Oh, go to hell!" she shouted at one of them as they ran by.


She swung the chair around, slamming the legs into his stomach. There was a metallic ping as another dart hit the chair.


"Bad aim, Captain F-off!" Marie shouted, running on adrenaline.


In the chaos, she managed to position herself next to one of the cutting machines. It sliced through the shackles and the ropes and suddenly Marietta was free. She leapt to her feet and grabbed the first pointy objects she spotted, a scalpel and a big knife. She brandished them in front of her and let out a whoop.


"C'mon, you punk asses, I'll take you all down! Let's go!"


One of the doctors came towards her and she flicked the scalpel at them. It lodged in their shoulder and he stumbled backwards, grabbing at it.


"Yeah, whatcha gonna do now! Even playing field, rarr!" she screeched, daring them to come attack her.