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Author's Chapter Notes:

Felt like updating. If you're reading this at all, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

As McCormick stepped back into the turtle in the purple bandanna’s room, he was promptly knocked upside the head with a pair of clenched fists. Donnie glared at the man's unconscious body before bending down next to him to find the keys to his shackles.


"He didn't even check to see that I was properly sedated. Moron," mumbled Donnie as he unlocked the shackles on his feet then went to work on his wrists. He finished with the shackles and then put them on McCormick.


"Maybe someone will find you eventually," he said, stepping out of the room, carrying the rest of the keys he found on McCormick. He wandered down the hallways, wondering exactly where to go. He came to the place where the male turtles were kept.


"Donnie!" He heard a familiar voice call and he turned to find Rembrandt holding onto the bars of a cage.


"Rembrandt, thank God," he said, moving to unlock the cage. He glanced past the younger turtle,

"Where's Rina?"


"I don't know, they might have taken her back to the lab," he said as he stepped out of the cage.


Donatello felt his blood run cold. What if that call had been about Rina? An overdose on tranquilizers… "Can you take me there?" he demanded, and Rembrandt nodded.


"Of course."


"Let's go then!" said Donnie and the two of them set off, Donnie following Rembrandt.


Elsewhere, Master Splinter and co. were hurrying down the hallways. Karai's foot ninja were heading before them. They were all carrying small devices that looked sort of like timed explosives.


"Is there a reason for your ninjas carrying explosives, Karai?" asked Master Splinter, looking at the ninja mistress.


She nodded, "This place is an abomination. After we rescue your children, we shall set off the explosives. This building has no place."


Master Splinter nodded. Although it seemed extreme to him, maybe it was the only way to deal with this laboratory. They had come across minimal protection; most people seemed to be off handling other things.


In their cells, Leonardo and Michelangelo heard someone coming down the hallway.


"Leo, they're coming for us," Mikey said, tossing his brother a fearful look.


Leo put on a steely face; they’d have to take him before they touched Mikey.


"Hey, look, it's Leo!" Casey yelled before he loped down the hallway to the turtle's cage.


Leonardo couldn't have been more surprised to see anyone. "Casey?" he asked, eye ridges raised.


"CASEY!!!" Mikey yelped happily, jumping up and rushing to the bars. "Casey…APRIL!! Yay, we're rescued!" Mikey said, nearly dancing around his cell.


"Mikey, you're alright, that's great!" April said, running up to the bars to touch his hand.


Mikey smiled at her, "Of course we are, we're mutant ninja turtles. Emphasis on ninja!"


Leonardo rolled his eyes and then he noticed his sensei and Karai. He bowed to the two of them, "I'm supposing you've come to rescue us?"


"I cannot let any one but myself kill my father's enemies," said Karai as she used her sword to slice through the locks.


Leo stepped out of his cage and smirked at her, "So you're saving us just to kill us later?"


"My son, she is helping us, do not question her at this time," Master Splinter reprimanded.


Dr. Kelly was monitoring the young female when she heard the door to the examination room open. "McCormick, I've got it handled, I don't need your help anymore," she said as she scribbled notes down on her clip board.


"I'm not McCormick," a voice said and suddenly she was sprawled out on the floor, her legs having been knocked out from under her.


One of the male turtles, the one with the purple bandanna, was glaring down at her. There was fear in his eyes though as he glanced over at the little female on the examination table, "What did you do to my sister?"


"Nothing," said Dr. Kelly and he looked as if he was going to hit her. She cowered, "One of my assistants overdosed her! She's fine now, she just needs close monitoring; her stability is fragile!"


Donatello glared down at her before walking over to the table. He touched Rina's cheek and glanced at the heart monitor. She was still alive, that was all that mattered.


“How’re we going to get her out of here?” Rembrandt asked, coming to stand beside Donatello.


“I don’t know,” Donatello admitted with a half defeated sigh. “I’m not sure it’s safe to move her just yet – especially if her stability is fragile.”


Dr. Kelly sat on the floor, listening and observing the two males as they stood next to the female. They seemed to truly care about the one in blue and white; it was as though she were watching humans stand over an ill sibling. But, she wasn’t watching humans! She was watching mutant turtles! She shook her head in disbelief – sure, she was the most humane scientist in the whole building, but she was still extremely shocked by how they were acting. If she didn’t know better, she’d say they were human.


“If we can’t move her, then how do we get her out of here?” Rembrandt wanted to know.


“You let me help,” Dr. Kelly piped up, from her spot on the floor.


Donatello eyed the scientist warily. “And you expect us to trust you?” He snapped.


“Hey, I’m the one who made sure Dr. Martin didn’t get a hold of her!” Dr. Kelly exclaimed. “And if it weren’t for the fact he’s of higher rank, I would’ve been able to wrangle the other female away from him as well! But, he has insisted he have his way with her.”


“His way with her?” Donatello repeated, his eyes narrowing dangerously. “Just what do you mean by that?”


“We only need the one female, apparently,” Dr. Kelly answered. “He’s deemed the other unfertile, without even running any tests! She’s to live until we at least find out if this female – Catarina – is fertile.”


“How do you know her name?” Donatello demanded, more than ready to pounce on the female scientist.


“She informed me, before an idiot assistant over-dosed her on tranquilizers,” Dr. Kelly retorted, sounding angry about the overdose. “I can’t believe the idiots they let in here!”


“I can agree with that,” Donatello stated.


“So which one are you?” Dr. Kelly asked, as she cautiously stood up. “Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michaelangelo?”


“Donatello,” he replied shortly. “Now, if you’re going to make it so we can move her, you’d best do it quick and I want to know everything you’re doing to her!”


“Where are the others, my sons?” Master Splinter demanded, as they all hurried down the hallways, still in search of the missing turtles.


“No idea, Sensei,” Leonardo replied. “I woke up only to find Mikey and I locked up in there. I don’t know what they did with the others.”


“They would only need half of you to study,” Karai spoke. “I have an idea where the others are. Follow me!”


The group all hurried after Karai, as she took them down long, winding corridors, stopping when she finally reached what seemed to me a main hallway. She paused a moment, then nodded to her right.


“This way,” she stated.


“How -” Mikey began, but trailed off, as he heard what sounded like a fight going on, and just possibly Marie’s battle cry.


“ARRRRH!” Marie shrieked, quickly jumping and tackling one of the idiots who dared to get too close to her favourite brother. “BACK OFF!!!”


She did a spinning high kick to another’s head – despite how sore the welts on her legs were, midst slashing one with the large knife she had grabbed up upon breaking free of her restraints.


“I’ll show you Bastards what happens when you mess with my family!” She continued to battle it out, unaware that help was on its way, or the fact that her brother had awoken. She became aware of the one factor though, when she heard someone say her name.


“Marie….” Raphael managed to spit out, still a little foggy on the current events.


“Raph!” Marie exclaimed, thrilled beyond belief to know that he was okay – though, she may not be as thrilled once he got a hold of her. “You’re okay!”


"Wha…" he mumbled as he tried to focus in on his sister's face. Everything was hazy, as if someone had dropped a veil over his eyes.


Tears of joy sprang to Marie's face; she was just so relieved that they hadn't seriously screwed him up with drugs or anything. "I'm gonna get you outta here, I promise," she said, gritting her teeth.


Dr. Martin had run out of darts but he still had his whip. He leapt down from the viewing room, landing unsteadily on his feet.


Marie glared at him and snatched a scalpel from the tray. "You ass, go away!" she screamed, throwing it at him.


It lodged in his side and he let out a shout of pain. Glowering, he stood up and snapped the whip out, letting it lick against Raphael's arm. The turtle in red rumbled in anger and struggled against the restraints.


"I told you not to touch him!" Marie screamed, leaping at him.

The whip sprang out again, this time wrapping around her ankles. A quick jerk had her on the ground and Dr. Martin was standing over her, one foot on her plastron to hold her down.


"Look, turtle bitch," he grumbled, yanking the scalpel from his side. He bent down and slid it along her cheek, cutting a thin line, "I'm not gonna take this shit from you. You're mine. I'm going to enjoy slicing you open. I'll make sure you're good and awake too." He pulled back and drove the scalpel into her arm.


Marie let out a scream and grabbed his foot, tossing him to the side.


Dr. Martin was scrambling to his feet when a large hand grabbed his neck from behind.


"You aren't going to touch my family again," Leonardo's voice growled into his ear. There was a snap and the doctor crumbled to the ground.


Marie stared at the doctor and then looked up at Leo. She wasn't sure whether she should be so friggin' glad to see him or angry that he had stolen her revenge.

Master Splinter walked into the room and stared around at the chaos. There was glass everywhere and unconscious human scientists. He turned to Karai, "Could your foot ninja carry these scientists to safety? They may be doing horrible things, but it is very likely that they were only doing as they were told."


Karai nodded and motioned towards her ninja. They rushed in and began to pick up the scientists while Mikey hurried in and went to Marie.


"Hey, you okay, Marie?" He noticed the welts on her legs and the cut on her cheek.


She nodded, not wanting to seem weak then. Really, her injuries hurt like hell! However, she was more worried about Raphael at the moment. "Mikey, we need to get Raph out!" She said, tugging on his hand.

Casey Jones appeared at their side, a glare on his normally happy-go-lucky face. "Ah, what'd those bastards do to my green buddy?" he snarled, pulling a machete out of his golf caddy bag. He quickly sliced through the bindings and Leo stepped forward to help Raphael sit up.


"Ugh, did anyone get the number on that semi?" he grumbled. The turtle in red was extremely dizzy and not very coherent.


"Hehe, I thought you ninjas were taught to notice those things," said Casey, smirking at Raphael.


Raph didn't even glare back at him. He leaned heavily on Leonardo as he slid off the table, his legs nearly buckling beneath him. He felt someone smaller slip under his other arm and he looked down to see Marie. Blood was running down her cheek but she had a determined look about her. He smiled a bit and slumped further against Leo.


Master Splinter turned to Karai, "Donatello, Catarina, and my newest, Rembrandt, are still missing."


Karai narrowed her eyes, "We should find them soon. The police may already be on the way."


"Well, let's go!" Mikey said, leading the way out of the room. He was ready to find his remaining siblings and book it out of that joint!

Dr. Kelly rushed up next to the table and picked a hypodermic needle up from the tray. Donatello caught her wrist but she pulled away from him,


"Stop, I'm not going to hurt her. This is a drug we've used quite a few times around here on our…" she glanced over at Rembrandt, not knowing whether to call him an experiment or not. "Our turtles," she said finally. "It's a little risky, but if she's like…Rembrandt, it'll help strengthen her body, at least for a little while."


Donnie nodded and let go of her wrist. Dr. Kelly quickly administered the drug and then began un-strapping her. "You'll have to carry her, we don't have any stretchers lying around," she said.


Rembrandt moved to help her, his hands moving expertly against the restraints.

When Rina was free, Donatello scooped her up into his arms. Dr. Kelly reached over and carefully pulled the IV out of her arm. She led the way to the door and held it open for them.


"You," she said, looking at Rembrandt, "I know you know the way out of here. Take them that way and get out. I'll try to distract anyone else, but it seems like this place is becoming a mad house."


She turned her attention to Donatello. "It'll be a few hours before she wakes up, her body is trying to heal itself. She'll be groggy for a few days and even if she doesn't have an appetite, make her eat and drink. Watch her temperature too; don't let her get too hot or too cold." She sighed regretfully, "I'm sorry this happened to you."


"We are too," Donatello said before walking out the door. Rembrandt got in front of him and walked quickly, nearly running.

Donnie quickly hurried after Rembrandt, an unconscious, but alive, Catarina in his arms. He'd kill anyone who tried to stop him from leaving this place with his siblings - he was in no mood, and had lost respect for the majority of scientists - though, he knew not all were as evil as these ones.


"Ah!" Rembrandt exclaimed, coming to a halt as he almost crashed into a Foot Solider.


Donnie looked up, as he'd glanced down to check on Rina, half-relieved to find it was only a Foot Soldier. "I take it Karai got the distress signal?" He stated, as the ninja nodded.


"Come this way. Quickly! We must get out of here, before Mistress Karai destroys the place." The Foot Soldier informed them.


"You need to get the female scientist out of the room back there - she goes by Dr. Kelly," Donnie told him. "She's a good one, all things considered."

The Foot Ninja nodded. "Go down this hall, and to the left - you will find your family there."


Donnie nodded, and hurried along with Rembrandt now at his side. They had to find the others and get out of there as fast as they possibly could.


Meanwhile, the others were traveling quickly, trying to locate Donatello, Rembrandt, and Catarina. Marie was currently thinking the worst, but forcefully shoving those thoughts out of her head - especially when Raph suddenly groaned.


"Slow down, will yah? My feet are lead," he grumbled, still leaning mostly against Leo, though Marie was doing her best to keep him up despite her injuries.


"We have to find the others!” Leo insisted, though he did slow his pace down a bit.


"That's what the others are for," Raph muttered, indicating Master Splinter, Karai, April, Casey, and the few Foot Soldiers that trailed along behind them.


Leo shook his head, knowing Raph had to hate having to admit defeat - somewhat - as he was still in a bit of a haze.


"I found 'em!" A voice rang out then, causing them all to look away from Raphael.


"Rembrandt, my son," Master Splinter smiled, immensely glad to have found another one of his pupils.


Just then, an older male turtle with a purple bandanna rounded the corner, carrying the young female with the blue and white bandanna; he gave a huge sigh and a soft smile upon spotting the rest of his family, as well as Karai and hers.


"You're here," he said softly. "We gotta get out of here."


"Kitty!" Marie cried, spotting Rina in Donnie's arms. "What'd they do to Kitty!?!?"


"I'll explain on the way out," Donnie replied.


"Let's go," Karai stated, quickly leading the way, the turtle clan quickly following after her.


Upon reaching the exit, Marie paused a moment. "My sai!" She exclaimed, not liking the thought of leaving them behind at all. They meant way too much to her, for her to just up and leave them in the hands of the enemy.


"We'll get you new ones, don't worry," Mikey told her, as he took Raph from her - listening to her cries of protest - over both losing the sai, and him taking Raphael from her.

Master Splinter went to speak, but Leonardo beat him to it. "Marietta! You've caused enough trouble for one night!" He snapped angrily. "Now, get in the Battle Shell before I drag you there myself!"


Marie scowled, grumbling as she vacated the building, feeling totally defeated. When they reached the van, they found a welcomed surprise - Foot Soldiers stood there holding their weapons.


"I figured you may need these," Karai spoke. "So I had my men grab them for you."


"My sai!" Marie whooped, eagerly retrieving them from the Foot Solider who held them. She then turned and impulsively hugged Karai. "Thank-you!"


Karai looked a bit startled, though she did her best to hide her surprise. "A ninja must take care of her weapons," she stated. "And one cannot do that, if they do not have them."


Marie gave a sheepish look, as her family quickly climbed into the Battle Shell - Casey and April getting on his motorbike, and Mikey getting on Raph's.


"Let's blow this joint!" Mikey exclaimed.


"Marie! Let's go!" Donnie yelled, as he got in, still holding onto Rina.


"Ah - bye!" Marie stated, quickly turning on her heel and jumping into the back of the Battle Shell.