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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks a lot for the reviews. I decided to put another chapter on in order for the story to make a little sence :)
What the heck did I put myself into?
Too much information for me to understand, AND they STILL keep talking.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I figured that my patient is not only so much younger than I thought, but a backstreet boy as well. Yippee. I love the guys to death, but to find out that the guy you are suppose to see naked every day and don’t care, is your crush. It is too much.

“So you see it's just that we couldn't tell the people about us needing an aromatherapist. Imagine how many will be applying for the job." Brian, who is also "Thomas" with the familiar eyes, said laughing
“Oh! Yeah" Was the only answer I could come up with.
“And we choose you because you are young. You could make friends with him easily. Of course, this is Brian’s reason. For me, at least he wouldn’t doubt why you are really here. It’s just that he doesn’t like the idea that much" The one in the sunglasses, who I also figured that he is the one and only Kevin Richardson, told me. Two certificates and I got it because simply I am "young". What an encouragement.
“Oh I'm sorry Mr. Richardson; please don't tell me that he doesn’t like the idea. Any aromatherapy patient has to believe in the therapy in order for it to work. In a position like this it will mean that I failed with him.”
“Oh no, he will like it, trust me,” he said with a determined tone.

“So here we go” Brian said when we reached the room, then opened the door.
“Yo Nick,AJ,Howie we want you to meet Miss Russell" Brian announced
“Hi” I said with an extended hand towards AJ.
“Wow” Then he was nudged by Howie,
"Oh sorry, nice to meet you” He replied shaking my hand.
“Nice to meet you too"
Then the other hand belonged to Howie "Nice to have you on tour. Hope you like it with us" Always the Sweet D I see.
“So, what are you doing on tour with us? You don't look like a musician or a dancer" Nick said. Hey mister, my hand is still in the air here. I expected anything but offensive. What did I do in my life that God would punish me like this?
“Miss Russell is an aroma-therapist for us on tour" Kevin said
“You shitting me" Nice answer Carter. -20 points for you
“Behave” Kevin answered with a “don’t mess with me look”
“Nice. I like that" That came from AJ. Always the charmer I guess. “We might need some relaxation every once a while”
“Oh yeah Nick, it's a nice idea" said Brian trying to convince him

So, here to me it looks like all of them know why I am here except my patient, he will like it my ass Mr. Richardson. The guy hates my guts. It shows from the way he looked at me.

“This thing is for gays, I ain’t one" Nick’s answer took me out of my thoughts
“I assure you Mr. Carter it’s not. Aromatherapy is just like any other therapy; with no chemicals in it. It's safer. It is simply an alternative medicine" I argued
He looked my way narrowed eyes and all, and said with a nasty tone “Who asked for your opinion anyway?”. Ok this is enough, I was about to say something, but thank goodness Kevin did first.
“I said behave. How do you speak like this with a lady?" The only response he got from Nick was a pair of eyes rolling .Yet Kevin completed "beside it's a done deal, Miss Russell is our aromatherapist, and she will be till the end of the tour, and you will be her patient". Nick looked up with surprised eyes.
“Just like the rest of us" Brian said looking at Kevin, trying not to blow their cover, I guess.
“Yeah…right…Just like the rest of us” Was Kevin’s only reply.
And I said to myself