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So I knock on his door at 12 exactly, with AJ standing behind me holding the big bag/massage table for me.

Nick opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. AJ's eyes were wide with a mixture of surprise and a glare.

"Sorry. I over slept. I just came out of the shower. Let me just put on some pants" He said.
"No. it's ok. You can keep the towel" I said. I felt AJ's eyes get wider while looking at me, though good thing he lost that glare part.
"Why? I was wearing pants yesterday" Nick asked
"I know. But yesterday was only, what you can call, a warm up session. Something like a trailer, you know, to just know what aromatherapy is. Today we will do a whole body massage. Now can you let me in, and AJ can you help me set up my table please? Thanks guys" And with that I finished my talk. I helped AJ with the huge bag and pushed Nick out of the way.

He kept the door open for AJ, though when he realized that he sat down and took one of Nick's Playboys that was on the bed – I don't even want to know why it was there to begin with- Nick asked him why is he still there.

"Kevin" was all that came out of AJ's mouth not even looking up from the magazine
"I see" was the answer we received from Nick. Are they speaking in codes or riddles?

"So, shall we begin? I'll set some candles for you. Some music maybe, if you want. You settle down on your stomach on the table. AJ can help you if you like"
"Ok" They both replied.
"Great" I said, and then started my work. I lighted some "ocean breeze" candles. Put music on and turned to find Nick laying face down on the table with the towel covering his butt. Before I started to do anything I found him asking me.
"Why is this table short?"
"Because I'm short" I stated the obvious, while putting a towel on his back to keep him warm.
I rubbed the oil in my hands to warm it, and started at his feet.
I heard AJ answer me "you aren't that short"
I smiled at him and said "I am. If you didn’t notice, I'm barely 5'2''"
"Well you aren't that short for me" he smirked.
"She is short. As long as she is shorter than Howie then she is short" Nick said laughing.
"Are you always like this?" the question just popped out of my mouth before I think. I closed my eyes feeling guilty of my own stupidity and I felt Nick rise up.
"What do you mean?" he asked looking at me with a frown.
"Nothing, forget it. Now lay back and relax"
"No, what did you mean?" he insisted.
"Nick, drop it. I don’t have time. We have a photo shoot after that. So we only have that hour" AJ said.

AJ my saver. I smiled at him with a nod as a thank you, and he just smiled back.
Nick looked mad. I didn’t know if he is mad at my comment, or that AJ shut him up. But at least he lied back down. And the session went smoothly, with no moans this time. Thank God.

At night I heard the noises coming from the room next to me. The same noises from the first session I gave Nick. The moans, this time it was not only his, I opted to think that it was a girl. It was easier to believe anyway. When the moans started to turn to screams and I felt that the bed next door will smash into my room I had to do something, to get away from there.

"Hey, something wrong?" that was AJ after I knocked on his door at 1:30 am.
"Lover boy won’t let me sleep" I said with a forced smile.
"Huh" Nice answer AJ I guess his half asleep mind couldn’t register what I just said.
"It's Nick. He won’t let me sleep, the noise out of his room…"
"Say no more. Come on in, you woke me up already" he said sliding back into his room to let me in.
"Thanks AJ. I owe you one"
"It's ok. I understand how he is. Used to take the same room you have now."
"So he is always like that" It was more of a question not a statement. So what, I was curious. I had the right to ask.
"Always" he answered with a yawn.
"Listen! you go sleep. I will sit on the couch watch some TV, don’t worry it will be muted…"
"It's ok. I can sleep through TV. At least it will down the voices from the room up front" He replied while going back to his bed to lay down, and I sat down and turned on the TV.
"Oh god. Won’t his vocal cords hurt him tomorrow?" After that I heard it loud and clear.

That was enough to shut me up, and make me hit the volume button on the remote.