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Nick opened his door, after Kevin knocked, to find me near tears and Kevin fuming. Kevin pushed me to let the massaging table in. I nearly stumbled if it wasn’t for the door that kept my balance.

I guess Nick sensed what was happening because he gave me a worried glance; it only lasted for half a second though.

“Thanks for giving me sometime Julie, I just got out of the shower” I looked at Nick with a raised eye brow. Was he trying to be nice? To me of all people?
“We have a schedule Nick, we don’t have time for your episodes” Kevin said from the corner he was setting in.
“Well I just needed sometime Kevin, no big deal” Nick said coolly.
“Because of your indifference, your session will only be 30 minutes not a whole hour. Surprisingly enough these sessions actually keep you sane for a while. I don’t need to sit by you when you are acting weirdly Nick” Kevin replied, trying to keep his temper at bay. Nick only shrugged.
I watched the exchange with amusement, why Nick is the only one Kevin didn't want to show his anger? Well as much as he could. Why is Nick suddenly nice to me, if even for half a minute? And then my mind wondered to why did they want me to treat Nick to begin with? I just started the sessions to keep him relaxed. He seems relaxed enough to me. Then why am I here?
“Shall we begin already?” Kevin interrupted my thoughts giving me a glare. “We are already late”
“Oh! Sorry” I said putting up the table and preparing my oils. “Nick you know what to do” I addressed him.
“Yeah” he suddenly started to take of his clothes in front of us. My eyes gone wide, then I suddenly turned around.
“What the hell are you doing?” I heard Kevin scream.
“Julie said that I need to be naked for the sessions” Nick replied casually. I felt the glare at the back of my head.
“What the fuck… Is that how the last 2 sessions went?” Kevin asked.
“Yeah” Nick said as if telling him “duh”
“Miss Russell, would you enlighten me please?” Kevin addressed me.
“Nick did you rest on the table and under the towel already?” I asked before I turned around.
“Opps. Give me a second” I heard moving noises then, “Ok, done, you can turn around now” Nick said.
“What is going on Miss Russell?” Kevin asked.
“This is how the session should be Mr. Richardson” I answered “we need to keep Mr. Carter as relaxed and comfortable as possible”
“With only a towel covering his butt!” Kevin interrogated.
“Don’t worry Kevin, I feel comfortable now” Nick said smiling. “Work your magic baby”
I actually felt grateful and proud. It is the second time they say that I am doing a good job here. I still need to know why I am really here for. My work will be even better then.
“Brian” I called his name before he entered his room, he turned around and smiled.
“Yes Julie, need anything?” He asked.
“Can I have a minute of your time, please?” I requested.
“Um… sure. Anything wrong?” I was sure I saw hesitation in his eyes, or maybe it was confusion, I wasn’t sure. He let me in though.
“Come in. Need anything to drink?” He invited, going into the room putting his keycard beside the bed then going to the mini-bar.
“Oh, no thanks, I just came to ask you something” I replied.
“Sure, ask away” and he grabbed himself a beer.
“Why am I here?”
“What do you mean?” he asked back, a big frown decorated his face.
“Why do you need me here Brian? Why am I on tour with you?” I rephrased.
“You sure you don’t want anything to drink? This question would require a long answer” he said smiling.
“If you insist, a Pepsi™ would be fine” I answered smiling back.
“Ok, well I can’t tell you the whole story. You know I can’t betray Nick’s privacy, or the band’s… You know how we can be in this business” I didn’t understand half of what he was talking about, what does Nick’s privacy got to do with me here. But I played along anyway.
“Must be a very bad situation for you, if you can’t trust people or fear for your privacy like this” I replied.
“Well, it has its ups and downs” He said. “But you are not here to talk about that. What do you want to know exactly?”
“Why do you need me here?” I asked. “It’s just in order for me to do my job perfectly; I have to know what Nick’s problem is”
“Ok then, if it is all for Nick’s sake. Here is the short version of the story…” He narrated.