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So, this was my first session with Nick. Kevin said that Nick’s behavior these days “suck”, his word not mine, and for that he needs a loaded schedule, something like a session everyday, if possible. Oh yeah, as if with a behavior like that it will work. The boy is simply rude. Not my expectations at all.

“Ok here we go” I said to myself, I knock on the door and Kevin opened it.
“He is here. He just doesn’t think it’s a good idea” Kevin said.
“Good morning to you too” I said smiling.
“Oh, sorry about that, Good morning” he answered with a blush, then back to normal self.
“So, can you convince him or not???”
“Ok, leave it up to me, no problem” I answered still smiling.

I went in and found Nick sitting on the couch wearing a big sized T-shirt and some baggy pants. Comfy, that's good.

“Hi” I said. He looked up from the TV and all I got was a “Whatever” then looked back to the TV.

I opened my bag of oils and asked him to lie down on the bed. He looked at me with a weird face and asked “why are you a hooker or something?”
“Nick” this one came from Kevin, not to mention with a weird tone.
“No. It’s ok Mr. Richardson” Then I looked back at Nick and replied “No, I’m not, and we need to start your session today, it was supposed to be 10 minutes earlier, we are running late”
Another “whatever” I received, and he was still looking at the TV.
I sat on the coffee table in front of him to block his view from the TV.
“Hey” he yelled “I’m watching TV, are you blind?”
“Oh, shut up” Kevin answered.
“We can make a deal. What do you think?” I said leaning down closer to his level, just like talking to a little baby. Oh god.
“Give me what you got, and I’ll see if it’s good or not” He asked with a funny smirk, finally looking me in the eye. Ok, I think he might have got the wrong idea here. I gulped after I looked in his eyes.
“Well, I start this session with you. If you like it, we go on. If not, I’m out of your way what do you think?”
“Oh come on, we are trying here” Kevin said losing his patience.
“So what do you think?” I looked at him hopefully.
“Ok, but only this time. If I’m not convinced, then you are out” he pointed with his thumb to the door.
“Trust me” I answered back with a smirk.
And the journey begins.

A moan
Then another one...
It's been like this since the beginning of the section. It was a good sign. Well he really enjoyed the massage and I "officially" got the job. On the other, hand this was driving me crazy, I guess Kevin too; I realized that he was giving Nick evil looks with every moan.

Another moan.
This one was really loud I felt my face heating. It scared me so I pulled my hands from his back.

"That's it." Kevin stood up, throwing the newspapers he was reading on the floor. "What the heck is wrong with you?!"
"What! She is really good. What can I do Kev? Besides I told you to leave us alone. I don't like people to watch me half naked and taking a massage. It's supposed to be private. Right miss…uh..." Nick answered then looked at me.
"Russell .Julie Russell" I replied.
"Yeah. Whatever. Tell him" he said pointing with the same thumb to Kevin.
"And leave you moaning like that when I'm not even here. You will scare her to death."
"Then bear with it, keep going baby" he said the last half addressing me, not even looking at me. He just put his head back on his arms.
And another moan...
Along with a furious Kevin.