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Chp 17

A surprise


When we got back to my place I told Veronica and AJ that I had an extra bedroom they could share. They had no problem with that. I ordered dinner for us all and we sat and talked most of the night.

The next day, Nick and I decided to show Veronica and AJ the sights of New York. We took them to see the Statue of Liberty, took them shopping and then we went to central park. We walked around Central Park for a long time. AJ and Veronica seemed to be enjoying themselve. They were walking with their arms around each other and kissing. It was nice to see AJ happy. Nick just looked down at me and smiled and then kissed me passionately. After we finished walking through the park we decided to go get a bite to eat and then go to the beach.

Once we got to the beach we both went our separate ways. Nick and I walked along the beach together taking in all it's beauty. "You really love the ocean don't you baby?" he asked me. "Yea I do, very much so. I hope one day to have a home on the beach, over-looking the ocean," I said staring out into sea. "Well hopefully one day, you will," Nick said looking down at me smiling. "I hope so," I said. "Baby, what I'm trying to say is, I have a house on the beack and hopefully one day it will be ours," he said. I didn't know what to say except for, "I hope so too baby."

AJ and Veronica were taking in all they possibly could. "The beaches up here are so much more different than they are in Florida," Veronica said. "Yea they are but, the scenery is much better," AJ said looking and smiling at her. "Well thanks sweetie. I do have to say I'm no really paying much attention to the ocean, just you," Veronica said laying her head on his shoulder. AJ leaned down to kiss her head but Veronica looked up at him and they shared a deep, passionate kiss instead. They sun was starting to se and it was starting to get cool. They seen Nick and I coming towards them. "Are you guys ready to go grab some dinner?" Nick suggested. "Sure, it's getting pretty chilly out here anyways," AJ said. We drove off and headed to a restuaruant to grab a bite to eat.

Once we got back to my place we all headed straight to bed. "Goodnight guys," I said to AJ and Veronica. "Goodnight," they said. "Thank god I have thick walls and doors," I said as I walked into the bedroom. "Yes thank god," Nick said coming up to me and grabbing my waist and kissing me. He then started kissing my neck. "You know that makes me all weak and I think you use it to your advantage don't you?" I asked him breathless. I could feel him nod a yes. He then reached down and undid my pants and started undoing my shirt. At the same time, I undid his belt and pants plus slid his shirt off. He then picked me up and propped me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He then went inside me. I was going up and down against the wall. He leaned in and started kissing me passionately. At one point, he slipped his tongue in and started caressing my mouth. I then started caressing his mouth with my tongue and he let out a moan. He started going faster but, he could tell I was getting a little uncomfortable up against the wall so, he picked me up again and layed me on the bed. He crawled over the top of me and went inside me, again. I was the one who let out the moan this time. He kept going faster and faster. He could tell I was about ready to peak just by the expression on my face. All of a sudden I screamed Nick's name. I didn't care who heard me after that. I looked up at him and he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. He rolled off of me and laid down next to me. He drapped his arm over me. There was a long moment of silence, we just stared into each other's eyes. I leaned in and kissed him and said, "Goodnight baby." "Goodnight beautiful," he said and smiled.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of pand clattering in the kitchen. I looked over and Nick was already up. I knew it had to be him making breakfast. I figured I would get up and help him. When I looked in the kitchen, Nick and AJ were both cooking breakfast and Veronica was sitting at the table drinking coffee. "Would you guys like some help?" I asked them "Nope we got it under control," AJ said scrambling the eggs. "Morning baby," Nick said kissing me and handing me a cup of coffee. "Well I guess I'll join you, Veronica," I said as I sat down at the table.

"The guys were wondering what we wanted to do today," Veronica said. "Well I have a photoshoot this afternoon but, before and after that I'm free. The photoshoots usually only last about three hours or so," I said.

"Hey I got an idea, why don't you two go shopping this morning, then you can go to your photoshoot and we will meet you guys back here at the apartment afterwards," Nick said bringing in breakfast. "That's a great idea. I can show you the best stores around town and I'm sure you would like to see what goes on during a photoshoot and besides this is my last one," I said looking at Veronica. "Yea that sounds great. I cant wait. I love to shop," Veronica said with excitement.

Veronica and I spent the morning downtown shopping. I looked down at my watch. It was almost 1pm. " I have to be at the shoot by 2pm so, we better get going," I said looking at Veronica. We both had our hands full of bags. Once we got to the photoshoot, Veronica was able to watch the whole thing.

While we were out shopping, Nick and AJ decided to do a little shopping on their own. "Now that's the girls are gone let me tell you what I want to do. I want to get Jennifer a promise ring and give it to her tonight. What do you think? Good idea or not?" Nick asked. "Oh I think that's a great idea. I was also thinking of getting Veronica something. I was going to ask her to come with me while we are recording and on tour with me. Do you think she'll say yes?" AJ asked. "Dude, she would be stupid not to. What do you think Jennifer will say about the ring?" Nick asked curiously. "Jennifer loves you very much, I can see just by looking at her. She already said yes to come with you while recording and on tour. Honestly, she is probably gonna cry her eyes out," AJ said. Nick and AJ both headed to the most respected and expensive jewelers in New York.

When they go there it was 1pm. "Ok we have til 4pm. That's when Jennifer and Veronica will be back. I'm hoping to have everything done for the night before then," Nick said. "Yea same here. Well, lets get looking," AJ said with excitement. They first headed to the rings to look for Nick. Nick asked to look at one that had a diamond heart and on each side were two gemstones. One was a ruby and the other was a garnet, our birthstones. "How about this one? I was thinking of getting it engraved saying 'To my soul mate forever'. Do you think she'll like it?" Nick asked looking at AJ. "That's gorgeous, she'll love it," AJ said.

"What size do you need it in?" asked the jeweler. "I need a size 6. And could I get it engraved too?" asked Nick. "Yes, certainly," the jeweler said. Whild Nick's ring was getting engraved they started looking for AJ's gift to give to Veronica. As they were looking through the glass, AJ suddenly stopped. "Sir, could I see that?" AJ asked pointing down to a necklace. It was a three pendant diamond necklace that meant for the past, present and future. "Ok Nick, now I gotta have your opinion. What do you think? Yes or No?" AJ asked. "Defintely a yes. She's gonna love it dude," Nick replied. After they made their purchases, they headed back to my apartment. Nick and AJ were both on the phone making plans for th evening.

It was almost 4pm, they grabbed their stuff and headed to Brandon and Mike's place across the hall. When Veronica and I got home, neither of the guys were there but we did find notes to each of us from them on the table.

The one from Nick to me said: Hey baby, if you are reading this that mean that you're home. I thought we cold go out and enjoy the evening together by ourselves. I will come back to pick you up around 7pm. Love you lots, Nick.

The one from AJ to Veronica said: Hey sweetie, Nick and Jennifer are going out so, I thought we would too. There will be a limo plus me waiting outside for you at 6:30pm. Lots of love, AJ.