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Story Notes:
I am in no way affiliated with any of the characters. This is purely fiction from my own mind.
You would think that during a summer vacation you would get to chill and relax. Yeah maybe in a dream you would. At least in my dreams that’s what I do. In reality that’s far for the truth. I’m always busy, always working. During the school year I’m a police officer, and in the summer I’m a dancer that’s if there are tours going on. This summer there is a tour going on. I also have my internship to do at some point between now and next summer. Sometimes I like being busy other times I hate it because it seems like I never have a moment to myself. To get to know me a little better my name is Brina Graham. Like I said before I’m a dancer, a police officer, and I’m a law student. I’m none of these things for the money, trust me on that I don’t need to work for the rest of my life. I just love dancing, the law, and politics. I’m almost 24 years old and I just finished my first year of law school.

I have six hours before I have to be on a plane to England to do my duty of being a dancer. This summer should be interesting I’m dancing for my boyfriend’s group. They’re touring Europe this summer; I haven’t been over to Europe in a couple years.

Here I am in our house packing for a trip that was going to last three months. Packing for a weekend away with him is hard enough, but three months is just torture. Damn I should be used to doing this. As I was throwing things on the bed the phone started ringing. I looked over at the night stand and realized that the phone wasn’t there, it was somewhere in the mass of clothes. I started throwing everything off the bed searching for the phone.

“Hello?” I answered somewhat out of breath.

“Let me guess. The phone was under a massive pile of clothes on the bed.” The caller laughed. I started laughing thinking he knows me so well.

“How did you guess? Yes it was under a pile of clothes that have yet to make it into my suitcases. Now if you know me so well then why are you calling me right now when I’m trying to pack?” I asked laughing.

“Jeez, I was just calling to say I love you. By the way your flight changed, it leaves in two hours. A car will pick you up in a half hour.” The caller said turning serious.

“Alex! I’m going to kill you. Why did it change? I love you too, baby.” I screeched into the phone as I started frantically throwing stuff into the suitcases.

“Well, they cancelled a show here in England. So we’re going to meet up with you in Ireland instead. That’s why it got switched. Baby, I’ll let you go so you could finish getting packed. I have to get to rehearsal. I love you and I can’t wait to see you. Bye sweetheart.” I heard and then a click. I stood there shocked because he hung up on me. Wait why was I shocked, I’m used to him having to go really quickly and him hanging up on me.

I had finally gotten everything packed twenty-five minutes later when the doorbell rang. I ran down the steps tripping on Sammy and Lily. I flung open the door and was greeted with none other than the person I got off the phone with. He smiled at me and enveloped me into a huge bear hug.

“Alex! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready to fly to Ireland?” I asked in shock that he was standing in front of me. He let go of me and kissed me sweetly.

“I know how much you hate flying alone so I flew back to go with you. We don’t have another show until you join up with us, plus this gives us a great opportunity to catch up. We really haven’t talked much besides two minute conversations in the past week.” He said walking into the living room plopping down on the couch, while the dogs started jumping on him.

“Well, we should get going then I don’t want to miss our flight.” I replied looking at him. He just gave me a look. “I’m going to kill you. So from your look I’m guessing we have about 2 hours before we even have to see the outside world?” He nodded as he pulled me onto the couch cuddling with me and the dogs until we had to leave for the airport.