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Hunters Elite

Chapter 1 The Space Fighter

The Amarian King makes his way to his thrown room, followed by a few of his advisors. "My King, please do not follow through with your plan" The King gives a quick answer " She is my daughter and I cant let stay like this doing nothing" the Advisors answers back "but my king dealing with scum bounty hunters will put us in deeper problems if the Alliance King found out" The King stops and slowly turns around to his advisors "If he finds out I will behead all of you" and continues to the thrown room. The King understand very well that the powerful Alliance King might cut ties with him and with out the support of his army the small and wealthy planet of Amaria will fall to the Mining Conglomerate. He takes a quick look at the best one hundred bounty hunters the galaxy has to offer and he quickly stated " My daughter disappeared a few days ago in rout from earth. Who ever finds her and brings her back to me safely, he will be rewarded generasly" Goroh half Redicosh half human, a very will known and revered bounty hunter spoke out "How much your highness, your generosity might not be that generase the a good price to get your kid back" the King disgusted with the look of the half Redicosh. " Lets say generasly is enough for you not to worry about money every again" He signaled to one of his soldiers and uncovered a few boxes filled with the famous hand crafted Amarian gold. The King turned around and quickly left the room.


Out side the palace the hunters convene one last time before blasting off in there quest the biggest pay job ever the top bounty hunter shouts out "Here is how we play it, you stay out of my way and I will not kill any of you" after all the the bounty hunters left only two remained with now ship to take them off the planet. "Jack you Idiot. How the hell you leave the ship with the active key code written on the control panel" The old man said "If you had simpler code that a normal human can remember I would not had etched the damn thing on the panel" the two bounty hunters stared at each other for a while, it was embarrassing to have your own ship stolen right from in front of you. "Okay" said Jack "Lets just stop pointing fingers and lets look for who stole our ship" The old man surprised that Jack really thinks its not his fault the ship was stolen.


They enter a usually crowded bar but tonight was nearly empty its located in the lower sector of the large Amerian Capital, they hitched a ride with an off duty guard from the castle on his way home he dropped them at this bar cause its known to be a place of outlaws and off world refugees. Big Dog goes at the bar and asks for a bottle Jake knew he had to find a way to find the ship. Jack walks up to the Bar keeper and asks him if any ones hiring the bar keeper answers "Jobs for people like you comes around, take it to the gents toilet I run a respectable business here" Jack quickly looked around the dump around him and looked back at the keeper "Very respectable" Jack answers back. Big Dogs had his share of stolen ships hence the very long complicated security activation code key that Jack could not remember and a beacon that transmits on a very low frequency but they need a ship to track it down before it gets very far. As he was sitting at the far end of the table and Big Dog passed out drunk a woman appears in front of Jack "I need a delivery man" she says "money" Jack replied, she dropped ten thousands credits on the table "deliver NOW" Jack knew with that kind of money on the table equivalent or even more trouble is there too. He takes the money follows her outside. "By any means necessary you have to deliver this disk to this address" she hands over a small optical disk. She looks around to make sure no one is looking there way, "Take this unit, it has directions and ways to contact me" she quickly walks back in the bar. In the bar she gets out a COM unit and radios in "Yes the bounty hunter has the disk he is on his way. No sir he does not suspect any thing"


Out side the bar Jack walks for a while thinking what the hell he got him self into. He spots a nice looking fast transport landing not a few feet away from him. The local drug dealer jumps out followed by his body guards into what looks like a night club. Jack walks up calmly waiting till every one is inside. He picks up a dirty fork from the floor and jams it in the identification socket causing it to malfunction and open automatically, it was not Jacks first time to transJack a transport so that was no challenge for him any way. After igniting the engines he is already in the air slowly cursing within the busy air traffic of the Amarian capital. Not long he notices a few hover cycles armed and quickly approaching him, Jack did not wait to take a better look and decides to test the limits on this high performance transport alerting Amarian police. flying down the side of a skyscraper at high speeds he understand very well that they cannot match his flying skills. Flying through underground sewage drains all he sees are flashes of exploding hover cycles of failed attempts imitating him. Navigating the busy skies of Amaria he manages to elude the last of them. He shortly arrives at his destination he lands in the old empty industrial sector a once sign of the booming economy of the wealthy planet. He hides the transport in an abandon garage and continues on foot. Armed with a small hand gun he aqua ired from the drug dealers transport he walks in an abandon factory, he takes a look at the destination described on the unit he has and it instructs to head to the supervisors office. "Hello?" he shouts out "Delivery man here" he shouts again but no response, but notices a light in the office. He walks in and finds a man tied up on the chair, he quickly heads to untie the man and takes out his gun "Whats going on, what happened to you" the man trying to catch his breath "they double crossed us RUN" then Jack heard the hissing sound of a bullet passed him into the mans chest throwing him to the floor "Do you have the disk?" the injured man moans "Yes" Jack answers back while looking where the bullet originated from "The disk contains the operating system of the new super space fighter. Do not let them get it" with his bloody hand he takes off his glasses and gives it to Jack and says "My Last vision, my death" then his hand dropped and the man died. Suddenly a rain of bullets entered from every where ripping the small office apart, Jack docked down to the floor dragged him self out. Running through the dark empty hallways with a barrage of bullets trailing him. Jumping for a windows in the second floor was not a good idea but seemed so at the time, Jack fell in a big oil tank he knew then that who ever is aiming at him is using thermal goggles to locate him. He quickly uses his temporary cover to escape.


An hour before dawn, Jack lands the transport full of bullet holes, heavily damaged and barely functioning. Quickly Jack leaves the transport and runs away towards the bar, he notices the drug dealer walking out of the night club and to his surprise he cant understand what happened to his expensive transport. Jack, covered in motor oil enters the bar and finds Big Dog just sobering up, he sits besides him and updates him on what happened. They quickly pay with credits covered in engine oil walk out. As they stand out side to think there next move, they see a gun battle between the drug dealer and the people who where after Jack earlier. "Friends of yours" Big Dog asks Jack nodes his head "You might have stumbled on some thing really important here" The two decide to find the super space fighter.


Walking down the half empty streets looking for a place to stay, Jack tells what happened from the time Big Dog passed out till now. Big Dog was amazed with how fast Jack managed to get him self in trouble "Show me the glasses" Big Dog orders Jack "What did the guy said before he kicked the bucket" Big Dog asks while trying to look through the dirty lens "some about his vision and death" Jack tells him "Its a retinal lens" Big Dog smiles as he said it "Very high tech stuff my young friend. I think I know where this fighter is" Jack was amazed with how fast Big Dog figured out every thing in a few seconds. They stopped a small calling terminal and Big Dog started running through the yellow pages on the display, then he turned to Jack and said follow me.


An hour the sun was already up but the big building and the pollution in the air successfully blocked the suns light which gave a very depressing gray color. They where now about to enter a very large storage renting facility it is used to store very big drilling equipment before shipping to off world meteor mining. Big Dog used five thousands credit from Jack to pay off the guy at the desk for quick info, the guy gives them a storage number and takes of for lunch. In front of the storage door Big Dog cleans the glasses and takes off the lens and puts them on a retinal scanner on the side of the large door. Walking inside they turn on the lights "Oh yes" Jack shouts "its just beautiful" Jack shouts on in excitement, Big Dog in the other hand knew from looking straight at it that they are way deeper in shit then they originally thought.


Turning on the system the OBC (On Board Computer) greated Jack "Good Morning, in order to have the maximum maneuverability from the UAF OBC will need thirty minutes to calibrate from beginning of flight. Please fly around safely till further instruction for upgrade" the femenen voice of the OBC then automatically ignited the engines turned on all the monitors and was ready to go. "Get in old man we have a transport to track down" Big Dog inspecting the out side hull of the space fighter before jumping in "I am getting to old for this" Jack pushed on the leavers and carefully maneuvered the space fighters out of the storage facility, with little dings and dangs all over but nothing was broken. He pushes on the throttle and try to maneuver it between the tall buildings almost hitting traffic he then descends really low to increase his speed following a river path that goes through the city After getting enough speed he pulls up again and goes between steel beams holding a very large platform upwards to the sky and getting ready to fly in space. But the OBC issued a warning "UAF cannot fly in space before it is calibrated. Please wait" the femenen voice warned "Damn" Shouted Jack "This thing handles like a brick. maneuvering will not be easy" he continues "Jack we have company" Big Dog says to Jack. Jack looks around and sees five well armed fighters surrounding them and single them to land. Jack shouts "If your not going to play nice ill spank your ass hard like the bitch you are" with all his power he pulls on the control stick pushing for maximum speed trying to get away evading several missiles in the process, he pushes the control stick hard trying to get more speed while diving down to the city below. He could barely look back and see the fighters flying behind him. Left and right between the building at high speed stopping them from getting a clear shot at him he dives in a narrow trench which holds the city power generators on its sides, he turns then in a tunnel service tunnel, the space fighter not prepared yet for this kind of aggressiveness it starts to shake vigorously making it extremely hard to handle in the tunnel. Jack looks up ahead and sees the tunnels exit while trying hard not to hit any of the walls and crash. "Calibration complete, OBC will provide optimal maneuverability controls at this time" The computer informed. The Space craft suddenly became very light, its speed increased while the shaking slowly diminish, Jack notices that the other fighters could not catch up with him and with full speed he exits the tunnel, pulls up towards the skies and out to space.