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Rose's Date with Nick


Once Rose left my house, Nick led her out to his BMW rental. He opened the door for her and helped her in. Once he go inside he asked, "You like the beach right?" "Yea very much so actually," Rose said. At that, Nick took off and headed towards the beach.

When they got there, Nick got out and went around to help Rose out. He held out his hand for her to take it. Once he shut the door behind her, he took out a picnic basket he borrowed from AJ. Rose looked at the basket then at Nick and just smiled. Nick took Rose's hand and led her to the beach. They both walked hand in hand until the found the perfect spot for the picnic. Nick took out some red wine and poured some for both of them. "To us," he said holding up his glass. "To us," Rose said as they tinked their glasses together. Nick then took out two sub sandwiches and gave one to Rose. They continued their dinner in silence taking in the beauty of the ocean. Nick was actually taking in Rose's beauty more than eh was the ocean's.

Once they finished their dinner, Nick packed the basket back up. He stood up and stretched out his hand for Rose to take it. Rose took Nick's hand and they walked along the beach learning everything about each other. All of a sudden Nick stopped and turned to look at Rose. He stood there starting into her eyes. "You are even more breath-taking in the moonlight," Nick said smiling at her. "Thank you so much," Rose said as she swept hair out of her face and put it behin her ear. Nick just smiled. At that moment, Nick leaned in and kissed her softly yet tenderly. Nick pulled back and smiled at her. They then continued walking and talking learning about each other.

After what seemed like hours, they both decided to head back. Once they got to the car, Nick opened the door for Rose to get in, he then went around and headed back to my place. "I had a great time tonight Nick, thank you," Rose said looking at him. "I had a great time too. I hope there are many more dates like these to come," Nick said hoping he wasn't being too bold. "Nick are you asking me to be your girl?" Rose said smiling at him. "Well yea I am," Nick said winking at her. Rose's heart started beating faster and faster. "That sounds so wonderful to hear that. I have been waiting years to hear that but I didn't think that it would ever happen," Rose said. "So is that a yes I take it?" Nick asked pulling into the driveway. "Yes it's a yes," Rose said. Nick leaned over to kiss her lips softly. He could feel the love she had for him radiating off of her. "You've made me the happiest man alive tonight," Nick whispered in her ear as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

He then got out of the car and came around and opened Rose's door for her. He took her hand and walked her to the front door. "Jennifer still isn't home," Rose said looking in at all the windows. All of the lights were still off. "Well I guess their date went really well," Nick said laughing. "Well would you like to come inside since she's not home yet?" Rose asked. "Sure," Nick said.

Once they got inside, the decided to rumage throught my movie collection and find one they wanted. Rose put it in and they watched it in each other's arms. The movie was near ending. Nick looked down and seen that Rose had fallen asleep in his arms. He turned off the television and dozed off.