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Over the next few months Kevin and I spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing each other. Every time I would see midnitetrain2ky@wildfly.com I could have died. I mean. Why had I been so lucky to have the attention of this man? What had I done to deserve such a wonderful man? We decided that when the guys were to perform in Atlanta I would fly out to see him. I scheduled my vacation and made all the arrangements. Kevin made sure I had my own room on the same floor as the guys.
"Cass, you all ready to come to the show" Kevin asked the night before I was to fly out.

"Yeah, I'm so excited, I haven't ever been to one of your concerts so this will be a lot of first in one weekend. I've never flown, nor have I stayed overnight without my dad near and to get to see you perform. I miss you and can't wait to see you, but I'm nervous too."

"Wow, you've never flown. That will be a treat for you. It's just become second nature to the guys and me. We travel on the bus when we can but sometimes we have to fly in and out in order to make it to the interviews and appearances prior to the concerts. Well, Leighanne said she would pick you up at the airport and bring you straight to the venue. You'll arrive about an hour before the show, so I'll already be there. We'll all be backstage when you get there so we'll have a little bit of time to spend together before the show. Did you get the package I sent you?"

"Yeah, already packed, the backstage pass is great."

"You and Leigh will sit in the pit right in front of the stage, when the shows over Jimmy will come get you two and bring you to the back. Don't leave your seats until he gets to you. I need to warn you it can be a little scary and overwhelming the first time, but I promise you that I will be there to protect you and keep you from anything. Ok?"

"Ok, I've seen from watching MTV how wild it can get at your shows so I sorta know what to expect, but Kevin, I really want to see you, so I'll take you however I can get it. I'm not scared of the hoopla surrounding you guys, I mean it's your job."

"Wow, I knew you were amazing. So, after the show we will go back to the hotel where the guys and I have a late dinner in the restaurant together. Does that sound ok to you?"

"Yeah, that sounds great" "Kev, I miss you." I said.

"I miss you to. I can't wait to get to hold you in my arms again. I know that we haven't known each other that long, but I really do care for you. Well, gotta go, sound check and then off to a radio interview. Cass, be careful and hurry up and get here."

"I can't wait to be in your arms again. I will be careful and go before the guys start yelling at ya. I'll see ya tomorrow night. Bye." I lay there on my bed thinking about what Kevin had just said. Could this be real? I mean it's only been 5 months since our first meeting. I knew that I was falling for Kevin, but could he, would he fall for me? Well, maybe we will have sometime to figure that out while I'm there this weekend.

I was so nervous about flying, but the thought of seeing Kevin helped calm that a lot.

"Cass, Over here" I heard Leighanne yelling.

"Hey Leigh" we hugged.

"So are you ready for tonight" Leigh was so pretty, I could tell that her and Brian was the real thing the moment I met, but now I knew why. She was so sweet and so easy to talk to.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting to see Kevin perform. I've seen clips of the show on MTV, but not much else."

"Wow, then you're in for a surprise. I still remember the first times I saw Bri perform. It was amazing, so much energy and passion in everything they do. I know that I'm partial, but they are so sexy on stage, and well, I know why people love them so much. They are so attentive to their fans."

"Leigh, Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure what's up?" We were in her car headed towards the arena.

"Leigh, do you think it's too soon for me to feel." I stopped.

"Feel what Cass? It's ok, you can talk to me, I promise what ever is said between you and I stay's there. I mean, If it's something that could hurt one of the boys, then I don't' think I could keep that from Bri, but ya know I need a friend too, someone that understands what it's like to have your man out there away from you so much. Cass, I'd really like it if we could become friends?"

"Oh Leigh, that would be great, I mean, I don't have anyone back at home that I can talk to about Kevin, all my friends are fans and one of them actually is mad at me cause she likes Kevin. I mean it's not like I tracked him down or anything, I just think that fate smiled my way. Ya know"

"Yeah, I do, I had a friend who thought that Brian really liked her and when she found out that we were in a relationship she ended our friendship. So, Do I think it's to early for what?"

"Well, do you think that it' would be too soon for me to think that I was falling in love with Kevin?"

"OMG!!!!" Leighanne swerved as she screamed.

"WHAT" I yelled.

"I knew it. I told Brian that I thought that you and Kevin were perfect for each other." "No, I don't think it's to soon. You and Kevin have spent more time getting to know each other over the phone and on the computer than most couples. I mean, most couples build their relationships on the feelings they have by being together, you and Kev have connected on such a more personal level. Cass, the heart doesn't lie, if you think that you're falling for Kevin then I say go for it. Bri says that Kev's always either on the phone with you or on the computer or fussing about not being on the phone or computer with you. He says that it's gotten to be a running joke with the other four that the first words out of Kev's mouth any more are "Cass says, or Cass did this or Cass, Cass, Cass. Bri thinks he's falling for you too."

"Oh God, Leigh. I can't believe how he makes me feel. I mean I feel so safe with him, like I could tell him anything and he would always be there. He kissed me the night before they left to go on tour and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I have never felt such emotions before."
"Well, that's Kev for you, he's a great friend to have, and not that I would know from experience or anything, but I've heard that he definitely knows how to take care of his lady." We laughed the rest of the way to the arena.

"Hey Jimmy" Leigh was talking to the guy next to the backstage entrance.

"Jimmy, this is Cass"
"You mean this is Kevin's Cass," they both laughed.

"Hi, nice to meet you Cass, Kevin's told me a lot about you"

"Hi, nice to meet you too. Same here. Kevin's told me that he would be lost without you."

"Well someone's gotta keep him straight. You two better get on in, I know that the fans will be getting here soon and it won't be long before they figure out where the backdoor is. Plus, I know one man who's dying to see a particular woman!"
"Oh Leigh, that's so sweet. Brian can't wait to see you." They both burst out laughing.

"What's so funny? I think it's sweet that Brian wants to see Leigh so bad. It's romantic."

Leigh grabbed my arm and started dragging me thru the door. I heard Jimmy yelling as the door closed.

"Yeah it's is romantic, but I was talking about Leigh and Bri. I'm talking about the other cousin."

"My face turned 3 shades of red as I realized what he was saying"

"Cass!!" I heard my name being yelled thorough the halls.

"Nick, hey how are you?" He came up and hugged my neck.

"Good and you? Does Kevin know your here yet?"

"No, I, We just got here?"

"Well hurry up and let him know you're here. He's being a big bully to the rest of us. Maybe you can get him under control or in a better mood?"

"Well Nick, I don't know? Maybe I should just go back to the hotel and wait, if he's in a bad mood, then I don't want to do anything that would upset him. I mean he has a show to do?" at the sound of my statement I heard that voice that had been saying goodnight to me for the last 5 months.

"If you leave, there won't be a show!" I felt his arms circle my waist and begin to turn me towards him.

"Hi you" he said, placing his forehead to mine.

"Hi yourself" I said. He leaned in a gently kissed my lips.

"I'm glad you're here. How was your flight?"

"It was good. It helped to picture your face when I got scared, just like you told me, "I promise you that I will be there to protect you" so I just kept saying that nothing could happen to me cause Kevin wouldn't let it and next thing I knew we were landing."

"That's my girl, you always remember that." He reached up and placed his hand on my face allowing his thumb to slowly stroke my cheek. "I'll always be here for you." I reached up to hug him and whispered in his ear.

"I'm glad I'm hear too."

We walked to the dressing room holding hands. There was something about the way he made me feel when we were together. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew that I liked it.

"Hey Guys," I said as we walked through the door to the dressing rooms.

"Hey girl" came the chorus from the guys.

We all sat around chatting.

"Boys, it's time to go" The stage manager stuck his head in the door. "You've got 5"

"Ok, this is it" Kevin stood and all the boys gathered in a circle. Leigh took my hand and led me into the circle with them, whispering in my ear. "They always have a group prayer before they go on, if the girlfriends are here they join them. It's ok, just take Kev's hand". When the prayers were over Kevin didn't let go of my hand but headed for the door. We silently walked to the under stage room where Kev and the boys would get on the elevators to come up through the stage.

"Remember now, stay put until Jimmy comes to get you. I'll try to make my way to your side of the stage from time to time. I don't know if I told you before or not, but I'm glad you're here. It means a lot to me."

He leaned down and kissed me. "Love ya" and he was gone.

"What!!! What had he just said?" I wasn't sure if I heard him right or not, I just stood there.

Leighanne finally grabbed my hand and let me to the pit. I was definitely going to have to find out if he meant to say that or not.

The show was incredible. Kevin kept his promise and would work his way to my side of the stage. Always winking or waving at me when he could, but Leigh was right, they played to their fans and the fans loved them. It was a mad house at the end but I remembered what Kevin had said and Leigh and I stayed put until Jimmy came to get us. We walked to the back towards the dressing room. You could here the guys talking. The excitement in their voices was contagious. Leigh and I walked into the room; Brian immediately grabbed her and started dancing her around. We all began to laugh. Kevin walked over to me and picked me up into a hug. "Thanks for being here. It made my night so much more special" he whispered in my ear before setting me back down. He went to the couch and motioned for me to follow. When I went to sit next to him he pulled me in his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't mind one bit. The guys talked and carried on talking about everything from the articles of clothing thrown on the stage to the mix up in mic's.

We headed back to the hotel for dinner. Kevin held my hand every chance he got. I still couldn't stop thinking about what he had said earlier. Maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing, ya know with everything going on and the adrenaline pumping before the show. "Ok, Cass, don't read more into this. But what was it Nick said back the night of AJ's Party? "Well, just know that Kevin never does anything spur of the moment..." oh God, could it be possible. NO, I can't let my hopes get up. There are so many other things that we need to discuss before we can go to the next level in our relationship."

We stopped outside of my room. "Well, I'm going to run go get a shower and then we're all heading down to the private dinning room for dinner. I'll be like 20 minutes. OK?"

"Sure that's fine, I need to freshen up anyway." I slowly opened the door to my room stepping backwards towards the door. He grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Have I told you how glad I am that you're here?" His eyes we're sparkling.

"Yeah, but I don't mind hearing it again. By the way, it was a great show. You were amazing. Thank you for inviting me. Now go get a shower" I leaned up and kissed him on the lips.

"Ok, but I'll be back in 20, ok"

"Ok, now go" he walked away backwards like he didn't want to break eye contact. I slowly drifted into the room as I watched his door close behind him. I knew I was falling in love with him. Oh how I hoped he felt the same way.

"Punctual as usual" I said opening the door. Kevin was standing there in blue jeans a white wife beater t-shirt with a flannel shirt over it but not buttoned. He smelled so good.

"Hi to you to". He said stepping thru the doorway. The door shut and I suddenly got nervous.

" Umm. So," boy I was articulate.

"Umm, Cass. I was wandering?" his head tilted down, like he was nervous.

"What Kevin?"

" Well, I mean, this is the first time we've been alone in awhile and I was just wandering if ......If I could kiss you?" ok, no need to tell you that my knees went weak at that precise moment.

"I would like that very much Mr. Richardson" He started to step towards me. I had to keep reminding myself to not faint. He was standing only inches from me and his arms slowly circled my waist. He began to ease me towards him and his head slowly started lowering towards mine. I could smell his cologne. His eyes began to change color. They got a brighter green. My eyes closed as his lips came in contact with mine. Slowly and gently we stood there lost in that kiss. Shock waves of pleasure were racking my body. His left hand came up and intertwined in my hair holding me close as we began to explore each other's mouths. His right hand continued to hold me close. As he slowly separated from me, all I could do was lay my head on his chest. He had taken the very breath from me. OMG, I had never felt so many emotions at once. He stood there holding me while I regained my strength.


"Mmmmmm." I mumbled into his chest.

"Cass, I don't know if you heard me or not at the show, right before I went on stage" Oh no, was he going to retract that statement. I couldn't take it I could live with the fact that he said it, but if he took it back.

"Cass, I want you to know that the past 5 months have been so incredible for me. It's been so wonderful to have someone to share my feelings with, someone who would let me complain about the day I had but still be there for me to tell all the good things to as well. I mean. I've felt so alone out here and it's hard to get through the days. I know I have the guys, but having someone that I can share my personal feelings with. Someone that I could share my dreams with, someone I could give my heart to." I took a breath...

"Cass, I meant what I said. I'm falling in love with you. I know that you may not feel the same way and that's ok, but I wanted you to know that. I want you to know..."


"No Cass, let me finish. I want you to know that I will wait for you until forever. I don't want to see anyone else or go out with anyone else. It's you Cass. These past 5 months have been amazing. Honestly, I could see me spending the rest of my life with you." My head shot up to look in his eyes.

"Kevin. Let's sit down" we walked over to the sofa.

"Kevin, I don't know where to begin. When I first met you, I was like, WOW, I knew that you were going to be an amazing man and that if I was lucky I would get to spend some more time with you. The last few months have been so incredible. I have never felt emotions like this before. It's almost scary sometime."

"But Cass"
"No Boo, let me finish. It wonderful scary, I can't wait till our next phone call or chat session. I love hearing your voice and when you touch me. There are no words to describe it. Kevin you know that I haven't dated a lot and I'm not as experienced as you, but Kevin. I Love you too. I had a talk with Leigh today on our way to the arena and she told me to let my heart lead me. Well, Kevin here it is, I'm laying it on the line for you. I could see my self-spending the rest of my life with you too. I know that we need to spend more time together physically, but emotionally and mentally I already know what my heart wants. It wants to be with you."

"Oh Cass." His lips crashed down on mine. We stayed clinging to each other for what seemed like hours, both afraid that if we let go that moment would be lost. As he broke the kiss I rested my head on his chest.

"I love you Cassidy," he whispered into my hair.

"I love you too Boo".

We made our way to the dining room. It was decided that we wanted to be together now it was time to start making sure that everyone else knew that we were a couple.

"Well, Well, Well....." said AJ looking up from the table.

"Look what the cat drug in, We were about to send out a search party for the two of you; or at least send up dinner to the room" everyone laughed including Kevin and I. As we sat down the laughter continued through out the evening.

"So, Cass, what did take you so long to come down" asked Nick?

"Well..." I looked at Kevin. I wasn't sure if he was ready to go public with our personal life. His nod told me what to do.

"Well, Kev and I have decided" Leigh gasped. I started to laugh as the guys looked at her like she was crazy.

"We've decided that we want to be together and see where this relationship winds up. I hope you guys don't mind, but I'm going to be hanging around for a while." I turned to smile at Kevin as his arm circled around my shoulders and pulled me into his side.

"AAAAHHHH I knew it" Leighanne was bouncing up and down in her seat.

"See Brian I told you, I knew that they were meant to be together." She leaned over and hit Brian in the shoulder.

"Dang Leigh, you don't have to kill me here" everyone started laughing again as Brian rubbed his shoulder and made a pouty face.

"Congratulations" echoed around the table from all.

"Hey Cass, welcome to the BSB family" AJ leaned over and gave me a hug.

"I knew that we'd be friends," I whispered in his ear.

Around 2 am we all said our good nights and headed to our rooms.

Kevin walked me to mine and followed me in.

"It's been a great day," he said.

"Yeah, sure has. I mean I got to see the Backstreet Boys in Concert, what could be more wonderful than that?" I quickly cut my eyes to see his expression, before I burst out laughing.

"Oh, I can show you what would be better than that." Before I could move fast enough he had me pinned to the sofa tickling me.

"Please Kev, no more" I yelled between breaths. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet myself.

"Oh No, you don't get off that easy. I mean what is my ego to think that you had more fun watching the BSB perform tonight? Huh?" He continued tickling me.

"Please Boo," I pleaded in my most innocent tone.

"Oh Ok, how can I resist that face" He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. He gathered me up in his arms and we sat here just kissing and talking.

"Well, I guess I better get to bed. Long day tomorrow." He said pulling me to my feet.

"Oh yeah, and just what preytail may I ask do you have planned Mr. Richardson?" I giggled.

" Well I thought we could go to lunch and catch a movie. Then the guys and Leigh all want to go out to this nightclub downtown tonight. If that's ok with you?" He pulled me closer to him.

"Well, now are you asking me out on a date Mr. Richardson?"

" I think that I am Ms. Nicholson, would you like to accompany me tomorrow on a few adventures?" He accentuated the question with a quick kiss.

"Well, I need to check my date book. See I have this boyfriend and he might get a little jealous if I don't check with him first."

"Oh, I already spoke with him and he said that you should definitely take me up on this offer, in fact he insists."

"Does he now, Well, let me think?" he began to poke his lips out into a pout and give me puppy dog eyes.

"Oh well, how can I resist that face" I reached up to kiss him.

"Ok, we'll head out about 11:30 for lunch Ok."

"Sure" I walked him to the door. He stood there in the hallway for a minute then stepped back to me.

"Cass, I do love you darlin, and I can't wait to spend the day with you tomorrow." He leaned in and gave me a slow, sensual kiss. I began to melt. He slowly broke away and made a turn to go to his room.

"I love you too Boo". I watched him walk to his room and the door closed. As soon as my door closed I ran and dove on the bed. I had to call Lisa.

"OMG, he loves me. KEVIN SCOTT RICHARDSON LOVE ME, CASSIDY LYNN NICHOLSON." I wanted to shot it from the balcony. I called Lisa and we talked until 4 am. I drifted off to sleep thinking of one tall, dark haired green eyed, sexy voiced male that was in love with me.

We spent the next two days together just enjoying each other's company. I knew that I would be flying out on Sunday evening and he would be heading out on the Bus to North Carolina, but it didn't matter we loved each other and we knew we wanted to be together. We had decided that when he got back to Orlando at the end of April that we were going to spend a week together. I would take vacation from work and we would spend more time getting to know each other. He also asked me if I would fly to Kentucky with him for a few days to meet his family. We agreed that we would spend Sunday - Wednesday together in Orlando and fly out to Kentucky on Thursday morning and return to Orlando on Sunday. We had been together for over a year now and things were going great. I don't think I could have been any happier.

Kevin arrived and we spent the first few days together going to Disney and Universal studios. It was fun just being with him. I didn't know that just spending time with someone could mean so much.

We talked and laughed with each other. We shared our hopes and dreams for our future. I told Kevin how I had always dreamed of saving myself until I was married, that on my wedding night I wanted it to be my first time with the only man I would ever know this way. He told me he understood and respected my decision. He never did push for anything. I think that made me fall in love with him even more.

We left early Thursday morning for Kentucky. I was so nervous, what if his family didn't like me, what if his mom didn't like me. Kevin laid his hand on mine as the plane began to prepare for the landing in Lexington.

"She's going to love you darlin, just as much as I do"