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It never ceased to amaze me how wonderful Kevin was with the kids. He would send me off for the day just so he could have them to himself. He loved them so much. Lexi was beginning to take a real interest in music and Kevin was having fun watching her play with the microphone and sing along to all the songs that Kevin would play. Will would sit in the playpen and squeal at the two of them. I got to spend a lot of time with Lisa since Kevin was home, and we were so excited about the new Carter baby coming. We decided to have a brunch with just the wives on Saturday July 22, 2006. It was so great to see everyone. Brian, Leighanne and Tyler flew in for the weekend.

He girls I said as we walked into the restaurant. Cierra and Susie were already there. Brian had brought Tyler over to play with Lexi and the twins, so Leighanne and Lisa had rode with me. Everyone greeted and exchanged hugs. With the kids around it was hard for us to get to spend a lot of time together, so this was going to just be girl's day for brunch and shopping. Lisa, Leighanne and I caught everyone up on the children and how they were doing. Lisa told everyone about the pregnancy and how excited Nick was. I remembered the talk that Lisa and I had had about how bad Cierra had wanted a baby with AJ so I decided to turn the conversation away from babies.

"So Susie, how was the trip to Fiji, did you and Howie have a good time?"

"Oh yes, we had so much fun. We got to spend so much time together. That's something we never get to do here. Always busy with the foundation or with the music. It's so nice to get him to myself. We even talked about starting a family." I clinched my teeth at the word. Everyone started asking her if they had made any big decisions. I could see Cierra wanting to say something but not speaking.

"No, we decided that we would wait till after the 1st of the year and then talk again. We had so much fun just being together we want to do some more traveling first."

"Well." Cierra whispered.

"What's that Ci?" Lisa turned to look at the girl.

"Well, AJ and I." She stopped again.

"OMG!" Leighanne hollered out loud. "YOUR PREGNANT!" We all turned to look at Cierra.

She just tilted her head down. We couldn't see her face. I elbowed Leigh.

"Oh Ci, I'm sorry I just thought." Leigh began to apologize

Cierra burst out laughing.

"Don't be I am." We all burst out laughing. "I told AJ I was going to tell you all today and he's supposed to go tell the boys. I'm so excited and AJ is on cloud 9. I don't think I've ever seen that man smile so much. Well, maybe once or twice." We all laughed again. Congratulations were given. Cierra and AJ's baby would be due in March. I caught a glimpse of Susie she seemed to be a little upset. After we ate we all headed to the mall. Lisa and Leigh went with Cierra in her car, I had wanted some alone time with Susie.

"Hey Sus, you ok?" I asked as we headed towards the mall.

"Yeah, fine." She said looking out the window. I pulled the car over into an abandoned parking lot.

"Sus, look I know we haven't gotten a chance to get to know each other that well, but I really like you. I think you have been wonderful for Howie and I know he loves you.

I just want you to know that if you ever need a friend. I'm here." She turned back to look at me. She had tears in her eyes.

"Oh Cass. Thank you. I really need that right now." She put her head in her hands and began to sob.

"Susie, is something wrong." I reached out and took one of her hands in mine.

"Cass, Howie and I, we want a baby real bad. It's just." She began to cry again.

"It's ok Susie." I just held her hand till she calmed down.

"Cass, we went to the doctor before we left for Fiji. We had decided to start a family while we were there and we wanted to make sure all was good. Cass, they're not sure I can get pregnant. We had some test done and the doctors say that I have endometriosis and it could prevent me from becoming pregnant. I know Howie wants a child and Cass I want to give him one. But what if I can't. I couldn't bear to lose him."

"Susie, I'm so sorry. Honey, don't talk like that. You're not going to loss him. He loves you."

"I know, but I can't hold him back from the chance of having children."
" Don't even talk like that. You know that Howie loves you and that won't change a thing."

"I know he said that he didn't care, that we could adopt, but Cass all of you are having babies and." She stopped and started crying again.

"Susie, maybe the doctors are wrong. We will just start praying really hard that they are. Ok."

"Ok. Maybe your right, it's just so new and it still hurts to think about it. "

"I bet. But I also know that dreams do come true. And I will be here for you to help you see this one thru." We hugged and headed on to the mall. We had so much fun shopping. Lisa and Cierra hit every maternity store and I snuck off with Susie to by a little something for Howie and Kevin.

"Hey Susie, how about this one." I held up a beautiful black nighty that was slit up the to the hip. "This ought to turn his head." I giggled.

"Ohhh, I like that and black is definitely my color. Yep. I'll get that one. Now what about you?" She turned and began looking thru some of the racks.

"OMG.... Cass you have to have this." She screamed across the store to me. She had been searching thru the clearance rack and came over to me holding a nightgown.

"Cass you have to get this for Kevin. She showed me the nightgown" I about died. She was right. I picked up a silver silk nightgown with spaghetti straps and the gown that Susie had found. I couldn't wait till tonight. Kevin was going to love his surprise." We called the guys and decided to pick up take out and head home to dinner with the whole gang. We all came in the house laughing and cutting up. Congratulation was given to AJ and Cierra. We had so much fun. We had all gathered around the pool and just had fun hanging out not having to worry about tour schedules or rehearsals. The boys tossed around the idea of starting on a new album in 2007 to be released in the Fall of 2007 and then tour until the end of 2008.

I noticed Susie and Howie snuggling extra close in the swing. I poked Kevin in the ribs.

"Look at those two." I just smiled.

"Yeah, I kinda wish everyone would leave. I want to snuggle with you," He whispered in my ear.

"Just wait. I bought something really special for you tonight." I giggled.

"OH yeah...how special."

"Well, all I'll say is I could see your face the whole time I was buying it." I just smiled.

"Hmmm. Maybe I need to run these clowns off." He went to get up.

"Don't you dare Kevin! I'm enjoying having them over. There's plenty of night left for us." I noticed that Susie and Howie started to get up. They said their goodbyes to everyone and Kevin and I walked them to the front door.

"Thanks for everything Cass." She whispered as she hugged me goodbye. "Howie and I have decided to just let nature take its course. So where going home and try out that little black number I bought today."

"Oh Susie. I'm so happy for you. I just want you to know that I really do want us to be good friends. Call me ok?" We hugged again and I hugged Howie and we returned to the back. Everyone began to leave and it was soon just Kevin and I. I stood out by the pool just starring at the full moon reflecting in the pool water.

"Penny for your thoughts." I felt his arms slip around my waist.

"Oh, I just had the most amazing day. I forgot how much fun it was to hang out with those guys."

"Yeah, me to. Hey, how bout Bone's gonna be a daddy." He chuckled.

"I know, Cierra is so excited, she really does love him. But I had a talk with Susie today."

"Yeah, Howie pulled me to the side and told me all about it. It was really hard on him to hear that Aje was gonna be a dad."

"I know." I turned to wrap my arms around Kevin; we just held each other for a few moments.

"Oh Kevin, we are so blessed. You know."

"Yeah, I know. So how bout that surprise you were telling me about earlier."

"Oh so you remember that do you?"
"Yep, can I see it?"
"Yeah, go get us a glass of wine and I'll meet you in the bedroom." I kissed him and turned to go in the house.

"My pleasure darlin." He followed behind me.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I couldn't wait to see the look on Kevin's face when he sees the surprise. I sprayed my self with some perfume and slipped the gown over my head. I stood admiring the way it hung on my body.

"Hey babe, you need some help in there?" I heard him calling from the bedroom.

"Nope, be out in a sec." One last glance and I headed out the door. Kevin was standing with his back to me turning on the stereo.

"Hey there green eyes." I said in my sexiest voice. He turned around to face me. The look on his face was priceless. We both burst out laughing as he came across the room towards me lifting me in his arms.

"Do you know how much I love you?" he laughed as he kissed me.

"Well, can't you read, you know you're the man of my dreams." We both laughed as we fell to the bed.

"So is this really my surprise?" He asked, tracing the outline on the nightgown.

"Nope it's underneath." He lifted the nightshirt off of me to expose the silver satin gown I had bought. He held the nightshirt in his hands.

"Well at least it's a good picture of me." He tossed it on the floor. It was the last thing I saw before he turned out the lights. There on the floor was the nightshirt that had Kevin's picture on it with his hands out stretched and the words Sweet Dreams Darlin printed across the front.

The rest of the summer flew by and then winter came. We spent the holidays in Kentucky with the family. We would be back in Orlando at the end of January. Lisa had asked me to be in the room for the birth of the baby and I was bound and determined that I wasn't going to miss it. The kids were growing up so fast and Kevin and I were just growing closer and closer. I didn't think I could love him anymore and everyday love proved me wrong. He could take my breath by just walking into the room and when he kissed me I went weak. We spent time out by the stream and made love in the moonlight when we could, didn't want to get to cold.

Cierra and Lisa were doing great and we were so excited about the new babies. Cierra and AJ found out they were going to have a little boy. Oh lord I wasn't sure the world was ready to handle another AJ, but we were still excited. Lisa and Nick had decided to wait till the baby was born to find out. We only had a few more weeks. The baby was due the 20th of February. Everyone had plans for valentines day and I couldn't wait. My dad was going to keep the kids and I was cooking a romantic dinner for Kevin and I.
I had set the table with candles and the fine china and had slipped into a red satin spaghetti strap dress. I knew that Kevin would love it. He came down from the studio and found me leaning against the table waiting.
"Hey darlin"
"Hey boo. Ready for dinner?"
"Uh Huh.... can I skip to dessert." He had me in his arms kissing me on the neck.
"No, now behave. I've worked hard on this, plus we have all night."
"Alright." We sat down at the dinner table and ate. Next we went and snuggled up on the couch together with a glass of wine, listening to Brian McKnight. Kevin began to kiss my neck and rub my back. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of him touching me. His hands knew exactly what it took to turn me own. I could hear him softly singing in my ear. Oh his voice touched my soul. I turned in his arms and began to kiss him. I slipped his shirt lose from his pants and ran my hands up his chest. God he felt so good, the muscles in his chest tensing with my touch. Just as I began to unbutton his shirt the phone rang.
"Ignore it." he said between kisses.
"But what if it's about one of the kids." He swooped me up into his arms and headed towards are bedroom.
"We can hear the machine pick up." We were on the bed making out when the machine finally picked up.
"Kev, Cass.... this is Nick, if you there please pick up."
"Just ignore him babe he'll go away. God you feel so good" I just moaned.
"Hey train. Please man, Lisa and I are at the hospital. The baby's coming, Lisa really wants Cass here. If your there please pick up."
"OH SHIT" I jumped up knocking Kevin off the bed.
"NICK" I yelled into the phone.
"Hey Cass, sorry if I interrupted anything, but this baby's not going to wait, the doctor gives us about two hours. Can you come, tell Train I'll make it up to him."
"Yeah honey, we're on the way, don't worry about him, I'll make it up to him" I hung up and turned to see Kevin sitting in the middle of the floor with his head hung between his knees.
"I'm sorry boo, how bout a quickie we got 2 hours" His head shot up and I tackled him to the floor.

"Yes, I'm here for Lisa Gene." I said at the nurses station when we arrived at the hospital.
"HEY GUYS OVER HERE." We saw AJ and Cierra. She was looking so cute with the little bump in her belly where AJ's hand was resting.
"Over here Train, come sit with us. Cass your needed in room 103." I kissed Kevin and headed down the hall.
"Come in" I heard on the other side of the door. I slowly opened the door and peaked my head in.

"Hi Guys."

"CASS" I heard Lisa." GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE NOW." I walked in the room and went to her side.
"Hey honey, how's it going."
"Besides feeling like my entire insides are being ripped out I'd say pretty good." I watched Nick cringe at the sound in her voice.
"It's ok Nicky she'll forgive you tomorrow." I giggled. Just then a contraction hit Lisa. I grabbed her hand and talked to her softly.
"Just remember all the times that you and I dreamed of being in this spot. You remember?" She nodded. "Remember how bad you wanted to be Mrs. Nickolas Gene Carter." Again a nod.
"Think of all the women that want to be here right now."
" I NEED TO PUSH" She looked up at me.
"Nick, get the nurse now." Nick hit the button and called the nurse. The nurse and the doctor came in.
"Ok, Mrs. Carter let's see what going on." The doctor began to examine Lisa. Nick was standing by her head softly stroking her head.
"Ok, looks like it's time to get us a baby, you can push with the next contraction."
Lisa began to push. After four pushes we heard the most amazing cry.
"Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Carter, meet your daughter." They laid the little girl up on Lisa chest. We all cried. While Nick was watching the nurse clean up the baby I hugged Lisa.

"Oh Lis, she's so beautiful. Congratulations."
"Thanks for being here Cass, I love you."
"I love you too Lisa, thank you for letting me be here. It was so amazing."
"Cass, Nick and I want you and Kevin to be Emily's Godparents, I know that you two agreed to be the boys, so it would only be right for you to be there for Emily as well."
"Oh is that her name, it's beautiful. We would be honored Lis. Thank you."
"Yeah, didn't I tell you her name? It's Emily Cassandra Jane Carter. Hope you don't mind." I began to cry as I hugged her again. I felt a tap on my back.
"Here ya go Auntie Cass." Nick laid the little girl in my arms.
"Hey pumpkin, nice to meet you."