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The next day, Nick made sure to sleep in well past noon; Nick rose and took a long hot shower, letting the water roll down his body relieving some of the stress from the prior day. As he toweled himself off, Nick thought about his next step, he knew he did not want to give all his money to his parents, nor spend it all so he was broke; his only option was to find a girl to marry. With the towel wrapped around his waist, Nick moved towards his address book and flipped it open to the first page.

“Staci, Jane, Elizabeth, Claire, Marie and Sasha, which one should I try first?” Nick sat down on the bed and stared at the names in front of him. They were all girls he hung around when he went to the clubs, all girls he’d slept with at least once, he would never imagine marrying one of these girls, but he did not have time to find a new girl, a previous fling was going to have to work. He stared at the first number, Staci, and picked up the phone. Holding the phone in his hand, his eyes stared at the numbers, his head willing his hand to dial the number. Soon the dial tone disappeared and the computerized voice asking him to hang up and try again snapped Nick out of his haze. Hanging up the phone quickly, he threw his phone book across the room and threw himself on his bed.

Nick heard a soft knock on his door, but willed it away. Ten minutes passed before he heard the soft knock again, again he ignored it, hoping that whoever was on the other side would just go away. This time it did not work, the door creaked open. The girl’s voice calling hello caught his attention, he quickly grabbed his towel that had fallen open in the front and attempted to close it quickly. He sat on the bed and looked at the woman who just walked in on him, she was standing in the doorway, frozen, staring at him with the look of a deer in headlights. The brown hairs that had fallen across her eyes from working could not cover her embarrassment.

“What are you doing in here?” He yelled at the woman.

“I…I…” he watched as her face turned bright crimson before she turned and ran out of the room.

“Who are you?” Nick yelled after the girl. He sprang from his bed and followed the girl. The last thing he needed was some fan having made his way into his room; he had to find out how she even got into the house.

“Mr. Carter?” A voice across the hall called out to him. “I think you are missing your clothes.” Nick turned towards the other voice and sighed with relief that it was only Rose, his daily housekeeper.

“There was a girl Rose, she was in my bedroom. Did you see her?”

“Oh yes Mr. Carter, I saw her, she is my niece, Roma, who sometimes helps me clean the houses.” Rose smiled. “I told her to wait until after one to clean your room and bathroom, we did not expect you to be here Mr. Carter.”

Nick sheepishly ran his hands through his hair. “She caught me pretty much just out of the shower.”

“Ooooh, I suppose she got a peek? Rose’s voice trilled with a hint of teasing.

“I think her “peek” scared her.” Nick chuckled at the predicament, relieved that the security of his house had not been breached. “When you see her, will you apologize for me?” Rose nodded in response and turned to go back towards the room she was in prior.

“And don’t worry about cleaning my room today.” He called after her. He heard her faint “okay, okay” reply as she walked away from him.

Nick turned and wandered back into his room, shutting the door and turning the lock this time. He did not want to give that poor girl a fright again. Throwing the towel on his bed, Nick opened the top drawer of his dresser and began to pull out a pair of underwear. He began to pull them on when he heard someone attempting to open his bedroom door, he smiled to himself thankful he locked the door and pulled his underwear on the rest of the way. The pulling at the door became more frantic and Nick realized the noise was not from outside his door. He whirled around and stood facing the same deer in headlights gaze he received earlier from Rose’s niece.

He started to chuckle to himself, the situation was funny. The girl must have walked past the room, noticed it was empty, and thought she would attempt to clean the room not realizing that Nick would be back and still wasn’t going to be dressed. “I’m sorry; I’m not laughing at you.”

He watched as the young woman’s faced turned a shade of bright crimson, again. Her face was not the young face he thought it was when she first caught him. She was easily Nick’s age. “Roma?” He questioned her, her response a simple nod in agreement. “The door is locked, I was trying to keep this,” he motioned downwards indicating her catching him in a state of undress, “from happening again.” Again, she merely nodded in response. Nick moved towards her and reached behind her to unlock the door, doing so; he caught the scent of her shampoo. He stood over her for a minute before he realized how awkward the girl probably felt with him standing in front of her wearing nothing but underwear, smelling her hair. He backed away quickly; it was his turn for a crimson shade to cover his face.

“Sorry,” He mumbled again. Her response was so muddled that Nick wasn’t sure of what she said, but he watched as she ran out of the room for the second time that day. He quickly grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and threw them on so it would not happen for a third time. Nick flung himself back down on the bed and stared at the ceiling; smiling at the look Roma’s face showed both times, she caught a glimpse of his naked body.

The phone ringing broke his thoughts. He flipped over to answer it, “Hello?”

“Nick, how did your meeting with the lawyer go?” A.J.’s voice brought him rushing back to the problems the thoughts of Roma had set aside.

“I have to get married,” Nick grouched over the phone. “That’s not ‘so’ bad.” Nick could tell that A.J. was trying to stay upbeat.

“Oh but wait, I have to have a child too.” Nick could hear A.J. trying to contain a burst of laughter. His friends and even he would joke about what a lousy father he would probably be since he still played with toys and games like a child. “All by the time I turn thirty.”

“Seriously?” A.J.’s voice rang back in pure disbelief. “Why did you sign that?”

Nick growled to himself, angry that A.J. asked that question but even angrier that he was stupid enough to sign the papers to begin with.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I have a few names of girls I am going to call up and ask out and go from there. Nothing else I can do if I want to keep my money.” Nick sighed and said his good-byes to A.J. so he could start calling the girls on his list.

After staring at the names for another ten minutes, he decided on a number and dialed. “Hello Elizabeth?” Nick questioned the female voice on the other end.

“Nick? Is that you? You want to go out and party?” Elizabeth’s voice was upbeat; it was possible she was already ‘partying’ before going out.

“Well I was thinking we could go somewhere quieter to talk.” Nick noticed he was playing with the sheets on his bed, he was nervous, why was he so nervous?

“Like a date?” Elizabeth asked but before Nick could answer. “Sure, I could use a good meal.”

The two decided on Le Cafe, a cute little French restaurant Elizabeth had been dying to give a try. Nick hung up the phone and groaned, should he make dates with the other girls or wait until he knew for sure Elizabeth wasn’t going to work? Nick’s head started to throb again, so he put the phone down and decided to wait. He was meeting Elizabeth for dinner in four hours; he needed to show up without a headache. Laying down on his bed and burying his face with his pillow, Nick closed his eyes and took a nap.